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Appellants' June 6, 2019 Motion for Leave to Appeal
Pursuant to New York State Constitution, Article VI, 3(b)(6)

Court receipt: #2019-646

Exhibit A-1:             App. Div. December 27, 2018 Memorandum and Order

Exhibit A-2:             App. Div. August 7, 2018 Decision & Order on Motion

Exhibit A-3:             App. Div. October 23, 2018 Decision & Order on Motion

Exhibit A-4:             App. Div. November 13, 2018 Decision & Order on Motion

Exhibit A-5:             App. Div. December 19, 2018 Decision & Order on Motion

Exhibit B:                 Attorney General’s December 27, 2018 Notice of Entry

Exbibit C-1:              Appellants’ January 26, 2019 Notice of Appeal

Exhibit C-2:              January 30, 2019 receipt of Albany County Clerk;
                               Appellants’ January 29, 2019 letter to Albany County Clerk’s Office

Exhibit D-1:             Attorney General’s May 2, 2019 Notice of Entry

Exhibit D-2:             Court of Appeals’ May 2, 2019 Order



Appellants' May 31, 2019 Motion for Reargument/Renewal & Vacatur,
Determination of Threshold Issues, Disclosure/Disqualification & Other Relief

Appellants' March 26, 2019 letter to the Court
"In Support of Appeal of Right:
NYS Constitution, Article VI, §3(b)(1); CPLR §5601(b)(1)"

Appellants' April 11, 2019 letter to the Court
 "Aiding the Court in Protecting Itself & Appellants’ Appeal of Right
from the Litigation Fraud of the New York State Attorney General


cited legal authorities & evidence

NYS Constitution, Article VI, §3

D'Elia on behalf of Maggie M v Douglas B,
524 NYS2d 616 (1983) page 620

Chief Judge Stanley Fuld's January 27, 1967 address at annual meeting
of New York State Bar Association


2004 Oral Argument before the Court of Appeals
in Silver v. Pataki/Pataki v. Assembly & Senate



Lawsuits challenging Part HHH, Chapter 59 of the Laws of 2018

Delgado v. New York State

Schulz v. State of New York

Barclay v. NYS Committee on Legislative & Executive Compensation

Steck v. DiNapoli




New York State Constitution, Article VI, 3(b)(6)
"Appeals to the court of appeals may be taken... From a judgment or order entered upon the decision of an appellate division of the supreme court which finally determines an action or special proceeding but which is not appealable under paragraph (1) of this subdivision where the appellate division or the court of appeals shall certify that in its opinion a question of law is involved which ought to be reviewed by the court of appeals. Such an appeal may be allowed upon application (a) to the appellate division, and in case of refusal, to the court of appeals, or (b) directly to the court of appeals. Such an appeal shall be allowed when required in the interest of substantial justice.






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