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Bob Hanks
AZ Predatory Judicial Misconduct is rampant in USA--Ask for Pardon
Barbara Youngs Settle TX A few courageous patriots always pay a price for liberty under law. Elena is one of those. Those in power must set her free to send a message that we are all free. Thank you Elena.
David A. Roberts IN As I understand it, Elena did not disrupt Congress because the Chairman had ended the hearing. Therefore, she could not have had "intent" to disrupt Congress, and this conviction was a sham intended to suppress a protest protected by the 1st Amendment.
Chris Corcoran CT I did not realize that I could still be shocked at the outrageous abuses being perpetrated by this administration and the Republican Congress, however this case has done just that. Shame on Congress for it's utter disregard for the First Amendment! Free Elena Sassower!!!
Robert J Sindelar NY God Bless you Elena, for doing what you felt to be a Patriotic duty under the rights established by our Constitution of the United States of America.
Ernest A. Oliver TN The very same criminal activity that is described in this petition has happened to me over the past fourteen years. My website, WWW.Tennesseegate.com, describes the same players including the state and federal courts, the justice department, the FBI,TBI,state and federal prosecutors, and most of all, Senate Majority Leader Dr. Bill Frist of Tennessee.
Eric M. Ross, Ph.D. NY While Elena Sassower is not the only innocently convicted person behind bars, in her case, the violations of the citizen's right to petition the Gov't, and the abuses of police and judicial power that resulted in her illegally obtained conviction and incarceration were egregiously evil and blatant... an apparent retaliation for being an advocate for judicial integrity, a challenge from Nazis burning in hell to anyone with a sense of decency. Elena did so much fighting judicial corruption on behalf of every decent citizen, she deserves to be addressed as "Your Honor." This travesty of justice must be corrected. This dirty stain on the American flag must be washed off, pronto!
Dennis T Caron OH people should not be jailed for voicing their opinion to their government (is that not what happened in communist China ?)
Yashua Amen Shekhem'El-Bey NY We must never give up no matter what and as long as we have breath in our lungs. Freedom and Justice are not free in this Country anymore. Its a thing of the past. We have to make our plight a Global issue of Gross Human Right violation, for which the United States has very little respect. Judicial Officers of the United States should only be elected and not appointed. Their term of office should only be 4 years just like the legislative and executive branch of Government. It is apparent that the Judicial Branch of Government is completely out of control and committing tyrannical acts against the American people. This has got to stop and we can make it happen. As above, so below.
David Donley VT So much for "Free speech" and the "general welfare". Take the rogue judges and lawyers power base away - stop allowing them to dominate government and perpetrate "legal abuse" upon us all, join the BOYCOTT LAWYERS FROM PUBLIC OFFICE effort. Vote for anyone but a lawyer in public office. They have been giving themselves immunities, protections, access to the state and federal coffers, and had their way with the country for too long. Elena's case is testimony to her Law review article, " Argument Without Merit - The Empty Promise of Judicial Discipline." http://www.judgewatch.org/



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