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CJA's May 4, 2004 memo -- "Beyond Statistics to Documentary Evidence: The Corruption of Federal Judicial Selection/Confirmation, as Readily-Verifiable from Case-Studies of So-Called 'Mainstream', 'Consensus' Nominations -- Including those Engineered by Senator Charles Schumer"

                SEE: "Disruption of Congress' - Paper Trail to Jail"

CJA's transmitting May 4, 2004 e-mail

May 4, 2004 e-mail failure notice for Professor Scherer

CJA's June 14, 2004 e-mail to Professor Scherer

June 14, 2004 e-mail failure notice for Professor Scherer

June 15, 2004 fax for Professor Scherer


CJA's March 21, 2007 memo to Assistant Professor Nancy Scherer -- "BUILDING HONEST SCHOLARSHIP & PEDAGOGY: 'Are Federal Judges Political?  Views from the Academy, the Bench, and the Press'"

cc to Assistant Professor Scherer: CJA's March 23, 2007 e-mail to Lyle Denniston -- "Thank you! -- Building Honest Scholarship & Pedagogy: March 21 2003 memo and attached materials"

           SEE: Searching for Champions (Correspondence) - Syracuse Institute

November 10, 2007 -- Professor Scherer participated at the 2nd Annual Conference on Empirical Legal Studies, at New York University Law School -- and received, in hand, from CJA's Director, copies of CJA's prior correspondence to her