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Law Professor & Constitutional Scholar
Zephyr Teachout

"The Anti-Corruption Principle"


click here for:
2014 correspondence with then gubernatorial candidate Teachout

2016 correspondence

CJA's March 30, 2016 e-mail to Professor/Congressional Candidate Teachout --
"Subject: 'The Anti-Corruption Principle' -- & 3-men-in-a-room budget deal-making"

CJA's March 31, 2016 e-mail -- "Subject: Why are the 'good government' groups & scholars of the constitution and public fisc not educating the media about what the NYS Constitution has to say about the NYS budget?"

 cc:  CJA's April 26, 2016 e-mail -- "Subject: Thank you, Dean Lane!  May you lead the way to building scholarship & informed discussion...the state budget"           

cc:  CJA's April 29, 2016 e-mail -- "Subject:  Thank you, Fritz Schwarz!  Building on the Brennan Center's 2004 report by your March 23, 2016 testimony & CJA's March 23, 2016 second supplemental complaint"       -- click here for Legislative Rules Reform Resource Page

cc:  CJA's May 3, 2016 e-mail-- "Subject: Thank you, Assemblyman Steck!  Follow-up to your March 23, 2016 testimony before the Commission on Legislative, Judicial and Executive Compensation"

2018 correspondence

CJA's March 22, 2018 e-mail to Zephyr Teachout --
Candidate Nixon's Campaign Treasurer
-- "'The Anti-Corruption Principle' -- WINNING for Cynthia Nixon--
& for ALL the People of the State of New York"

cc: CJA's March 21, 2018 e-mail to New York Times Chief Metro Political Correspondent Shane Goldmacher -- "Cynthia Nixon's campaign treasurer, Zephyr Teachout, is a lawyer & constitutional scholar. Shouldn't she know about the citizen-taxpayer actions & complaints vs Cuomo
that you have known of, since Jan 17th -- but not reported on"   

"Cynthia Nixon Asks if Cuomo is a 'Real Democrat' at Campaign Debut"
(Shane Goldmacher)

"State government?  He wrote the book"
Albany Times Union, January 10, 2017

NYS Constitution, Article III, Sec. 10, Article VII, Secs. 1-7

"Three-Men-in-a-Room' Budget-Dealmaking" cause of action -- & here

Zephyr Teachout's law review article “The Anti-Corruption Principle

CJA's testimony at Legislature's Jan. 30, 2018 and Feb. 5, 2018 budget hearings

CJA's 2018 election webpage for Cuomo, with citizen-taxpayer actions & complaints

CJA's March 24, 2018 e-mail to Teachout --
'The Anti-Corruption Principle' -- WINNING for Cynthia Nixon--
& for ALL the People of the State of New York"

CJA's March 29, 2018 e-mail -- "CORRUPTION ALERT: Does Albany 'Outsider' Cynthia Nixon think the 'three/four men in a room' budget deal-making,happening now & behind closed doors, is constitutional?  How about The New York Times?"








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