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Dorothy Mataris' Victims-of-Law webpage: The Elena Sassower Story
with a Musical Medley
of 6 Patriotic Songs

Dorothy Mataris' Victims-of-Law Salute to Elena Sassower
with graphics and music.
Click this link to read and listen

to the historic poem,
Like Mother, Like Daughter, written by Jeff Biener. 

Set to music and sung by Mary Meriam, commemorating the first -- 4th of July -- weekend of Elena's incarceration


Links to other websites related to Elena

News withViews.com

Elena Sassower

Jailed for Asking a Question

Americus Corruptus


by George McDermott


by Glendora Buell

Justice Not Jail Time
for Judicial Activist

Defending the Right to Be Heard

Activist Jailed for "Disrupting Congress"

Pro-Life News

Kangaroo Courts Win Yet Again


Elena Sassower Released from Jail



Click to join FREE ELENA ongoing BLOG


"Without Merit: The Empty Promise of Judicial Discipline"


An Attorney-CJA supporter's letter writing campaign on Elena's behalf. which met with no response whatever from our President, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Senator Hatch, or any of his Committee members:

Gary Zerman's November 8, 2004 "FREE ELENA BEFORE THANKSGIVING" Letter to President Bush

Gary Zerman's November 17, 2004 "FREE ELENA BEFORE THANKSGIVING" Letter to President Bush and to Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Hatch

Gary Zerman's November 26, 2004 "FREE ELENA BEFORE CHRISTMAS" Letter to President Bush and Chairman Hatch


White Plains CitizeNetReporter:  John Bailey

July 2, 2004: first on-line story about Elena's spending July 4th in the D.C. jail

http://www.whiteplainscnr.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=2627 .

July 9, 2004: Elena's incarceration featured as "Shocker of the Week" on cable show "White Plains Week"

January 14, 2005 :  Elena Sassower named a "White Plains Person of the Year" and hailed for her heroism as "Defender of the Constitution" in her hometown, White Plains, New York after an outpouring of support by write-in votes from across the country and locally in a poll that ended on December 31, 2004  http://www.whiteplainscnr.com/article3198.html 


January 7, 2005:  Elena Sassower interviewed on cable TV show "White Plains Week" (repeated January 10, 2005). A photo of Elena being interviewed by Mr. Bailey may be seen at: http://www.whiteplainscnr.com/article3217.html


The eloquent encomium in support of Elena's nomination as White Plains, NY's Person of the Year, published in the White Plains CitizeNet Reporter, edited by fearless, forthright John Bailey, which says it all and says what decent, fair-minded people all over the world are saying about Elena.

December 27, 2004

Dear Mr. John F. Bailey,

Once again we should all be grateful for your exposure and coverage of such important American stories.  Stories exposing the injustices we are forced to succumb to by those who apparently feel they have a disgusting dictatorial unjust power over the freedoms and rights of us as Americans.  Our rights, rights that can indiscriminately be infringed upon by the personal influences of controlling power and misuse of our judicial system against us to serve those in power.

The Elena Ruth Sassower story, the arrest and incarceration of her by U.S. Senator Saxby Chambliss for exercising her freedom of speech is exactly why our great country was established and what many died for in the creation of America.

“To have the individual right and freedom to speak freely publicly and denounce the abusive practices against us as a free nation.” 

Ms. Elena Ruth Sassower should not only be honored as the person of the year but recognized as one of our great American if not global hero’s for standing up for not only her own individual rights but for the rights of all Americans!  Equally, Dorothy Mataras should also be honored for her unrelenting coverage and dedication for the release of Elena Ruth Sassower.  These are great individuals who deserve the recognition and status of our great American freedom fighters of justice for all!

U.S Senator Saxby Chambliss has earned himself the honor of being one of the great American-Communist leaders of our time. Perhaps I too will soon be arrested for opposing Senator Chambliss position and exercising my freedom of speech. 

Please forward my address to him and I await the Gestapo, handcuffs and shackles for my arrest! I will stand proudly next to Elena Ruth Sassower.

Thank you Elena Ruth Sassower for believing in who you are, an American!

Carl Albanese

White Plains

 Here are some more of the e-mails

nominating Elena as "White Plains Person of the Year":

In a message dated 12/18/2004 4:01:05 PM EasternStandard Time, Jeffandmary@ozarkopathy.org write:


Hello Mr. Bailey

Thanks for your much-needed reportage about Elena Sassower. We hope that you will consider Elena as a candidate for " White Plains Person of the Year 2004." In our opinion, Elena should be person of the year for Westchester , New York , and the U.S.


Best regards
Jeff Biener and Mary Meriam - Missouri


Have you heard our song of tribute to Doris and Elena called Like Mother, Like Daughter?


On Dec 18, 2004 , at 4:52 PM , WPCNR@aol.com wrote:


You're absolutely right. I had not thought of her because she had not made "White Plains " news....but it is key -- is she going to be "Sprung" Christmas Day?

John Bailey

On December 22, gzerman - California - wrote:


Mr. Bailey:


I would like to nominate Elena Sassower for Person of the Year - due to her courageous stand against one of the most powerful (yet unaccountable) groups in America, the federal judiciary. I would also like to commend you for your story about Elena. One of the main purposes of a free press is to write about the powerful and to hold the powerful accountable - your article/story about Elena did that. I salute your courage and that of your publication. As I get older, the one trait I value more and more in people is courage, as it is so, so, rare today. These little acts of courage, usually by lone individuals, keeps us free and inspires others to make a stand.


Gary L. Zerman, Esq.

On December 24, 2004 Dorothy Mataras - Liverpool, NY - wrote:

Dear Mr. Bailey:

Thank you for being a person that makes sure the truth is told in the media. Because of how little coverage the 'activists' and 'reformers' who are working to help 'the people' receive, I started a website to begin getting the word out. I've been working on the Elena story since July. Elena's page was originally on one site but I eventually had to give her her own page which is at: http://victimsoflaw.net/Elena1.htm (it's been updated to 'salute' her).

Her original story was put on my 'victims' page http://victimsoflaw.net/victims.htm but had to go down to the bottom because of all the other victims that I wanted to feature.

I also designed and wrote: http://www.geocities.com/themis1.geo/Sassower.htm

As you can obviously see, I truly believe Elena should be the "Person of the Year." It takes a lot of guts to do what she does.


Thank you in advance for your anticipated thoughtful review and consideration.

From: GKreoll@aol.com
To: WPCNR@aol.com
Sent: Friday, December 24, 2004 1:55 AM

Dear Mr. Bailey,

Please add my name to those who feel that Elena Ruth Sassower should be named the White Plains Person of the Year. While I suspect that there are many folks from the White Plains area who should be recognized for their service, I feel that Ms. Sassower's service to the nation over this year makes her your most outstanding citizen.

George A. Kreoll

Clifton, NJ

From: Naomi Hochman
To: WPCNR@aol.com
Sent: Friday, December 24, 2004 10:08 AM

Dear Mr. Bailey,

Please add my name to those who feel that Elena Ruth Sassower should be named the White Plains Person of the Year. Ms. Sassower's action this year in defending the constitutional rights of all our citizens and enduring a punishment that was seen by many as vindictive, makes her your most outstanding citizen.

Ms. N. Hochman

West Orange, NJ


Dear Members and Supporters of CJA,

We take this opportunity to thank all of you who have responded to the abortion of justice that has afflicted its Cofounder and Coordinator, Elena Ruth Sassower. Following are just a few of the many reactions that have reached CJA's e-mail. Please excuse us because sheer volume and lack of time have not always permitted individualized acknowledgement of your heartening mail. Please know that your ideas, strategies, and donations are greatly appreciated. Although our organization has been dealt a  severe blow by this tragedy, like the Blacks who stayed their civil rights course through hellish oppression and even bloodshed, we too shall overcome. We expect, with your growing activism, to hold our judiciary accountable and make that change happen in our lifetimes.

Don't stop thinking about tomorrow and what else you can do to HELP FREE ELENA. Thanks to YOU, Elena's story is now on over a thousand websites!

KEEP SPREADING THE NEWS. Let's show the world that democracy can really work, at home, as well as abroad!  Thank you in Elena's name, CJA looks forward to working with judicial reformers in each state, who are interested in developing satellite CJA offices in each State and Territory of the United States. Just come forward and let us know who you are.


Doris L. Sassower, Cofounder & Director



Att:  Elena Sassower

Dear Elena:

As we approach the Jewish New Year, my thoughts and the thoughts of my friends and neighbors are with you as are our prayers.  I want you to recognize that those that are aware of your situation consider you a hero.  You have been convicted for daring to stand up to the King.  Keep your chin up; keep your spirits up.  I am confident that you will ultimately prevail.

With my best regards, I am


Israel Weinstock



RE: Letter of Support and my story of judicial corruption supported by the Minnesota Supreme Court.

Dear Ms. Sassower,

I am writing you this letter as a means of support and to encourage to continue the fight. I realize that you have sacrificed your freedom to stand up for your rights and the rights of others. And that you will not back down. Truly, you are an unsung hero at this time, and hopefully your efforts will not go in vain. Keep fighting and good luck down the road.



David M. Wevley


Dear Elena,

I have finally received your address.  I must confess that if I were to go to a therapist, I would have to share with him/her the fact that I suffer from a sense of guilt.  Guilt that Elena Sassower is sitting in jail because she is fighting my battles.  Elena, to help me overcome my feelings of guilt, please let me know in what way I can help.

You are indeed a principled and wonderful person.  It is apparent that the judicial system cannot cope with your integrity.  I am confident that the day will come when you will be vindicated fully and the villains who framed you will be exposed for what they really are.

Keep your chin up, maintain your pride as you have a great deal to be proud of. 

Know that your suffering is for a cause which will affect millions of people in a very positive way.


Israel Weinstock

July 16, 2004


Is this what is in store for anyone who civilly questions authority?

God help the Republic, for it is clear that our judges and politicians will not.

A massive outcry from a free people might free Elena Sassower, but with today’s dumbed-down electorate, most of whom don’t know they have a Constitution, let alone a Bill of Rights, I have little hope of that. Still, your article, your broadcast, your letter, your fax or telephone call to your senators and representative, with copies to your local papers, could help reverse this travesty of justice.

Phil Graf

Coast Writers Syndicate

July 7, 2004


Dna519@aol.com wrote on 7/14/2004, 3:51 PM:

Dear Doris:
Go to the Webpage http://members.aol.com/Docket519/WebJuly9.2004.htm
I created it to help Elena and to further the cause of judicial misconduct reform.

In a message dated 7/13/2004 3:11:34 PM Eastern Daylight Time, justice96@msn.com writes:

This page is linked to most often from this URL: 29.49% of visitors link from




spcp4u wrote on 7/8/2004, 4:23 AM:

I am so sorry . One really sees what a farce our democracy is and the incredible power of judges!!!!
Was at a Florida court yesterday --- the judge actually said to a plaintiff, when she said, "I want justice" ---"You're not going to get it in this court" -- he was honest. She was told, she could not represent herself without a lawyer. >
send this to Michael Moore.

Carol Stronstorff, VP of SPCP
615 60th St. W.
Bradenton, FL 34209-7037
The Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Patients, Inc., a Florida non-profit patient's rights organization.
Phone: 941-794-1634/ Fax: 888-492-5856 www.spcp4u.org

spcp4u wrote:

"One day before Sassower attended a Judiciary Committee hearing on the nomination in May 2003, Senate staffers alerted U.S. Capitol Police, who contacted Sassower and warned her not to disrupt the hearing, according to court records."



Email from Lawrence Agee Re reporters 'slanted news stories about Elena Sassower


Anne Powers wrote on 6/28/2004, 3:52 PM:

Dear Elena,

I'm so sorry you have to go through so much for your efforts to improve citizens rights. I'm so with you on this very crucial issue. I can't believe that in the US, of all countries on this planet that such bullying exists. Surely, people like your mother know what's going on, and want to change a corrupt system. I applaud her heroic stand and yours. There has been so much in the papers lately about corruption in the NY legal system and I want to write to Judge Kaye- if it will make any difference. Now is the perfect opportunity to act on this issue. I really think Judgewatch needs good exposure - like Oprah.

I love Ralph Nader's ideals and tenacity but unfortunately, he's not taken very seriously anymore. We need to use other strategies.

The truth is that so much damage is done to decent citizens by judges who haven't a clue on issues they rule on. Biased gender remarks are allowed and go unpunished along with perjury and unfair rulings. ( Are these brutal remarks less hurtful or serious than racial?)

I would like to be an active member in Judgewatch because I feel one of the greatest strengths in anything is people working together. I think we should peacefully protest outside of courthouses and such places. As you may remember I saw your name in The Syracuse Post-Standard because of Senator eFransesco and the"bully" remarks made to you. If there were ten or twenty people from Judgewatch at these things they would react differently- I'm sure.

I would appreciate your thoughts on this.



Aloha, I hope y'all are appealing this treasonous and unjust persecution of Elena! I am sending my demands for her pardon and for the prosecution of those fascist stooges who violated her rights to speak on this issue.


And her story will appear in the Molokai Advertiser-News next week Wed. Why the hell is this story not being reported by major news media?


Please send me a jpeg photo of her, attached to REPLY email; and, any updates on her Appeal.



George Peabody editor/mgr Molokai Advertiser-News



I have just about put together an e-mail to our Coalition for Family Justice - New England chapter members regarding Elena's situation and would like to include an address where they may write to her.  

I have included Sen. Schumer and Clinton 's addresses and will be sending a letters myself, as pres. of the NE Coalition for Family Justice to protest her insane treatment by the court in this matter, plus the committee's behavior on this.


Please if you would, forward her mailing address.  It will be very important to her that she knows she is being supported while in there.


God bless,


Frank Simard

pres., Coalition for Family Justice - NE

PO Box 1546

Plaistow , NH 03865


I am sorry to hear of Elena's peril.  ...


Can someone closer to the case post their opinion on how much influence Congress may have had on the stiff sentencing?  I know many organizations including the Libertarian Party that would like to know more about this case.  The current nominee for President from the L.P. is a big Constitution guy, and might very well see this as an issue to be brought up in the political arena. 


This case is interesting to me because it concerns both Congress and the Courts.  The bill of attainder issue is one that occurs because to cease them, or pass them, it takes both. 


Tom Saunders 




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