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Name State                                               Comments
Rev. Dr. John J. Cremmins SC Justice DEMANDS Elena Sassower be RELEASED NOW!
Katherine Jenkins Cremmins SC Free elena Sassower NOW.
Tammy Searle CA This corruption has to stop, free Elena !!
Leonard Henderson OR We will uphold, support and defend the Constitution.
Lori Duboys MA The arrest, conviction and incarceration on false charges of "Disruption of Congress" are IRONIC!!! If individual citizens were permitted input into the selection of judges, and if judicial discipline were meaningful, CORRUPTION would be ARRESTED!!!
david and paula kessinger CA The Bush administration is lethal, and would not even respond to request for justice, and for pardons for innocent people.
James R. Davidson OK This is a travesty of justice and a direct violation of the first amendment right to free speech. When we as the people of this nation are forbidden by elected officials from making our views known on issues that affect each and every one of us then we are moving from democracy to tyranny. Ms. Sassower should be freed at once and criminal charges should be filed against the senators who initiated these charges and the judges that allowed this travesty to progress to this point. When we give up our rights or see our government take them from us forcefully we don't need to worry about foreign agression or terrorism beause we are doing for our enemies what they would do to us if they were able. Ms Sassower's incarceration should be of concern to all Americans as it proves beyond any doubt that the people of this great nation no longer have the final say in our government and that we have moved from a government of the people by the people to a government of the elite by the elite.
Kay Lee GA Ms. Sassower's constitutionally guaranteed civil rights were compromised. We, the citizens, are aware of the damage to the constitution and have the moral and legal right to ask that the constitution be honored.
Collum Rubra North Carolina Shades of Nazi Germany! Arrest a citizen who embarrasses the government! Is this why we fought World War II?
G M Larkin MD North Carolina The right of free speech is paramount to a democracy. Those who incarcerated her are the bad guys here. Asking a question is not a high crime, a misdemeanor or violation. This is an obcene abuse of power. FIAT JUDICIA RUAT COELOM!
Candyce Hawk WA

Take back America!

It's time the People stood up to be counted and took back our liberty and freedom.

Juli T. Star-Alexander NV Elena's Arrest is an affront to all Citizens.
Tinker Ammons NC how can this be a crime? In America you dont have any rights. free elena!
Shelley Denise Kring NY The American Justice System is Rotten to the Core.
Lisa Gayle MI Hang in there Elena!
Leah S. Evans MI Unacceptable
Peter John Grzeskowiak ND Jail all bar card holders
Michael Wimbish OH Justice denied is tyranny.
Hardy Parkerson CA Free Elena!
Vincent and Sophie Germano TX See the corrupt lawyers & judges: http://users3.ev1.net/~vjg/
Gale M. McCahill IL I'll pray for you and your cause. I am doing my own battle w/the "Pit Of Hell"/DCFS. They have and are stepping all over my children's and my rights. God has an interest in this and some "sparks are going to fly". They picked on the wrong person. My friend who is an advocate & helpping me as she can--has her own unjustified case--told our Judge in Vernon Hills, IL"s Juvenile Court that she has been researching how to put Judges, like him, in jail.
Herb Dickson PA This is abuse of power & a travesty
Judson Witham Missouri Citizen Input is an inalienable RIGHT. Let the Lady Go and NOW Please
Ron & Kay Wolfe WA What is happening to our country?
Michael Seeber MN Let justice prevail for true freedom
Kevin Patrick Brady NY Passion 4 America is a Virtue, not a Crime.
Bob Brill CA Disgraceful judicial acts have been perpetrated upon Ms. Sassower, stop the madness!
Marilyn L. Trevino CA I have been so arrested over 60 times. All dismissed, verifed by Guniness. Stop such, yes.
Dorothy Mataras NY The Right to Petition is a fundamental right and those who exercise that right are generally considered immune. It remains shocking that asking a simple question could land someone in jail. We need accountability for our legislators and our judges.
Lee Williams IN The founding fathers would be BURSTING WITH PRIDE for Elena
Anne Farrell NY This is an American Disgrace - Is our Judical System becoming a "bully system" and dictatorship? When similar behavior happens in other lands, we cringe and say how wonderful our system is. I came to the US a few years after dear Rosa Park refused to go to the back of the bus. Elena Sassower will have many beside her. We refuse to go the "back of the bus of justice."
Randy Waters WI If a citizen cannot attend a public hearing without being arrested, then we no longer live in a democracy.
Deborah Reid NC I have studied constitutional law through a paralegal course. It is clear to me that injustices and crimes have been committed against Elena Sassower. Due to this incarceration she is unjustly denied her freedom. Meanwhile there are rapists and murderers for which there is credible evidence of crimes that numerous judges have decided to let go free when incarceration is needed. The best way to make sure there is room in jail or prison for violent criminals is to not fill up that space with citizens that have not committed any crimes such as Elena Sassower. I welcome letters from other people interested in court reform.
Susan MO I have seen so many injustices lately in my own community and it seems that the more you speak out the more you or your loved ones get punished! I thought our country stood for JUSTICE, let alone being locked up when you try to speak for JUSTICE! I wish I had Elena Sassower's courage! The people responsible for her being locked up should bow their heads in SHAME!
Mary Meriam MI Elena stood her ground and spoke the truth in court. Hooray for Elena! We miss you, Elena!
Eli Vigliano FL Let freedom ring!
Doris L. Sassower NY As Elena's mother and cofounder of the Center for Judicial Accountability, Inc., I hope that all who read this petition will wholeheartedly sign it.



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