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November 19, 2014:  "New York's Part-Time Legislators Look to a Raise", Gotham Gazette (David Howard King)

November 21, 2014: "AG backs legislative pay raises", State of Politics (Liz Benjamin)

December 3, 2014:   "The Commission Question: Would One Work For Legislative Pay Raises?" Gotham Gazette (David Howard King)


January 11, 2015 "Gov. Cuomo retools team for 2nd term", Daily News (Ken Lovett) -- [Gov. appts. Commission on Judicial Compensation member Wm Mulrow as his new secretary]

January 19, 2015: "Cuomo will urge panel on salary raises for state legislators"  Daily News (Ken Lovett)

January 19, 2015:  "Governor releases executive/legislative pay commission details  Albany Times Union, (Matthew Hamilton)

January 21, 2015:  "DiNapoli: legislative/executive pay commission responsible way to look at raises"  Capitol Confidential (Matthew Hamilton)

March 18, 2015: "Schneiderman's ethics reform plan: Increase terms, pay for legislators, ban outside income", Auburn Citizen-Pub.com (Robert Harding)

March 23, 2015: "Source: Legislative Pay Raise Panel Out Of Budget Framework", State of Politics (Nick Reisman)

April 1, 2015:   "Legislative pay raise commission created", Capital New York (Bill Mahoney)

April 1, 2015:  "Pay Raise Commission Wouldn't Have to Act Until After Election Day", State of Politics (Nick Reisman)

April 5, 2015:  "How about an honest pay raise panel? Too much to ask from Carl Heastie and Dean Skelos, apparently", Daily News (editorial)

April 10, 2015: "Cuomo, lawmaker pay on autohike", Ken Girardin (Empire Center)

April 11, 2015: "State lawmakers set themselves up for a pay hike", Buffalo News (Tom Precious)

June 22, 2015:  "Wheels in motion for lawmakers' pay raise", Daily Gazette (Sara Foss)

June 29, 2015:  "Good gov't groups: lawmakers have unfinished business", Legislative Gazette    joint statement

July 1, 2015:  "Birnbaum, Cozier Chosen for Judicial Pay Panel", New York Law Journal (Andrew Keshner)

July 1, 2015:  "Appointees named to pay commission", Capital New York (Colby Hamilton, Bill Mahoney)

July 6, 2015: "Lippman names two members to pay raise commission", Legislative Gazette (Nick Muskcavage) 

October 31, 2015 (internet)/November 2, 2015:  "Hearing Set on Pay Increases for Judges, Lawmakers", New York Law Journal (Joel Stashenko)

November 12, 2015 "Good-government groups on special session for ethics: If not now, when?", Capitol Confidential-Times Union (Matthew Hamilton   November 11, 2015 letter to Governor, Temp Senate President, Assembly Speaker

November 15, 2015:  "State lawmakers: 56 days, $79,500+", WXXi news (AP)  CBS6-Albany

November 18, 2015:  "Pay hikes eyed for NY judges, lawmakers", New York Post (Kirstan Conley)

November 21, 2015:  "The Fray: Panel sets hearing on raising state lawmakers' pay", Record-on-Line.com (Times Herald Record),  Chris McKenna

November 25, 2015:  "Judicial Salaries to Be Topic Of Public Hearing in NYC", New York Law Journal (Andrew Keshner)

November 30, 2015:  "Week Ahead in New York: November 30, 2015", Reuters (Daniel Weissner)

November 30, 2015:   "State pay commission holds hearing on judicial compensation", Albany Times Union (Matthew Hamilton)

November 30, 2015: "Case made for higher judicial pay", Albany Times Union (Matthew Hamilton)

November 30, 2015: "Pay panels hears proposals to raise judges' salaries", Newsday (Mike Gormley)

November 30, 2015: "Pay boost planned for New York state judges -- legislators next", Daily News (Glenn Blain)

November 30, 2015: "Judges, bar groups call for $203,000 salaries", Reuters (Daniel Weissner)

December 1, 2015:  "OCA Asks Pay Commission for Parity with US Judges", New York Law Journal (Andrew Keshner)

December 3, 2015: "What's fair pay for judges?", Albany Times Union (editorial)

December 3, 2015: "OCA Seeks 2.4 Percent Budget Hike", New York Law Journal (Joel Stashenko)

December 8, 2015: "'How Much' and 'How Soon' Are Questions for Pay Panel", New York Law Journal (Andrew Kreshner)

December 9, 2015: "Pay Commission Schedules Meetings on Judges' Pay", New York Law Journal (Andrew Kreshner)

December 10, 2015: "Heastie: Full time legislature would need hefty pay raise", New York Post (Carl Campanile)

December 11, 2015: "The Governor has a tool to fix Albany.  He should use it", Crain's Business (Sen. James Sanders)

December 14, 2015: "Panel approves big pay boost for New York's state judges", Daily News (Glenn Blain)

December 14, 2015: "Commission wants NY to Hike Wages for Judges " Courthouse News Service (Nick Divito)

December 15, 2015: "Judicial Pay Commission Backs Staged Parity With US Salaries", NYLJ (Andrew Keshner)

December 16, 2015: "Commission Votes to Give New York State Judges Hefty Pay Raises", JP Update   (Faith Elliott)

December 18, 2015: "The Week That Was in New York Politics: Dec. 14-18", Gotham Gazette (Meg O'Connor)

December 19, 2015:  "The Fray: Common Cause pushes to limit lawmakers' outside pay", Times Herald Record-on-Line (Chris McKenna)

December 23, 2015: "Legislative Pay Commission Expected to Increase Salaries, Ban Outside Income for State Assembly, Senate After Election Next Year" Times Warner Cable (Zack Fink)

December 25, 2015/internet; December 28, 2015/print:  "Cuomo's Appointees to Pay Commission Oppose Final Report", New York Law Journal (Andrew Kreshner)


January 25, 2016: "In Pursuit of Fair Compensation for New York's Judges", New York Law Journal  (Chief Administrative Judge Marks)

February 22, 2016: "NY commission starts work on what are likely to be hefty raises for state lawmakers", Daily Freeman (Kyle Hughes); "Panel looking at big raises for lawmakers", Oneida Daily Disptach

February 22, 2016: "Pay raise for Cuomo, legislators?  Panel starts its work", Gannett (Jon Campbell)

February 22, 2016:  "Still a 'no' on pay raise for legislators", Daily Gazette (Sara Foss)

February 22, 2016: "For pay commission, it's ready, set...wait", Times Union (Matthew Hamilton)

February 23, 2016: "Public Can Comment On Pay Raises For Cuomo, Lawmakers", Armonk Daily Voice (Amy Maciaszek)

February 26, 2016: "Can Albany Open the Door on Three Men in a Room?",  WNYC , Karen Rouse

March 2, 2016: "Lawmaker seeks more detail on discretionary funds", Capital New York (Jimmy Vielkind)

March 3, 2016: "Several Significant Questions About the Governor's Budget", Gotham Gazette (David Howard King)

March 1, 2016:  "The Heastie era: one year in: changeover without revolution", Capital New York (Josefa Velasquez, Bill Mahoney)

March 3, 2016: "Eight terms in, still pushing for change", Queens Chronicle (Ryan Brady)

March 2, 2016: "State Panel to Weigh Legislative, Executive Raises", NYLJ (Joel Stashenko)

March 5, 2016: "Lonely Crusade"

March 8, 2016: "Advocates: Cuomo not doing enough on ethics", Albany Times Union (Casey Seiler)

March 10, 2016:  "Bawk, bawk goes the pay-raise-hungry state Legislature", Daily News (editorial)

March 10, 2016:  "Advocates Call for Action on ethics reform", Public News Service, Andrea Sears

March 11, 2016: "Speaker Heastie Announces Ethics Reform Package Aimed at Restoring Public Trust"

March 11, 2016: "Heastie outlines Assembly ethics plan", Gotham Gazette (David King)

March 11, 2016: "Reminder: you own the government, not the politicians" editorial-Gannett/USA Today

March 12, 2016: "Corruption gets a shrug as NY nears budget deal", Washington Times (AP)

March 28, 2016 "New York doesn't need another secret budget", New York Post, editorial

March 28, 2016 "Nonprofit sues Cuomo, NY Legislature over '3 men in a room' budget making", Syracuse.com (Mike McAndrew)

March 28, 2016 "Government watchdogs: budget process uniquely troubling" (WNYT.com)

March 28, 2016 "Ethics advocates decry opaque budget negotiations", Capitol Confidential (Casey Seiler)

March 29, 2016 "Government that can't be reviewed should not be approved" (Poststar.com), editorial

March 29, 2016: "DiBlasio concerned with Lack of Clarity as State Budget Deadline Nears", Gotham Gazette (David Howard King)

March 29, 2016 "New York is not a democracy" (Poststar.com), editorial

March 30, 2016  "NYS budget deadline fast approaching", WNYT.com  (Anna Meiler)

March 30, 2016 "Alleghany County OKs district attorney salary hike", Wellsville Daily Reporter (Brian Quinn)

March 30, 2016 "Don't Let Albany Ethics Reform Slip Away", NYT (editorial)

March 30, 2016 "Cuomo Offers Tax Cut in Effort to Strike a Budget Deal", NYT (Jesse McKinley, Vivian Yee)

March 30, 2016 "Not another rush job", Albany Times Union (editorial)

March 30, 2016 "Gov may hit state lawmakers in wallets for failure to adopt on-time budget, pass ethics reforms", Daily News (Ken Lovett, Glenn Blain )

March 30, 2016: "Criminal Justice Reform Again Given Little Attention in Budget Negotiations", Gotham Gazette (David Howard King)

March 31, 2016: "For State Budget, Leaders Choose On-Time over Open", Gotham Gazette (David Howard King)

March 30, 2016: "Late Budget Could Hurt Case for Legislative Pay Raise", State of Politics (Nick Reisman)

March 30, 2016:  "Pushing for a Budget: Andrew Cuomo Suggests Link to Legislators' Pay", Wall Street Journal (Mike Vilensky, Erica Orden)

March 31: 2016: "Deadline Tonight: Still No Budget Deal Reached for NY",  TWC News (Barry Wygel)

March 31, 2016: "Passing budget without proper review 'a travesty'", Capitol Confidential (Casey Seiler)

March 31, 2016: "Legislators denouce school aid

March 31, 2016: "Lawmakers begin passing NYS budget bills, but some details are murky", North Country Public Radio (Karen DeWitt)

April 1, 2016: "How they fared: NY's budget is in", Gannett (Joseph Spector)

April 2, 2016: "Budget is on time, but completed in the dark", Albany Times Union (Rick Karlin)

April 2, 2016: "Unreformed Albany adopts $154 state budget after a process called 'least transparent' ever", NYSNYS News (Kyle Hughes)

April 3, 2016: "State budget process plagued by 'secrecy and disfunction': critics", New York Post  (Kristan Conley)

April 5, 2016: "Local leaders react to Cuomo budget", Westchester Today (Amy Partridge)

April 4, 2016: "Albany's love affair with kitchen-sink budgets", Slant (Frank Morano)

April 4, 2016: "Despite outcry, discretionary funds grow in state budget", Politico-NY (Jimmy Vielkind)

April 5, 2016: "NY voters: Time to clean house", Legislative Gazette (James Gormley)

April 4, 2016: "Cuomo gets a hero's welcome for minimum wage bill", Politico-NY (Dana Rubenstein)

April 5, 2016: "State budget's slush funds are opportunities for corruption" , Post-Star (editorial)

April 6, 2016: "Governor, Legislature need to be stopped", Post-Star (editorial)

April 6, 2016: "Critics Say the State Budget Process Was More Secretive Than Ever", WXII (Karen DeWitt)

April 6, 2016: "Ethics Gridlock in Albany", Times Herald-Record (Chris McKenna)

April 6, 2016: "No serious ethics reform undermines good in NYS budget", Daily Gazette (Sara Foss)

April 7, 2016: "State commission mandates 20-percent pay hike for all NY district attorneys, local legislators 'apalled'", The Batavian (Billie Owens)

April 11, 2016: "Panel considering raises for lawmakers is unconstitutional", Albany Times Union (Matthew Hamilton)

April 12, 2016: "Defiant supervisors may challenge state on D.A. increase", Livingston News (Ben Beagle)

April 8, 2016:  "State should divert pork to fix bridges", editorial (Post-Star)

April 14, 2016: "Dennis protests cuts to DA salary cutback", Chronicle Express (Gwen Chamberlain)

April 21, 2016:  "Franklin County legislators decry judicial salary increases", Malone Telegram (Frank DiFiore)

May 3, 2016:  "Legislation introduced to have state pay for district attorney pay raises"; RochesterFirst.com (Jeff Rusack)

May 12, 2016: "Madison County supervisors want state to pay for DA's $26,243 raise" Oneida Daily Disptach (Caitlin Traynor)

May 17, 2016: "Some, not all ethics reforms may get done this year"

May 20, 2016: "County legislators urge state to pay for D.A. salary increase", Rome Sentinel (Dan Guzewich)

June 11, 2016: "State legislature set to get pay increase as 2016 session set to end on Thursday", Daily Freeman (/NYSNYS News-Kyle Hughes)

June 12, 2016: "State legislators to enjoy a pay raise", Saratogian-NYSNYS News (Kyle Hughes)

June 14, 2016: "Two Days Before Session Ends, Issues Unresolved", WXXI public radio (Karen DeWitt)

June 16, 2016: "Schneiderman says 'level of focus' lacking on ethics by Cuomo, lawmakers", Albany Times Union (Casey Seiler)

June 16, 2016: "Albany passes weak corruption reform bill", Dailyi News (Aaron Short)

June 16, 2016: "New York Becomes 17th State to Call for Constitutional Overturn of Citizens United", Gotham Gazette (Samar Khurshid)

June 16, 2016: "New York legislative session draws to a close", North Country Public Radio (Karen DeWitt)  WSHU

June 18, 2016:  "In Extended Session, Lawmakers Vote Through Variety of Bills with Little Public Review", Gotham Gazette (David Howard King)

June 17, 2016: "Albany grinds toward a finish... ", Politico (Jimmy Vielkind)

June 20, 2016: "Many Say Session Falls Short on Addressing Corruption", WXXI public radio (Karen DeWitt)

June 22, 2016 "'No point' in calling legislators back for ethics session", Albany Times Union (Chris Bragg)

June 22, 2016: "Keeping the cash coming", Daily News (Wayne Barrett)

June 23, 2016: "New York Legislature passed $56 million in pork barrel projects at end of legislative session"  Daily News (Glenn Blain)

June 28, 2016: "Pay panel members get snappish in discussion of legislative pay raises", Capitol Confidential (Casey Seiler)

June 28, 2016:  "Tensions flair at NY pay-hike meeting", WGRZ.com  (Jon Campbell/Gannett)

June 29, 2016: "Make voices heard on state legislator pay raise", Daily Gazette

July 26, 2016: "Commission looks at raising lawmakers' pay", Albany Times Union (Rick Karlin)

July 26, 2016: "Panel member proposes 47% pay hike for state lawmakers", Times Herald Record (Chris McKenna)

July 26, 2016: "Contact you lawmakers about their pay raise", Daily Gazette (Mark Mahoney)

July 28, 2016: "Legislators haven't earned pay raise", Daily Gazette (Sara Foss)

July 29, 2016: "Big Pay Hike for State Officials?",  WGRZ TV (David McKinley)

July 29, 2016: "Should legislators get a pay raise", Daily Gazette

August 1, 2016: "Their debt to the taxpayers: New York's cowardly, money-grubbing legislators", Daily News (editorial)

August 1, 2016: "Pay hike must be earned", Albany Times Union (editorial)

August 2, 2016: "Panel looks at $37,400 pay hike for Assembly, Senate members", Albany Times Union (Rick Karlin)

August 2, 2016: "Five candidates for state senate urge special commission to not 'reward lawmakers for their bad behavior' with salary hikes", Daily News (Glenn Blain)

August 3, 2016: "Niccolai, other Senate candidates, make case against legislative raises", Albany Times Union (Matthew Hamilton)

August 3, 2016: "Official Pushes 48 Percent Pay Raise for Legislators", New York Law Journal (Joel Stashenko)

August 3, 2016: "In Albany, Pay Raises Are A Political Bomb -- and Now It's Going Off", WNYC Radio (Karen Rouse)

August 3, 2016: "Lawmakers 'have to show up' to make a case for pay raise", Albany Times Union (Casey Seiler)

August 3, 2016: "Cuomo: Lawmakers' Performance 'Hasn't Been Great' in Pay Raise Case", State of Politics (Nick Reisman)

August 4, 2016: "New York Good Government Groups Call for Business Subsidy Database", Associated Press

August 4, 2016: "Proposed pay raise would make NY lawmakers highest paid in US", The Fray (Chris McKenna)

August 5, 2016: "Will NY Lawmakers get a 47% raise?", Gannett (Joseph Spector)

August 6, 2016: "Don't keep secrets: State legislators should publicly declare if they want a pay raise", Watertown Daily Times (editorial)

August 6, 2016: "The Fray: Raise of 47% would make state lawmakers the highest paid in U.S." , Times Herald Record (Chris McKenna)

August 8, 2016: "Panel Floats Figures for A Legislative Pay Raise", The Chief

August 12, 2016: "Legislators in Albany Need to Earn Their Raise", Syracuse New Times  (Luke Parsnow)

August 12, 2016: "Don't Keep Secrets

August 12, 2016: "Don't like legislative pay raises?  Sign this petition", Albany Times Union (Matthew Hamilton)

August 13, 2016: "Angry about legislative pay raises?  There's a petition for that", Albany Times Union (Matthew Hamilton)    petition

August 13, 2016: "Euchus criticizes Larkin for 'outrageous' pay raise proposal" , MidHudson News.Com

August 14, 2016: "U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara must stay on the job", Daily Freeman (Alan Chartock)

August 15, 2016: "Pay Raise for NYS legislature Becomes Campaign Issue"  (Roger Connor)

August 16, 2016:  "Gawker report about Cuomo swearing-in prompts new questions about corruption investigations, transparency"

August 16, 2016: "Be honest about pay hike", Albany Times Union (editorial)

August 18, 2016:  "Paychecks in court", Newsday (Ann Michaud)

August 18, 2016: "Seward: Mandate relief for the counties is a pen stroke away Times Telegram

August 18, 2016:  "State lawmakers call for pay raises", Riverdale Press (Anthony Capote)

August 19, 2016: "Unelected panel shouldn't decide pay raises for lawmakers", Times-Herald-Record-on-Line (Chris McKenna)

State lawmakers in line for 47 percent raise",  Lockport Union-Sun & Journal (Joe Mahoney)

August 20, 2016: "Readers reject idea of stat raises"

"North Country Assembly candidate criticizes state legislature for bill that would raise lawmaker wages by 47 percent " North County Now News, August 22, 2016

August 22, 2016: "Trickle down election economics"

August 23, 2016 "Assembly hopefuls oppose raises for state lawmakers", Watertown Daily Times (Frank DiFiore) 

August 23, 2016:  "A history of legislative pay raises in New York", Politico (Bill Mahoney)

September 8, 2016: "A pay raise fantasy", Register-Star (editorial)

September 8, 2016:  "NYS Exposed: Tell the commission what you think about a pay raise for lawmakers" (Berkeley Brean)

September 14, 2016: "Judge dismisses cases against NY pay raise panel', The Fray (Chris McKenna)

September 21, 2016: "Cuomo mum on proposed 47 percent hike for lawmakers, execs", Newsday (Mike Gormley)

September 22, 2016: "NYS Exposed: News 10NBC delivers lawmaker pay raise petition to the legislature"  (Berkeley Brean)

September 22, 2016: "Panel considers raises for state lawmakers, officials", Times-Herald-Record-on-Line (Chris McKenna)

September 23, 2016: "Legislative Pay Raise 'Laughable' in Light of Corruption Bombshell", Senator Serino press release

September 23, 2016: "Say nothing, get nothing: Unless legislators tell a pay raise commission how much they want and what ethics reforms they'll agree to, they shouldn't get a cent", Daily News (editorial)

September 26, 2016: "Gov. Cuomo wants more ethics reforms in exchange for Legislative pay raises", Daily News (Ken Lovett)

September 26, 2016: "Pay-raise prospects uncertain", Albany Times Union (editorial)

September 27, 2016: "Heastie: Pay raise should be considered on its own" Albany Times Union (Matthew Hamilton)

September 28, 2016: "Lawmakers' hopes for pay raises dim", NY Now (Karen DeWitt)

September 23, 2016: "Gov. Cuomo and Legislature quietly tucked away $19B for unknown uses in state budget, report reveals", Daily News (Glenn Blain)

September 30, 2016: "Potential Pay Increase for NYS Lawmakers Not Going Over Well on Campaign Trail", Time-Warner Cable News (Nick Reisman)

October 4, 2016: "Pay Raise for New York Legislators Becomes Campaign Issue" 4NY (David Klepper)   Times Herald Record on Line  Brown County Democrat

October 5, 2016: "Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie demands a raise for lawmakers", NY Post (Kristen Conley)

October 5, 2016: "At minimum, increase lawmaker pay to match inflation", Capitol Confidential blog (Matthew Hamilton)

October 5, 2016: "Assembly Speaker: pay raise for NY legislators 'long overdue'", Auburnpub.com (Robert Harding)

October 5, 2016: "Heastie: Payraise should match inflation", Capitol Confidential-blog (Matthew Hamilton)

October 5, 2016: "Lawmakers sees legal issues in discussing pay raise, policy", Albany Times Union (Matthew Hamilton)

October 6, 2016: "Assembly candidates vie over changes needed in government", Poughkeepsie Journal (Nina Schutzman)

October 7, 2016: "Pay raise for NY legislators faces fight", WGRZ.com (Joseph Spector/Gannett)   Press & Sun bulletin

October 8, 2016: "Keep waiting for that pay raise: State legislators need to explain what salary increase they think they deserve", Daily News (editorial)

October 10, 2016: "Don't raise lawmakers' pay", Albany Times Union (ltr to editor)

October 12, 2016: "Sen. Jeff Klein rebuffs Cuomo on linking pay hikes, ethics reform", Buffalo News (Tom Precious)

October 13, 2016:  "47 legislative percent pay raise proposal in New York fuels debate" (AMI Newswire (Michael Carroll)

October 14, 2016: "Most oppose pay hike for Legislature", Rochester Business Journal

October 17, 2016: "Democrats can't stand Cuomo meddling in pay raise talks", Carl Campanile (NY Post)

October 17, 2016: "Sans hearing, legislative pay hearing cancelled", Capitol Confidential (Rick Karlin)

October 17, 2016: "Panel cancels hearing on proposed raises for NY lawmakers", Times Herald Record-on-Line (Chris McKenna)

October 17, 2016: "Should New York Lawmakers Get A Pay Raise?", WXXI, Connections (Evan Dawson)

October 17, 2016: "With no lawmakers signing up to testify, pay raise hearing is canceled", Albany Times Union (Rick Karlin)

October 17, 2016: "Dismissal of lawsuit against pay panel being appealed", Daily News (Ken Lovett)

October 17, 2016: "Pay raises for New York State lawmakers in limbo after no pols sign up to testify at panel hearing", Daily News (Ken Lovett)

October 17, 2016: "You Paid for It: Legislative pay raise hearing cancelled", Channel 6 News/WRGB staff

October 19, 2016: "Public Service Committee mum on state mandate for district attorney races", Batavian (Howard Owens)

October 20, 2016: Batavia News WBTA-Batavia FM (Alex Feig)

October 21, 2016: "Pay Raise Issue Takes Center Stage", The Jewish Press (Marc Cronish)

October 22, 2016; October 24, 2016: "Hard to talk of pay raises", Albany Times Union (Casey Seiler, Stefan Lembo Stolba) 

October 24, 2016: "NYS Exposed: Lawmakers go on the record on pay raise increase", WHEC (Berkeley Brean)

October 24, 2016: "As commission ponders legislator pay raise, opinions differ between upstate and downstate", WBFO-Buffalo NPR (Michael Mroziak)

October 24, 2016: "Cuomo on ethics reforms: 2017 starts with outside income reform", Albany Times Union (Matt Hamilton)

October 27, 2016: "More delay, no pay for Albany lawmakers", Daily News editorial

October 27, 2016: "Hawley continues to oppose pay raises for legislators", The Batavian (Billie Owens)

October 28, 2016: "Valesky looking forward", Oneida Daily Dispatch (NYSNYS News-Kyle Hughes)

October 31, 2016: "Assemblyman Steve Hawley calls for renewed focus on lawmakers' public service over pay raises", Genesee/Wyoming/Orleans Daily News  

November  5, 2016 "Magee opposes a pay raise, focuses on fighting for Central New York families", Madison County Courier (Magee)

November 5, 2016: "Panel may decide Thursday on raises for state lawmakers", Times Herald-Record (Chris McKenna)

November 5, 2016: "State Senate candidates differ on pay raises", Livingston News (Matt Leader)

November 8, 2016: "Lawmakers Group Endorses Raise for State Lawmakers", NYLJ (Joel Stashenko)

November 9, 2016: "Pay Commission is postponed again and Megna poised to join", Capital Confidential (Rick Karlin)

November 11, 2016: "NY legislator pay hikes in jeopardy, panel running out of time", Syracuse.com (Patrick Lohmann)

November 14, 2016: "Recommendations Near, State Pay Commission Constitutionality Questioned", Gotham Gazette (Brendan Birth)

November 14, 2016: "Raise pay for state lawmakers", Albany Times Union (Commentary Hector Figueroa)

November 14, 2016: "NY pay-hike panel at odds as deadline looms", Gannett (Jon Campbell)

November 15, 2016: "New York state legislator pay: look up salaries, extra pay for each lawmaker", Syracuse.com (Michelle Breidenbach)

November 15, 2016: "Legislative pay raises denied after Cuomo appointees balk", Syracuse.com (Patrick Lohmann)

November 15, 2016: "Cuomo allies block pay hike for NY legislators", Gannett (Jon Campbell)

November 15, 2016: "Gov Cuomo's appointees deny pay raises for New York State lawmakers until more ethics reforms are passed", Daily News (Glenn Blain)

November 15, 2016: "Pay raise showdown: no reform, no raise", Daily News (editorial)

November 15, 2016: "Flanagan, Heastie say linking raise to legislation is 'totally unacceptable'", Capitol Confidential (Rick Karlin)

November 15, 2016: "State Pay Commission Implodes as Governor's Appointees Effectively Kill Salary Increases", Gotham Gazette (Samar Khurshid)

November 15, 2016: "Pay hike for New York State lawmakers rejected", Morning Times-Associated Press

November 15, 2016: "Cuomo's appointees block pay hike for legislators and link any pay raise to ethics reforms", Buffalo News (Tom Precious)

November 15, 2016: "43 percent pay hike for New York state lawmakers rejected", Times Herald Record on Line (Chris McKenna)

November 15, 2016: "New York Lawmakers Will Not Get Raise, Commission Decides", New York Times (Jesse McKinley, Vivian Yee)

November 15, 2016: "Legislators voice objection to mandated pay raise for D.A., but pass resolution", The Batavian (Howard Owen) 

November 15, 2016: "Albany legislators should vote if they want a pay raise", Newsday (editorial)

November 16, 2016: "Nothing for nothing as Albany bums get no pay raise", Daily News (editorial)

November18, 2016: "State legislators seeking a pay increase, must agree to limits on outside income", Buffalo News (editorial)

November 18, 2016: "Commission right to block lawmaker raise", Adirondack Daily Enterprise (editorial)

November 17, 2016:  "NY Executive Commission shuts down Albany pay hike", Evening Sun (Matthew White)

November 18, 2016: "Salary worth less today for state lawmakers than when first passed" Politifacts (Dan Clark)

November 19, 2016: "Commission right to block lawmaker raise" Adirondack Daily Enterprise (editorial)

November 19, 2016: "Days of whine and no raises for New York lawmakers", New York Post (editorial)

November 21, 2016: "In Our Opinion: Legislature justifies low expectations", Daily Star (editorial)

November 21, 2016:  "Albany pols seek vengeance against Cuomo over pay raises by flooding his office during Thanksgiving", Daily News (Ken Lovett)

November 30, 2016: "Albany's Spat Over Pay Raises Turns Into Late Night Press Release War", Observer (William Bredderman)

November 30, 2016: "Cuomo: special session should address 'the people's business' (updated x2)", Capitol Confidential (Matthew Hamilton)

November 30, 2016: "Cuomo floats early return for legislature", Gannett (Jon Campbell)

December 1, 2016: "Cuomo Adds to His Wish List as State Legislators Seek a Raise", New York Times (Jesse McKinley)

December 4, 2016: "Raise linked to ethics deal is part of Albany politics of pay", Buffalo News (Tom Precious)

December 5, 2016: "Does Higher Pay Attract Better Politicians?", Gotham Gazette (Meg O'Connor)

December 5, 2016: "Carl Heastie mulls overriding Cuomo to push lawmakers pay raise bill", Daily News (Ken Lovett)

December 6, 2016: "Morelle: I don't think term limits are going to be on the table", Capital Confidential (Matthew Hamilton)

December 6, 2016: "State Legislators' Pay Raise Is Uncertain" News7, Fox28, METV

December 7, 2016: "Assembly Dems Told To Keep Next Week Open", State of Politics (Nick Reisman)

December 7, 2016: "Legislators decry term limit proposal amid pay raise talks", Watertown Daily Times (Brian Molongowski)

December 8, 2016: "Mathematics of pay hike is not in New York state legislators' favor", Buffalo News (Rod Watson)

December 8, 2016: "County Executive' Corner: A return to madness", Rockland Co. Times (Rockland Co. Exective Ed Day)

December 8, 2016:  "Come to terms in Albany", Observer Dispatch (editorial)

December 8, 2016: "Right choice on no raise", Observer (editorial)

December 8, 2016: "NYS HV Senators Weigh In On Talk Of Legislative Pay Raise", WAMC/Northeast Public Radio (Allison Dunne)

December 10, 2016: "New York Legislature's shameful bid for a pay raise", Daily Freeman (Alan Chartock)

December 10, 2016: "Andrew Cuomo's ethics reforms for the legislature appear stalled", Newsday (Mike Gormley)

December 12, 2016: "State legislators shouldn't get a pay hike without limits on outside income", Buffalo News (editorial)

December 12, 2016: "Source:  'Significant' Pay Hike For Legislators Now Unlikely" , State of Politics (Nick Reisman)

December 12, 2016: "Cuomo's commissioners could see pay hike too", Gannett (Jon Campbell)

December 12, 2016: "Pay raise?  What about a tax decrease?", Record on Line, letter to the editor by Larry Delarose

December 13, 2016: "DeFrancisco says vote on legislative pay raise should not be linked to other proposals" WVRO public radio (Ellen Abbott)

December 13, 2016: "Tedisco Says He Opposes A Special Session", State of Politics (Nick Reisman)

December 13, 2016: "Senate republicans skeptical about special session", Politico (Jimmy Vielkind)

December 15, 2016: "Gov says session to enact legislators' pay hike in jeopardy as Senate drags feet on homeless housing funds", Daily News (Ken Lovett)

December 17, 2016: "Confront Trump? NY lawmakers want pay raise first", Olean Times-Herald-AP (David Klepper)

December 17, 2016: "Legislators should be paid what they deserve -- less", Post-Star (Ken Tingley)

December 18, 2016: "State legislators should be wary of special session charade", Slant (Liz Krueger)

December 19, 2016: "Cuomo, Heastie vow to do 'the people's business' if special session is held", Capitol Confidential (Matthew Hamilton)

December 20, 2016: "Cuomo, top lawmakers still talking about legislative pay raise" WCAX.com

December 20, 2016: "Gov. Cuomo, NY lawmakers Persevere on Special Session Talks", WAMC Radio (Karen DeWitt)

December 22, 2016:  "Legislative pay raise talks to continue until last minute as Gov. tries to milk all he can from a potential deal", Daily News (Ken Lovett)

December 22, 2016: "Gov. Cuomo's reform proposal gets blowback from AG", AMC Radio (Karen DeWitt)

December 23, 2016: "Special session talks blow up as Senate GOP leave the table", Capitol Confidential (Matthew Hamilton

December 24, 2016: "New York Lawmakers Won't Hold Special Session on Raises and Ride-Hailing App", New York Times (Eli Rosenberg, Jesse McKinley)

December 26, 2016: "No shame, no raise", Daily News (editorial)

December 27, 2016: "Cuomo seeking legislative pay raise deal before end of 2016", Daily News (Ken Lovett)

December 27, 2016: "Politician accuses Cuomo of attempting to bribe the Legislature", NY Post (Carl Campanile)

December 28, 2016: "New York lawmakers won't meet for extra 2016 session to talk legislative pay raise and other issues", Daily News (Ken Lovett)

January 24, 2016: "Cuomo blames Senate after salary hike for lawmakers fails" Daily News (Kirstan Conley)

October 2, 2017:  "Cuomo isn't ready to talk about pay raises for legislators"
City & State (Gerson Berraro)

RNN -- Gannett/ "Higher Pay Might Reduce Albany Corruption"



"Salaries of NY State Judges Increase for Third Year"
New York Law Journal (Susan DeSantis)


"Where Do State Judges Get Paid the Most?  Its Complicated"
New York Law Journal (Ben Hancock)




February 2, 2016 Assembly bill

NY Upstate regions

Quadrennial Commission reporting





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