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                      Joseph P. Chamberlain Professor of Legislation &
                      Director of Legislative Drafting Research Fund:   website

cc:  CJA's July 25, 2012 e-mail -- "Subject: Building Scholarship on NYS Constitutional Issues & Governance -- Beginning with CJA's Public Interest Lawsuit vs NYS' Highest Constitutional Officers & 3 Government Branches" -- with copy to Professor Briffault 
       -- linking to CJA's July 9, 2012 letter to Citizens' Committee for an Effective Constitution with enclosures:       
(1) CJA’s July 19, 2011 letter to Attorney General Schneiderman,
              analyzing Court of Appeals’ February 23, 2010 decision in judges’ judicial pay raise lawsuits
        (2) Executive Summary to CJA’s October 27, 2011 Opposition Report
        (3) Press Release of CJA’s March 30, 2012 lawsuit
        (4)  Elena Sassower's September 9, 1997 letter to B. Thomas Golisano,
             with attached transcript excerpt

cc: July 25, 2012 responding e-mail of Albany Law School Professor Bonaventre


cc:  CJA's November 5, 2012 letter  --                     
(1) Building Scholarship:  Assessing the Performance of State Attorneys General in Ensuring Government Integrity & Constitutional Governance – Beginning with the New York State Attorney General and the case Center for Judicial Accountability, Inc., et al. v. Cuomo, et al. (NY Co. #401988/2012); (2) Request for Pro Bono Legal Assistance by Columbia Law School’s Social Justice Initiatives

"State Attorneys General and the Client-Attorney Relationship: Establishing the Power to Sue State Officers",
38 Columbia Journal of Law and Social Problems, 365 (2005), Justin Davids

"Legal Autopsies: Assessing the Performance of Lawyers and Judges Through the Window of Leading Contract Cases",
73 Albany Law Review 1 (2009) Professor Gerald Caplan

"Legal Ethics in an Adversary System: The Persistent Questions",
31 Hofstra Law Review 641 (2006), Professor Deborah L. Rhode

CJA's November 26, 2012 e-mail -- "Subject:  Time is of the Essence:  Building Scholarship & Request for Pro Bono Assistance"

CJA's December 17, 2012 e-mail -- "Subject: Again, Time is of the Essence: Building Scholarship & Request for Pro Bono Assistance"

click here to listen to recorded message: 
January 17, 2013 voice mail message of Dean Chapnick, Social Justice Initiatives:

"Hi. It's Ellen Chapnick and Brian Juergens returning your call to Columbia Law School’s Social Justice Initiatives office about your request for assistance by SJI, by the National State Attorneys General Program, and by Richard Briffault.  Jim Tierney, Richard Briffault and I have all discussed your request and decided that Columbia Law School cannot assist you with your project.  We think that further communications between you and us would not be availing and encourage you to take this as our response. We have notified the Central Administration about you and if you’d like to speak on the phone I would be happy to receive a phone call from you, but please don’t visit any of our offices.  Thank you.  Bye.”

cc:  CJA's January 24, 2013 letter to Lecturer-at-Law Ellen Chapnick, Dean of Social Justice Initiatives
:  Your Response to CJA's November 5, 2012 Letter "

"Qui Tam Provisions and the Public Interest: An Empirical Analysis",
107 Columbia Law Review 949 (2007), Christina Orsini Broderick

"A University Service to Legislation: Columbia's Legislative Drafting Fund",
by Professor John M. Kernochan, Director/Columbia's Legislative Drafting Fund, Louisiana Law Review, Vol. 16, #4 (June 1956)

"Albany's Dysfunction Denies Due Process",
by Professor Eric Lane, Pace Law Review, Vol. 30, Issue 3 (Spring 2010)

click here for: 
the unprecedented health facilities statute challenged in Mary McKinney v NYS Dept of Health, etc.
, whose progeny is the equally unprecedented judicial compensation statute, challenged by CJA v. Cuomo

CJA's January 5, 2013 e-mail to Professor Briffault, etc. -- "Expert Opinion Needed: The Most Important Votes of the Upcoming 236th Leglislative Session"

click here for
CJA's championing of appropriate rules and leadership
for the New York State Legislature


click here for:
CJA's correspondence with the Commission to Investigate Public Corruption,
of which PROFESSOR BRIFFAULT was a member

CJA's October 24, 2013 e-mail -- "Subject: ALERT: NYS Constitutional Scholars & Political Scientists: Corruption on Steroids'" 

furnished links:

"Proposition 1: Corruption on Steroids",
Artvoice, October 24, 2013 (Joel Rose)

CJA's August 21, 2013 letter to Governor Cuomo

CJA's August 5, 2013 letter to Commission to Investigate Public Corruption

CJA's September 17, 2013 testimony before the Commission to Investigate Public Corruption

CJA's October 24, 2013 e-mail --
"Links: ALERT: NYS Constitutional Scholars & Political Scientists: Corruption on Steroids'"

CJA's November 29, 2013 e-mail -- 
"BUILDING SCHOLARSHIP: Commission to Investigate Public Corruption -- & the Upcoming Budget for Fiscal Year 2014-2015"

        furnished links -- now adding:
The People Have Something to Say -- & Evidence to Back It Up
& the Commission to Investigate Public Corruption's so-called "Public Hearings")

cc: CJA's December 2, 2013 --
"Big Day for NYS Governance: Where are the Scholars to Provide Expert Opinions?"

cc:  CJA's December 8, 2013 e-mail  --
"NEWS TIP on the 'Moreland' Commission's Dec 2 report, fn. 330, & the Gov's Dec 4 interview on "Capitol Pressroom"

CJA's December 19, 2013 e-mail
"Expert Opinion-Scholarship Needed: NYS Budget"


CJA's January 4, 2014 e-mail --
"What is Your Expert Opinion of the Budgets Proposed by New York's Legislative & Judiciary Branches? -- & How Should the Governor & Legislature be Reviewing Them, Consistent with Article VII of the NYS Constitution?" 

furnished link:  
CJA's December 30, 2013 letter to Governor Cuomo --


CJA's March 31, 2016 e-mail -- "Subject: Why are the 'good government' groups & scholars of the constitution and public fisc not educating the media about what the NYS Constitution has to say about the NYS budget?"

CJA's April 26, 2016 e-mail -- "Subject: Thank you, Dean Lane!  May you lead the way to building scholarship & informed discussion...the state budget"

CJA's April 29, 2016 e-mail-- "Subject:  Thank you, Fritz Schwarz!  Building on the Brennan Center's 2004 report by your March 23, 2016 testimony & CJA's March 23, 2016 second supplemental complaint"          -- click here for Legislative Rules Reform Resource Page

CJA's May 3, 2016 e-mail-- "Subject: Thank you, Assemblyman Steck!  Follow-up to your March 23, 2016 testimony before the Commission on Legislative, Judicial and Executive Compensation"

 Oct. 25, 2019 -- MENAFN






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