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Going Where the Commission to Investigate Public Corruption Did NOT:

Joint Commission on Public Ethics




CJA's June 18, 2015 letter to JCOPE/LEC REVIEW COMMISSION -- "RE: Ensuring Honest Review by the JCOPE/LEC Review Commission: (1) Your Methodology for Reviewing and Evaluating the Joint Commission on Public Ethics & Legislative Ethics Commission -- Including Public Hearings; (2) Your Protocol with Respect to Conflicts of Interest[transmitting e-mail]

Anthony Crowell
Michael Feldberg
Seymour James
Tony Jordan
William LaPiana
Elizabeth Moore
Patricia Salkin  & here
Dale Volker


May 1, 2015 press announcement
    "JCOPE review panel is named", 
                         Albany Times Union, May 1, 2015 (Rick Karlin) 
     "Andrew Cuomo dines with executive director for the joint commission of public ethics"
                      Daily News, May 1, 2015 (Ken Lovett) 
    "Members of JCOPE Study Panel are Announced", 
                        New York Law Journal, May 4, 2015 (Joel Stashenko)

Budget Bill S-2006-B -- at p. 108

Budget Bill A-3006-B  -- at p. 108

"Justification:  This bill is necessary for the enactment of portions 
of the SFY 2015-16 Education, Labor and Family Assistance budget, 
as contained in the State Operations, Capital Projects and Aid to
Localities appropriations bills."



CJA's June 27, 2013 ethics complaint to JCOPE -
  "RE:  (1)  Conflict of interest ethics complaint against executive & legislative branch constitutional officers & employees whose grand larceny of the public fisc and other corrupt acts are particularized by CJA’s April 15, 2013 corruption complaint to U.S. Attorney Bharara;                
         (2)   Request for advisory opinion as to whether Senate and Assembly rules, vesting domineering powers in the Temporary Senate President and Assembly Speaker, create coercive and retaliatory conditions, substantially interfering with the ability of Senate and Assembly Members to discharge their constitutional duties, where doing so exposes the official misconduct of those leaders"

CJA's December 11, 2014 ethics complaint to JCOPE -
      "RE:    Conflict of Interest Ethics Complaint vs Governor Andrew Cuomo, Legislative Leaders, & JCOPE for Violation of the Public Integrity Reform Act of 2011 Pertaining to the Review Commission Statutorily-Required to be Appointed 'No later than June 1, 2014'”

video of Elena Sassower's September 17, 2013 oral testimony
before Commission to Investigate Public Corruption & her written statement




*   *   *

"Aside from the Vito Lopez case, JCOPE's findings have solely been against low-level state officials and employees",
"Three Years In, New York Ethics Commission Still Looking to Find Footing",
December 12, 2014, Gotham Gazette,
David Howard King

*   *   *


#1:  Donald Trump December 2, 2013 ethics complaint vs. NY Attorney General Schneiderman






"The requirement that a vote be held within 45 days from receipt of a complaint is a purely ministerial act — which must be carried out in accordance with the clear statutory language.” (at p. 7).


Press Coverage of Trump complaint/lawsuit:

"Probe Schneiderman"
March 9, 2014, Daily News, editorial

"Don't duck Donald",
August 17, 2014, Daily News editorial

"JCOPE hires retired judge to fight Trump lawsuit",
December 16, 2014, Capital New York, Jimmy Vielkind

"Donald Trump Wins Lawsuit against Joint Commission on Public Ethics",
February 14, 2015, Daily News 

"Schneiderman probed for allegedly tapping Trumps for cash", March 4, 2015, Daily News (Carl Campanile)

"Trump ethics gripe against New York Attorney General dropped",
August 30, 2015 Daily News (Ken Lovett)

"Ethics  cop-out: JCOPE probe of Donald Trump's complaint against Attorney General Eric Schneiderman leaves too many unanswered questions", September 3, 2015

*   *   *

CJA's December 17, 2014 FOIL request to AG & Comptroller --
"RE: Contract for outside counsel to represent JCOPE in the Article 78 Proceeding Trump v. JCOPE (Albany Co. #4134/14)

*   *   *

#2:  Maurice Greenberg January 24, 2014 ethics complaint vs NY Attorney General Schneiderman

Greenberg November 7, 2013 ethics complaint to JCOPE

Greenberg December 30, 2013 ethics complaint to JCOPE


Press Coverage of Greenberg complaints:

"Wall Street Mogul Maurice (Hank) Greenberg brands an assistant state attorney general a liar", Daily News, December 9, 2013 (Ken Lovett)

"Ex-AIG executive pursue NY ethics complaint", AP, December 20, 2013 (Michael Virtanen)

"Greenberg's attorney flip-flops: 'There was no witness tampering'", New York Post, December 20, 2013 (Carl Campanile, Laura Italiano)

"New Greenberg complaint targets AG spokesmen", Capital New York,
December 30, 2013 (Jimmy Vielkind)

"Another Ethics Complaint Filed by Hank Greenberg Against NY Attorney General's Office", Daily News,
January 27, 2014 (Ken Lovett)

"Records reveal AG aide's calls to ex-co-worker involved in AIG fraud case", New York Post, February 24, 2014 (Carl Campanile)

*   *   *


#3: Chevron November 20, 2012 ethics complaint vs NY Comptroller DiNapoli


Press Coverage of Chevron complaint:

"Chevron files DiNapoli complaint with JCOPE",
November 20, 2012, Capitol Confidential (Casey Seiler)

"Chevron files ethics complaint against NY Comptroller",
Value Walk, November 20, 2012

"Chevron attorney David Grandeau Files Ethics Complaint
Against State Comptroller DiNapoli
", NY Daily News (Glenn Blain)

"Grandeau of DiNapoli, Chevron, and JCOPE"
November 20, 2012, Gannett

"Chevron blasts DiNapoli"
November 21, 2012, Albany Times Union (Casey Seiler)

"Tom fuelery"
August 5, 2013, Daily News editorial

     "There has be no action by JCOPE. By law, the panel is supposed vote on investigating complaints within 45 days, then notify the target in writing. DiNapoli’s office says it received no such letter. Chevron attorney Randy Mastro reports that JCOPE requested more information that the company has not yet provided.
         That’s no excuse to sit on a credible accusation . JCOPE should investigate on its own terms — not allow Chevron, with its own agenda, to dictate the schedule. DiNapoli deserves clarity, and so do the people of New York."

"...and DiNapoli too"
March 9, 2014, Daily News editorial

"AWOL on Ethics",
September 10, 2014, Daily News editorial

*   *   *

#4: March 14, 2012 ethics complaint, filed by Community Voices Heard & VOCAL/NY vs Governor Cuomo

*   *   *


#5:  November 22, 2013 ethics complaint filed by NYS Senator Klein v. GOP State Chairman Ed Cox

Press Coverage of Klein complaint:

"Senator Klein files JCOPE, SEC complaint against state GOP Ed Cox's fracking ties", Gannett, November 22, 2013 (Joseph Spector)

"In JCOPE complaint, Klein knocks Cox on fracking ties", Capitol Confidential, November 22, 2013 (Casey Seiler)

Senator Daniel Squadron's November 13, 2013 press release-letter


*   *   *


#6: Consumer Watchdog's May 12, 2014 ethics complaint vs Governor Cuomo 


& press release


Press Coverage:

"Group files JCOPE complaint over Cuomo's appointment of Google chairman", Gannett, May 12, 2014 (Joseph Spector)

*   *   *


"Cuomo: Changes may be needed for JCOPE", State of Politics, May 21, 2012
(Nick Reisman) -- regarding ethics complaint vs Senator Libous


#7:  Maureen Koetz' September 17, 2014 ethics complaint vs Sheldon Silver


October 10, 2014: "BPCA President’s husband asked to investigate Sheldon Silver", BatteryPark.TV

February 12, 2015 "
Courthouse News Service"  


subsequent complaints:



"Company sued by AG won't discuss content of its JCOPE complaint", Albany Times Union, June 5, 2015 (Casey Seiler)



Also see:

August 29, 2012 ethics complaint against Assembly Speaker Silver...certain members of the staff of the New York State Assembly, filed by Common Cause & National Organization of Women-NY


      "Common Cause and NOW: Investigate Vito Lopez and Assembly Handling of Sex Harrass Complaints", Daily News, August 29, 2012 (Glenn Blain)


    "Here's the complaint to JCOPE", Capitol Confidential, August 29, 2012 (Rick Karlin) 


"Complaints Against Lopez & Silver Go to Ethics Board", Thirteen, August 31, 2012


"Ethics panel adds Silver to Vito probe", NY Post, September 11, 2012 (Fred Dicker)



*  *  *

"Before he died, a former head of Goldman Sachs warned the Governor about corruption in NY", Business Insider, February 9, 2015 (Linette Lopez)

         CJA's February 9, 2015 e-mail to Linette Lopez -- "Subject: NEWS TIP -- JOHN WHITEHEAD WAS RIGHT ABOUT THE AG, JCOPE, etc.! -- Your today's story 'Before he died, a former head of Goldman Sachs warned the Governor about corruption in New York"


  *  *   *




Going Where the Commission to Investigate Public Corruption Did NOT: JOINT COMMISSION ON PUBLIC ETHICS






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