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CJA's September 16, 2019 e-mail to Committee on Open Government Assistant Director Kirstin O'Neill -- "The Unconstitutionality of Public Officers Law §108.2(b) -- & the Test of Candidates seeking appointment as the New Executive Director of the NYS Committee on Open Government"

               Executive Director Freeman's May 24, 1995 advisory opinion

CJA's March 9, 2017 e-mail to Executive Director Robert Freeman -- "please advise when is the next meeting of the Committee on Open Government & confirm that my requests will be included on its agenda"

"Albany's Dysfunction Denies Due Process", Professor Eric Lane,
Pace Law Review, Vol. 30, Issue 3 (Spring 2010) -- See pp. 997-998

VIDEO of February 26, 2009 hearing of the Temporary Senate Committee
on Rules & Administration Reform -- See Lane's testimony at 38 mins, & especially at 44 mins./28 secs.

VIDEO of February 10, 2009 hearing of Temporary Senate Committee
on Rules & Administration Reform -- See Freeman's testimony at 2 hrs/7 mins., & especially 2 hrs/18 mins.

VIDEO of February 6, 2019 hearing of Temporary Senate Committee on Rules & Administratiaon Reform --
See former Senator Nancy Larraine Hoffman's testimony at 11 mins/19 secs



Freeman's March 8, 2017 e-mail (10:52 am) -- "Emailing - 1985.pdf"
                (Committee on Open Gov't's 1985 Report to Gov & Legislature)

Freeman's March 8, 2017 e-mail (10:54 am) -- attaching 1986 pdf
                (Committee on Open Gov't's 1986 Report to Gov & Legislature)

CJA's March 8, 2017 e-mail -- "great!..."

CJA's March 9, 2017 e-mail -- "Your April 11, 1985 advisory opinion #OML-AO-1158 -- & other records pertaining to the 1985 amendment to the Open Meetings Law: Public Officers Law 108.2(b)"

Freeman's March 9, 2017 e-mail -- "FW: Attached image" 

                     attachment #1  -- Freeman's Sept. 27, 1985 & Nov. 12, 1985 letters
                     attachment #2  -- 1985 advisory opinion #OML-AO-1158
                     attachment #3  -- Committee on Open Gov't's Dec. 13, 1985 Report to Gov & Leg.



New York State Constitution, Article III, §10: 
"Each house of the legislature shall keep a journal of its proceedings,
and publish the same... The doors of each house shall be kept open..."

Public Officers Law §108. Exemptions.

Nothing contained in this article shall be construed as extending the provisions hereof to:
...2. a. deliberations of political committees, conferences and caucuses.
b. for purposes of this section, the deliberations of political committees, conferences and caucuses means a private meeting of members of the senate or assembly of the state of New York, or of the legislative body of a county, city, town or village, who are members or adherents of the same political party, without regard to
(i) the subject matter under discussion, including discussions of public business,
(ii) the majority or minority status of such political committees, conferences and caucuses or
(iii) whether such political committees, conferences and caucuses invite staff or guests to participate in their deliberations"





August 21, 2019
"State looks to hire new open government czar"
Capitol Confidential (David Lombardo)

Dept of State Notice for New Executive Director, posted August 20, 2019




Executive Order #3 "Promotion of Public Access to Government Decisionmaking"





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