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Zach Winthrop NY The facts enclosed in this petition rendered me speechless. It is only now, an hour since I've read the petition that I can form cogent sentences to express my outrage at our corrupt judiciary, sorrow for the abuse against our Constitution, and gratitude to Elena for standing up for all of us. We need change with the help of everyday citizens like me, and not just the honorable judicial reform advocates like Elena and so many others. What has happened to Elena is exactly what our forefathers intended to prevent: unjust prosecution, among many other important qualities of life that we are supposed to be able to enjoy in these, our United States. May this petition serve as a summons to those who imprisoned her, to set her free.
patty johan Montreal In Canada we look up to the US judiciary. But now I wonder why? Elena sits in jail while Martha sits in the Bahamas? No stay pending appeal? No bail? No justice! Reform your judiciary, and start by releasing Elena!!!!
Ed Nitzke DC Why is this innocent woman in prison?!? This is an utter outrage. As a sports agent, my clients fight on the field or on the ice, and they get a five-day suspension, or a five minute penalty. Here, a US citizen who asks a question after the case was adjourned gets locked up for six months? SIX MONTHS? Free that innocent woman.
Morris CA As a former judge, it is clear to me that there was and is obvious bias in the sentencing of Elena Ruth Sassower. In my 26 years on the bench before retiring six years ago, I never, once, saw, witnessed, or read any case the likes of this nature. I would have hailed Elena as a hero if the case had been brought before me, and I am thankful my friend in NY informed me of this very important document (this petition). May Elena be freed yesterday.
Mary Wikowski NY As a constitutional professor, after learning of this atrocity, I will find a way to work this into my teaching plan so that future generations will not forget how precious our freedom is, and how important it is that we stand up for what we believe in, despite this incredibly obvious abuse of power by our flawed judiciary. Free Elena Now!!!
O. Karimou NY Those like myself who have come from foreign shores where tyrannical dictatorships rule could never have conceived that in "the land of the free and the home of the brave," it is considered a "crime" to ask a question at a Congressional Committee Public Hearing or that a judge could punish someone who did by jailing her for SIX MONTHS!!! We heard about something called "freedom of speech" and believed that it existed in this country, unlike our own. America should stick to its principles, like Elena did. Free her NOW!
Suzanne Haugh   Our legal system is corrupt beyond recognition according to a Harvard law professor. "Such a tragic injustice strikes at our most basic constitutional rights."
Calvin Weber MO What an ugly and savage sentence for Elena's few spoken words within the realm [First Amend]. Free her now. I too am a victim. I lost my career and money as a direct result of a FBI knowingly false, fraudulent, and fictitious espionage witch hunt [against me]. After failing to pursuade DOJ to criminally prosecute me (DOJ declined), FBI then iniated actions to destroy my career, which was successful [lost employment; tainted for life, lost money]. In seeking relief, the courts dismissed all my cases and even fined me monetary sanctions for filing a frivolous lawsuit. Congress also turned a deaf ear; did not respond to my letters. Good luck Elena. 636-464-2541
Sharon St.Clair VA Nothing surprises me anymore, nothing!
Harold M. Silverman NY Please let her go.
Dorothy Somer NY The unfortunate fact that miscarriages of justice occur regulary doesn't lessen by one iota the abuse of Elena's very basic civil rights.
Robert Schulz NY An act of tyranny anywhere is a threat to Freedom everywhere.
Robert James Foster NC Elena is a great hero, standing up for all judicial victims in this country against judges who are traitors to our Constitution. Those responsible for Elena's being in jail, instead of respecting her First Amendment rights, should be taken out and hung!
Mary Connors PA How is this incarceration patriotic? America's Shame
Haoran Wang NY Let freedom ring!
Carole K. Scott GA This is typical in America today - the government tries to crush the citizens who have the eyes to see and the courage to speak out against the corruption that is so ingrained in all of our institutions. Free Elena!
Roy Fogelson MI Typical arrogance of the government and its judicial system!
Ben Burke TN We must bear arms and revolt against any judicial tyranny!
Carol Stronstorff FL Elena should be freed immediately!
Myra Wolf NJ The corruption in NJ is More Than Obvious. From DYFS, to Accountants, to Lawyers, and Judges through the Court System. Constitutional Rights of Citizens DO NOT EXIST, when allowed to be 'interpreted' by a corrupt legal system. Their crimes are indeed "covered up"...The mediation system in this country is designed for that purpose as well. MAKE ANY DIVORCE, ON GROUNDS OF ANY ABUSE., ILLEGAL, TO BE PUT IN MEDIATION ..You could be signing a death sentence for her..A locked door, with a court system turning the other way, while accountants and attorneys prosper from it.. What has happened to Elena Sassower, is a violation of her Constitutional Rights as a citizen. HOW CAN THAT HAPPEN ?...when in the 'legal' forum...with Judges and Lawyers" present? How in America can this even happen once? Why is it , that citizens of the USA, and there are thousands, have to feel , as they walk into a court room, or legal entity, in the USA...as though they are walking into Saddam Hussein's Palace ?
Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Germano TX Men and women are dying and being wounded to defend our form of government, while Judges and elected officials violate the supreme law. See: http://users3.ev1.net~vjg/
Rebecca Carley, MD NY As a fellow victim of corruption in state and federal courts in our beloved country who has also appealed to Senator Orrin Hatch of the Judiciary Committee only to be written back that they "do not get involved in individual cases", I implore those who are persecuting Ms. Sassower for her patriotic activities in attempting to restore the judiciary in this country to what our founding fathers intended it to be to, if they have a spark of a conscience left, ask themselves the following question: Will the gravity of what I have conspired in to promote judicial corruption result in the damnation of my very soul? What kind of legacy will the judicial tyranny we are conplicit in be for our children?" This conspiracy to crush those who speak truth to power is domestic terrorism against the American people. Such a "just us" system should not be imposed on any Americans, much less people of foreign lands (such as Iraq). God is watching, and justice WILL prevail. Rebecca Carley, MD www.drcarley.com
Beresford Granston NY FREE ELENA NOW!!! Elena was a hero for being the People's voice to require that lawyers who want to be judges should not be appointed for political reasons, but should have proper qualifications for the job, like everyone else!
Donna M. Briggs VA What has happened to our country?
Robert F. Calta GA I am totally sympathetic. I have been dealt a similar injustice when a NY Supreme Court Judge, upon my motion for dismissal, issued a Decision/order in favor of my advasary without a hearing. The discord with which I have observed the NY court system conduct itself has been appalling. Where is the oversight of the Chief Administrative Judge. Do Ammendment rights handcuffing, in addition some of the other mindless decisions being made just raise an eyebrow at the presiding judge's actions?
MARC BEAUMONT LONDON This is a matter of great international concern. Such a savage sentence could never have been passed in England. Elena is a wonderful woman and must be released immediately.
Rose Johnson IA It's time Government remember it's place and be a respectful servant of the people of this country. If those in elected or appointed positions forget their 'servanthood', let them be removed from every office (including judicial) and be replaced by one winning by a vote of the people.
Yashua Amen Shekhem'El-Bey NY "What ever happen to the First Amendment" Something is seriously wrong here. Our Congress that is suppose to be governed by the People has become a Monarch unto itself treating the Sovereign Citizen just like the feudal subjects of Europe of the dark ages. It is time for the People of the United States to wake up and take back its Government and Country



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