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Assisting U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara Live Up To His Rhetoric




cc:  July 11, 2014 letter to the "Three Men in the Room" -- Governor, Temporary Senate President, & Assembly Speaker -- "RE: Getting to First Base in Achieving 'the Dream of Honest Government'"
         (1) Rectifying your violation of “The Public Integrity Reform Act of 2011” by appointing the review committee to evaluate JCOPE that you were required to appoint “No later than June 1, 2014”;
(2) Making public your “written response”, if any, to CJA’s June 27, 2013 ethics complaint against you, filed with JCOPE

click here for:  
CJA's June 27, 2013 ethics complaint
to NYS Joint Commission on Public Ethics


cc:  July 18, 2014 letter to JCOPE -- "RE: The Record of JCOPE’s Handling of Complaints:       
Status of CJA’s June 27, 2013 ethics complaint;
Rectifying your violation of Executive Law §94.9(l)(i) ('The Public Integrity Reform Act of 2011') by supplementing your 2012 and 2013 annual reports with the statutorily-required list of assigned numbers for each complaint and referral, including the status of each complaint."  



CJA's July 28, 2014 e-mail to U.S. Attorney Bharara -- "Subject: Will you be interrogating Heather Green about the Commission to Investigate Public Corruption's public hearings, including its falsification of the September 17, 2013 hearing transcript?"


December 11, 2014 ethics complaint to JCOPE -- RE: Conflict of Interest Ethics Complaint vs Governor Andrew Cuomo, Legislative Leaders, & JCOPE for Violation of the Public Integrity Reform Act of 2011 Pertaining to the Review Commission Statutorily-Required to be Appointed “No later than June 1, 2014”


CJA's December 19, 2014 letter to...U.S. Attorney... Bharara -- "RE: We Invite Your Responses to Our Fully-Documented Citizen Opposition..." transmitting CJA's December 17, 2014 letter to U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee -- "RE: Citizen Opposition to Senate Confirmation of U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch as U.S. Attorney General: Requests to Testify, for Documents, & for Posting"


        click here for:
CJA's Citizen Opposition to Senate Confirmation of US Attorney Loretta Lynch
to be US Attorney General

CJA's January 6, 2015 letter to U.S. Attorneys Lynch, Bharara & Hartunian & Senate Judiciary Committee -- "RE: We Invite Your Responses to Our Fully-Documented January 5, 2015 Letter to President Obama
Requesting Reconsideration & Withdrawal of His Nomination of U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch to be Attorney General Based on Documentary Evidence of her Corruption – & Referral of What She & Other U.S. Attorneys Have Been 'Sitting On' to the Justice Department’s Public Integrity Section of its Criminal Division"   

background webpages:


click here for:  
CJA's April 15, 2013 corruption complaint
to U.S. Attorney Bharara 



also see,
CJA's Citizen Opposition to Senate Confirmation of U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch
as U.S. Attorney General









CJA's June 22, 2015 letter to...U.S. Attorney Bharara --
"RE: Enabling
Honest Review by the JCOPE/LEC Review Commission:  Rectifying JCOPE’s violations of Executive Law §94.9(l)(i) by furnishing the statutorily-required yearly 'listing of assigned numbers of each complaint and referral received…including the status of each complaint'”




US Attorney Bharara's public posturing about public corruption...

click here for:  


VIDEO:  January 23, 2015 -- US Attorney Bharara at New York Law School


"After Silver arrest, Bharara mocks three men in a room",
Capitol New York (Colby Hamilton) 

VIDEO:  March 6, 2015 -- US Attorney Bharara at Fordham Law School

AUDIO: February 8, 2016 -- Albany

January 6, 2016:   
Prosecutor urges vigilance

January 26, 2016: 
"2 Albany events Feb. 8 with U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara",
Albany Times Union

"Corruption prosecutor Bharara to deliver ethics speech...in Albany",
Buffalo News  (Tom Precious)


February 8, 2016: 
"US Attorney Preet Bharara makes several stops in Albany",
News 10 (Anya Tucker)


February 8, 2016:
"Prosecutor visits NY city he called 'Cauldron of Corruption'",
AP (David Klepper)
Cuomo, asked about the visit by his sometime nemesis, on Monday defended his own handling of corruption...'If they break the law they should be caught. They should be convicted,' he said. " 


February 8, 2016: 
"In Albany U.S. Attorney Bharara Offers Scathing Assessment of "Culture of Corruption"
WXII  (Karen DeWitt)  North Country Radio


February 8, 2016:
"Albany's corruption nemesis pays a visit", Buffalo News


Critical of Corruption, Bharara Addresses WAMC Audience in Rare Albany Stop"
WAMC Public Radio
February 8, 2016: 
(Ian Pickus)


February 9, 2016:
Preet Bharara and Gov. Cuomo attend swearing-in ceremony for new Chief Judge Janet DiFiore", Daily News (Ken Lovett)


February 9, 2016:
"New top judge, new plan",
Albany Times Union (Robert Gavin)


February 9, 2016:
"Bharara strikes a hopeful tone",
Daily Gazette (Sara Foss)


February 9, 2016:
"As Preet Bharara visits, Albany goes about its business",
Capital New York (Jimmy Vielkind)


February 9, 2016:
"In Albany, Bharara Challenges Lawmakers to Act, Not Enable",
Gotham Gazette (David Howard King)


February 9, 2016:
"Preet Bharara At The Linda"
WAMC Radio, (Dave Lucas)


Feburary 10, 2016:
"Our View: New York state Legislature needs to address corruption
(Auburn) (editorial)


February 10, 2016:
"Good people continue to do nothing in state legislature"
Post-Star (editorial)

"Litte progress in fighting corruption in NY government;
Senate leader says it's 'at the bottom of the priority list'
Daily Messenger-AP (David Klepper) 

"Top lawmakers are defending..."


"Preet Bharara's message"
Albany Times Union (editorial)


"Standing tall amid corruption"  (editorial) 


Feb. 12, 2016:
"Schneiderman is right to curb unscrupulous ticketscalping industry"
Buffalo News


February 16, 2016:
"Still no sign of reform at the Capitol", Daily Gazette (Sara Foss)


April 9, 2016:
"Preet Bharara gives a public speech before the press, but there is no recording or transcript.  Why?"  Progess Queens


April 11, 2016:
"Hillary Clinton hedges on whether she's bring Preet Bharara back"
Daily News (Ken Lovett)


November 18, 2016: 
"President Trump should let Preet Bharara finish his anti-corruption drive"
New York Post (Bob McManus)


December 1, 2016:
"Governor addresses corruption indictments"
WBFO Public Radio (Karen DeWitt)


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