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NYS Assemblyman Steven McLaughlin
So, You want to be Rensselaer County Executive

click here for:  press reporting & editorializing

Steven McLaughlin -- Assembly website
campaign Facebook page

* * *

Meet the Other Rensselaer County Executive Candidates:

Chris Meyer -- Independence, Reform
facebook campaign site

Andrea Smyth -- Democratic, Working Families, Women's Equality
campaign website

Wayne Foy -- Green

"The Democrats enjoy an enrollment advantage over the Republicans in the county by 32,463 to 26,128.
There are 31,469 unaffiliated voters in the county."  Albany Times-Union-June 19, 2017


CJA's September 28, 2017 e-mail to County Executive Candidate Chris Meyer, with cc's to County Executive Candidates Andrea Smyth and, via the Green Party, County Executive Candidate Wayne Foy -- "The Rensselaer County budget, the Rensselaer D.A. salary it includes -- & the race for Rensselaer County Executive & fiscally-responsible, clean, honest government"

Rensselaer County Executive Kathleen Jimino's October 2016 budget message -- see p. 5

CJA's testimony about the budget/D.A. salaries, etc. at Legislature's January 30, 2017 budget hearing on "local gov't officials/general government"
--click here for: VIDEO WEBPAGE

click here for webpage for:
CJA's August 10, 2017 Open Letter to NY's eight "recognized" Political Parties --
furnishing overview of CJA's citizen-taxpayer action -- to which Assemblyman McLaughlin is a defendant, sued for corruption with respect to the 160-plus-billion-dollar slush-fund budget


CJA's September 29, 2017 e-mail -- What is Rensselaer County's response to CJA's July 14, 2016
and August 8, 2016 FOIL requests pertaining to D.A. salaries, compensation, state aid, etc.?"

CJA's July 14, 2016 FOIL request -- transmitting e-mail    Rensselaer County's July 15, 2016 acknowledgment

CJA's August 8, 2016 FOIL request  -- transmitting e-mail

CJA's Correspondence
specifically addressed to Assemblyman McLaughlin

background, see: judicial compensation webpages: 2011-present


CJA's May 31, 2013 letter to Assemblyman McLaughlin & Six Other Assembly Members --
"Accomplishing Your Objective of Ousting Assembly Speaker Silver
e-mail receipts

VIDEO OF "STOP SILVER'S WAR ON WOMEN" PRESS CONFERENCE -- May 29, 2013  Assemblyman McLaughlin, appearing with Assemblyman Kieran Michael Lalor; Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney; Assemblyman Bill Nojay;  Assemblyman Marc Butler; Assemblyman Michael Fitzpatrick

"Assemblyman McLaughlin's May 17, 2013 press release: 
"Cuomo and Silver Just As Complicit In Cover-Up"
"...The plain truth  is that Speaker Silver is the problem.  The Assembly Majority have failed to grow a spine and vote him out; so it is clear that he must resign his speakership.... 'Governor Cuomo's inaction regarding Speaker Silver's malfeasance is both offensive and alarming.  If the governor truly cared about woemn, or a 'zero tolerance' policy, he would have immediately called for a Moreland Commission to independently investigate thse shameful claims since the legislature is clearly unable to police itself....'"


referred to: CJA's April 15, 2013 corruption complaint to US Attorney Preet Bharara (SDNY)  
its webpage posting the substantiating EVIDENCE -- including the VIDEO of CJA's testimony before the Legislature at its February 6, 2013 budget hearing

referred to: CJA's May 7, 2013 letter to ALL Senators & Assembly Members --
RE: Doing Your Part to End Public Corruption:
     (1) by Giving Evidence to the U.S. Attorneys;
     (2) by Voting on Non-Partisan, Good-Government Legislative Rules Reform, such as Recommended by the 2009 Temporary Senate Committee on Rules & Administration Reform"           

CJA's April 19, 2013 letter to Senator Malcolm Smith --
  "RE: Being a Force for Good:
       (1)   by giving testimony to U.S. Attorney Bharara against Governor Cuomo & other corrupt, high-level constitutional and public officers;
       (2)   by building a Rules Reform Conference dedicated to securing debate and a simple Senate vote on the non-partisan, good-government rules reforms proposed by the 2009 Temporary Committee on Rules and Administration Reform
-- enclosed December 21, 2012 & December 7, 2012 letters 

      -- click here for referred-to materials pertaining to historic rules reform set in motion by Senator Malcolm Smith

referred to:
CJA's May 22, 2013 letter to ALL Senators & Assembly Members --
Doing Your Part to End Public Corruption: Part II
(1) Request for Legislative Follow-Up to Senator Sanders’ May 10th Forum “Attack on Black Leaders: Corruption or Conspiracy?”;
      (2) Request for Legislative Follow-Up to Senator Sampson’s 2009 hearings on the Commission on Judicial Conduct & Court-Controlled Attorney Disciplinary System

enclosed: CJA's May 13, 2013 letter/corruption complaint to U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch (EDNY) -- "RE: United States of America v. John Sampson -- Deal-making that Advances the Corruption Fighting Agenda of U.S. Attorney Bharara and Repudiates the Appearance and Reality that Black & Hispanic Legislators are being Invidiously Investigated & Prosecuted"  

-- click here for
Senator John Sampson's historic leadership of the Senate Judiciary Committee by its 2009 hearings on the Commission on Judicial Conduct & court-controlled attorney disciplinary system

ENCLOSED: CJA's May 29, 2013 letter to Assemblyman Michael Kearns -- "RE: Making Good on Your Pledge to Your Constituents “To Do The Right Thing” and “Stand Up To Albany Politicians”:  
(1)  Ousting Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver;
(2)  Securing oversight, analysis, and investigation of CJA’s April 15, 2013 corruption complaint against Speaker Silver, et al. by the Assembly Committee on Oversight, Analysis, and Investigation, of which you are a member;
(3)  Building a Bi-Partisan Assembly Rules Reform Conference to achieve the nonpartisan, good-government legislative rules reforms proposed by the 2004, 2006, and 2008 reports of the Brennan Center for Justice and resisted by Speaker Silver

 -- click here for Rules Reform Resource Page

May 21, 2013: "Bad Week is Merely Bump for Assembly's Master of Power", New York Times, Danny Hakim, Thomas Kaplan

"Video: No friend to Silver, Kearns leaves Assembly Dems", Albany Times Union/Capitol Confidential, May 20, 2013


CJA's June 13, 2013 letter to Assemblyman McLaughlin & 17 Other Assembly Members -- enclosing CJA's  June 13, 2017 corruption complaint to U.S. Attorney Hartunian (NDNY) --
"RE:  Easily Ousting Assembly Speaker Silver for his Grand Larceny of the Public Fisc"       
                             e-mail receipt

     June 4, 2013 letter to US Attorney Hartunian, signed by Assemblyman McLaughlin & 11 other Assembly members, requesting investigation of Assembly Speaker Silver

*  *  *        

Assemblyman McLaughlin's Rhetoric & Posturing about public integrity, transparency, the state budget, etc.
Assembly "Newsroom" webpage --

April 25, 2017
"McLaughlin Ramps Up Effort To Eliminate Government Corruption"
"...State residents deserve to know how their tax dollars are being spent,
and I will continue advocating for a more open and transparent government."

April 3, 2017
"Statement From Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin
On The New York State Budget Extender
"...Albany's corrupt 'three men in a room' strategy has left New Yorkers in the dark for days.  T
he governor's childish refusal to work with any opposition has highlighted his self-serving agenda
and the state government's lack of transparency."

March 31, 2017
"Statement From Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin"
"Normally the Capitol is't this quiet unless indictments are bing handed out.
On a day when transparency should shine bright as we are supposed to pass a budget, the silence from the Capitol today
is deafening.  New Yorkers have every right to be furious with the lack of respect and openness coming from their state

March 13, 2017
"McLaughlin Shines Light On Government Corruption"
"'Backroom deals...will not be tolerated at any layer of government, and Sunshine Week prompts us to enforce strong anti-corruption politices.  In the midst of budget season, it's imperative that we hold officials accountable and avoid the typical 'three men in a room' method.  With less secrecy, a budget can be formed that prioritizes the vital issues to benefit all New Yorkers."

February 28, 2017
"Assembly Set For Battle Over NY Budget"
"...Creating the budget is always a grueling process that sets the stage for the rest of the year...."

June 18, 2016
"The Drain Has Begun"
"It is about time that pension forfeiture and encompassing ethics reform measures are finally seeing the light of day in Albny.  Unfortunately, these bills are long overdue and could've been easily accomplished years ago if it weren't for the political games and pandering of the Assembly Majority..."

May 18, 2016
"McLaughlin, Stec: Albany's Ethics Reform Leaders Continue to Fight"
"...Assemblymen Steve McLaughlin (R,C,I-Troy) and Dan Stec (R,C, I-Queensbury) are pushing one one the most exhaustive ethics overhauls in legislative history.  The bill currently awaits action in the Assembly's Election Law Committee....   'Our bill is in committee rady to be sent to the floor for a vote...Drain the swamp."

May 12, 2016
"Preet Battling A Thousand"
"As a legislator, some of the most heartbreaking things I hear in my district are that we are all corrupt and the apathetic sense that things will neever change..."

May 5, 2016
"Never A Partisan Issue, Always An Integrity Issue"
"If thre's one thing New Yorkers can't stand above all else, it is public corruption,' McLaughlin said. 'Televising committee meetings and posting votes online does absolutely nothing in terms of mitigating the root causes of corruption: consolidated power, money and infuence. ...
What is frustrting is that I know many rank-and-fie Majority in the Assembly that would vote for substantial ethics reform but are being threatened by the leadership to fall in line,' McLaughlin said.  'Those who ignore injustice are just as guilty as the ones who enable it. ...This is not a partisan issue, it's an integrity issue.  Drain the swamp."

May 3, 2016
"From A Member of the Bar to Behind Bars"
"...corruption will no longer be tolerated in Albany.  Those living in the taxpayer-funded lap of luxury are not above the law, and New Yorkers are fed up with Albany's deceit, corruption and abuse of power.  Drain the swamp."

April 1, 2016
"Hey, Preet, I Hope You've Been Watching"
"'Nothing that happened this week can be remotely classified as democracy.  It is blatanty obvious that Albany will perpetuate its old ways of closed-door budget negotiations, disenfranchising milions of New Yorkers in exchange for absolute power and control. 
'According to Cuomo, having the 'most transparent administration in history' means voting on bills with just minutes to read them...'"

March 30, 2016
"Lack of Ethics Reforms in the Budget Proves Albany Isn't Ready to Change"
"It is one day before we have to vote on how to spend nearly $142 billion in taxpayer money, and I still can't tell you what exactly we will be voting on.  The absolute hypocrisy is that just last week, The Assembly Majority was proud to vote for thir so-called transparency and accountability reforms, yet 99 percent of the public, media and legislators have been completely excluded from budget negotiations.
'Legislative leaders have doubled-down on the 'three men in a room' that U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara warned against as a way to isolate their power and influence and avoid dissent from the public and media.  Even though two of the three amigos are now behind bars, it seems as though nothing has changed in Albany.  Legislative leaders and Gov. Cuomo are still overly-willing to sacrifice government transparency and accountability for accumulation of power, money and influence, and that is a disgraceful reflection on New York State."

January 13, 2016
"Preet Should Open An Investigation Into Cuomo Budget Presentation"
"an unwillingness by legislative leaders to drain the swamp of corruption that has infected Albny.  Albany is in dire straits, and we need real leadership and courage to face the issues.  Unfortunately, we have yet to see that."

January 6, 2016
"Preet Needs Our Help, Let's Clean Up Albany"
"An outspoken proponent of exposing Albany's swamp of corruption, McLaughlin said ethics reform tops the list of what he's fighting for as lawmakers begin to fill the Capitol....'I am inspired by Preet Bharara's action to clean up Albany, but we must do our part as legislators.  I will continue to expose corruption, regardless of party affilaition, and encourage my colleagues to do the same."

June 17, 2016
"No Pensions For Politicians Who Breach Public Trust"
"'Gov. Cuomo and Speaker Silver have talked a good game on ethics reform. 
The people of this state deserve better than empty promises..."

December 21, 2015
"Tedisco, McLaughlin, Lopez, and Manlius Mother Who Got "Jenna's Law' Passed Call For Rank-and-File Revolt To Clean Up Albany"
"Assemblyman Jim Tedisco (R,C,I-Glenville), Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin (R,C,I-Schaghticoke), and Assemblyman Pete Lopez (R,C,I-Schoharie) today called for a 'Spirit of ‘76' revolt by rank-and-file state legislators to clean up corruption and break the stranglehold on the Capitol that’s been exerted by powerful leaders who, time after time, have prevented common-sense reforms from becoming law in New York.  ...

Tedisco, McLaughlin and Lopez are introducing the new 'Spirit of ’76' bill to allow for a piece of legislation that has garnered the sponsorship of 76 members of the Assembly and 32 members in the Senate -- regardless of party affiliation -- to bypass committee and move to the Floor for a debate and up-or-down vote. The 'Spirit of ‘76' bill, which is attached, is being circulated for sponsorship among members and will have a bill number in January when session resumes.
          Currently, the Speaker and the Senate Majority Leader hold enormous power to abuse the system and stop bills from coming to the floor even if they are mathematically sponsored by a simple majority of members from each house of the legislature (76 out of 150 in the Assembly and 32 out of 63 in the Senate).   ...
           'For decades, the legislative leaders of both parties have had far too much power to thwart the will of the people and their elected representatives by holding bills in committee; thereby, preventing an up-or-down vote by the legislature. This vital legislation will help bring a more open government to the Capitol by ensuring that any bill that has the sponsorship of 76 Assembly members and 32 Senators will bypass the committees and go to the Floor for a vote. Our constituents send us to Albany to represent them. We are not sent there to vote only on bills that the legislative leadership deems acceptable,' said McLaughlin.".

December 11, 2015
"McLaughlin Statement On Skelos Conviction"
"Keep going Preeet.  I hope the best is yet to come.  Every New Yorker deserves better."

November 2, 2015
"McLaughlin's Letter To Inspector General Scott"

May 6, 2015
"Cuomo's New York A Criminal Enterprise"
  "Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin (R,C,I-Schaghticoke) today commented on New York’s newly-awarded infamous rank as the most corrupt state in the nation. McLaughlin said Gov. Cuomo’s diluted ethics reforms during his tenure have done little to drain the swamp that is Albany, and with the downfall of two of the most powerful political leaders in the state within the last four months, New York has actually become increasingly corrupt under Gov. Cuomo’s leadership.   
             'As a citizen and taxpayer of this state, I am completely disgusted at what New York State government has become,' McLaughlin said. “There seems to be a correlation between the years Gov. Cuomo is in office and the record-setting levels of corruption that come out of Albany. Gov. Cuomo has instituted so called ‘ethics reforms’ on three separate occasions, and clearly, we have not only made no headway into draining the swamp, the swamp has gotten bigger and more infested with political parasites. At this point, New York State government far too often resembles a criminal enterprise more than it resembles a functioning government. Gov. Cuomo has utterly failed to clean up Albany, failed the people of New York and failed on his repeated promises to clean up state government.'
            McLaughlin’s comments coincide with a Politico article released yesterday that ranks New York as the most corrupt state in the union, discusses the history and analysis of its criminal culture, and says, “New York doesn’t so much have a culture of corruption as an entire festival.'”

May 4, 2015
"Corruption Is Unacceptable In Any Form.  Skelos Must Step Down As Majority Leader"
"...McLaughlin said corruption is unacceptable in government in any capacity, no matter the party or legislative house in which it occurs.  McLaughlin has been one of the Assembly's most outspoken legislators against corruption since he assumed office in 2011.
...We must do what is necessary to preserve our integrity and drain the swamp that is New York State government.  I will continue to call out corruption in any party, house or leadrship position as long as I am in office."

May 1, 2015
"Governor's Email Summit Delayed Again. My Email Retention Act Was Introduced Months Ago"    
"our government lacks transparency and accoutability; issues I have been fighting to reform since my first day in office."

April 28, 2015
Scarborough Case A Perfect Example Of Why Receipts For Per Diem Are Necessary"
"'One of the reasons I ran for the Assembly was to help clean up Albany and rain the swamp of corrupt, shameful politicians..."

April 20, 2015
"Millions In Taxdollars Funding Albany's Corrupt, Pass Pension Forfeiture Now"

April 15, 2015
"Pork Spending Weighs Down Enacted Budget, Taxpayers Shoulder Burden"
"Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin (R,C,I-Schaghticoke) today commented on the lack of transparency and accountability in this year’s budget process amid reports that grant funding is to be provided to dubious organizations. Five hundred and five thousand dollars in grant funding is set to be paid to a questionable Brooklyn-based mental health organization. McLaughlin said messages of necessity eliminate accountability and legislators’ ability to read legislation before it comes before the house for a vote. Eight out of 11 budget bills were passed using messages of necessity and delivered to members only minutes before voting commenced.
         'I am not surprised that wasteful spending of this magnitude found its way into the budget once again,' McLaughlin said. 'Gov. Cuomo has a habit of pushing legislation through in the middle of the night without letting us or the public read it first. Restriction of information is not a staple of a healthy government and not how New York State is supposed to function.'”

March 19, 2015
"McLaughlin Introduces Legislation To Increase Transparency, Hold Gov's Office Accountable"
"McLaughlin has been one of Albany's most outstanding proponents of anti-corruption legislation and more stringent ethics reforms."

March 9, 2015
"Glaring Hypocrisy and Prejudice as Assembly Votes Down Pro-Transparency Reforms"
“'Today, the Assembly had a chance to pass 17 different rules reforms that would have lifted the shroud of secrecy and corruption that have surrounded the house for years. Unfortunately, the Assembly Majority chose to ignore the statewide call for transparency, openness and accountability that has been growing for years. The so called ‘Reform Caucus’ that pledged to clean up Albany’s murky and besmirched political culture is filled with the same members who, today, voted down the reforms they once promised to uphold. Their hypocrisy is stunning and speaks to the all talk, no action ways of the Assembly Majority and the scare tactics of their leadership.”
            “It has been almost seven weeks since the Speaker of the Assembly was arrested on federal corruption charges, and we still have not seen a single piece of ethics or pro-transparency legislation come before members for a vote. That is unacceptable, and today is another example of how restoring trust and integrity to government is not on the agenda of the Assembly Majority leadership.

July 30, 2014
"Moreland Commission Expenses Warrant Audit"
"...McLaughlin has been one of the most outspoken legislators against governmental corruption from the beginning."

May 5, 2014
"McLaughlin Comments On Termination Of The Moreland Commission"
"...New Yorkers deserve more than empty promises by egotistical policians..."

March 6, 2014
"McLaughlin On Boyland Verdict: It's About Time"
"...One of the reasons I ran for the Assembly ws to help clean up Albany and rain the swamp of corrupt, shameful politicians..."

November 8, 2013
"You're Late, Governor. Again"
McLaughlin stated:  'For the third consecutive year, Governor Cuomo was late in issuing New York’s required mid-year financial update and is in clear violation of state finance law, section 23, which requires him to update the financial plan within 30 days of the close of the quarter to which it pertains. The date to comply with state finance law was October 30th,” said McLaughlin.
     'The state’s quarterly financial plan is a crucial disclosure document, providing a detailed accounting of the state’s progress in meeting key budgetary goals. Governor Cuomo has willfully violated the Finance Law's mid-year reporting requirement, despite his promise to run the most transparent and accountable administration in history.'
      'Enough is enough. As a member of the state legislature who believes in good government, full disclosure and adherence to the law, I have legal standing and Cuomo should take note that I will file an action against him if the update is not released on time in the future. Accountability and transparency mean following the state finance law as written, not as the Governor sees fit. Going forward, he needs to ensure he meets all future disclosure requirements in a timely manner as prescribed by law. By failing to release the mid-year update on time, Governor Cuomo is denying the Legislature and the public the information that is needed to begin formulating budget positions for the coming year, as well as jeopardizing our ability to meet the Nov. 15 'quick start' deadline to evaluate the state's financial condition. It stuns me that the leadership of both houses allows this to go on.'
         'The governor seems to be following in the footsteps of his father, who repeatedly failed to introduce required budget legislation on schedule until he was forced to do so by the State Court of Appeals in the case of Winner v. Cuomo. I believe that this case, brought in 1992 by the Assembly Minority Conference, provides a strong precedent in favor of any lawsuit should the Governor fail to meet reporting deadlines in the future.'”

January 4, 2012
"Pay Hikes For Lawmakers Is Outrageous"

October 20, 2011
"Rensselaer County Budget Should Be A Model For New York State"
"When the legislature reconvenes in January, our top priority nees to be changing these unfunded mandates.  We need to respect the fact that our local leaders know what their communitieis need better than the State Capitol does."



Rensselear County -- wikipedia

"As of the census of 2010, there were 161,129 people...  The median income for a household in the county was $42,905, and the median income for a family was $52,864. Males had a median income of $36,666 versus $28,153 for females. The per capita income for the county was $21,095. About 6.70% of families and 9.50% of the population were below the poverty line, including 11.90% of those under age 18 and 6.60% of those age 65 or over."

Rensselear County Website

Rennselear County budget

County Executive's 2017 budget message --
state budget and state requirements causing county tax increases -- and, among them:

District Attorney salaries across the State will increase as they are tied by law to judges’ salary. In the past, the State has paid for these mandated salary increases, but has not done so this time thus requiring local taxpayers to foot the additional expense.”  (at p. 5)

June 6, 2017
"NY counties balk at paying for prosecutors' mandated pay raises"
Daily Freeman.com (Kyle Hughes-NYSNYSnews)

June 7, 2017
"Counties asking state to cover DA raises"
Legislative Gazette (Thomas Giery Pudney)

A.751   S.519

Senate site:  S.519

Senate Finance Committee's May 2, 2017 meeeting: at 3:12

May 22, 2017 Senate transcript


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