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Searching for Champions (Correspondence)

Manhattan Borough President Ruth Messinger


   --  copy of file in Doris L. Sassower v. Commission on Judicial Conduct given to Manhattan Borough President Messenger, in hand, January 1996

CJA’s January 16, 1996 letter to Borough President Messenger
CJA’s January 24, 1996 fax enclosing "No Justification for Process's Secrecy", CJA's letter to editor, NYLJ, 1/24/96

Borough President Messinger’s January 31, 1996 letter

CJA’s February 27, 1996 letter to Borough President Messinger

CJA’s February 28, 1996 fax enclosing
CJA's February 27, 1997 letter to Mayor Giuliani

   Ex. A: "Gun Found in House Of Parolee Excluded", NYLJ, 2/6/96
   Ex. B: CJA's March 14, 1995 letter to Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes

CJA's 3/6/96 note accompanying
CJA's March 5, 1996 letter to Manhattan D.A. Morgenthau

CJA's 5/5/97notice-challenge
      Ex. A-1: "Commission Abandons Investigative Mandate", CJA's ltr to editor, NYLJ, 8/14/95
      Ex. A-2: "A Call for Concerted Action", CJA's $1,648 ad, NYLJ, 11/20/96
      Ex. B: CJA's 3-page analysis of the fraudulent judicial decision in Doris L. Sassower v.
, with annexed law: 22 NYCRR 7000.1 et seq., Judiciary Law 44.1,
                NYS Constitution, Article VI, Sec. 22

CJA’s May 8, 1997 letter
    Ex. A-1: B'nai Jeshurun auction item of breakfast or lunch with Borough President Messinger
    Ex. A-2: CJA's 8/14/95 letter to Seth Rosner, Esq.
    Ex. A-3: B'nai Jeshurun auction item of 1-hour consultation with Hal Lieberman, Esq.
    Ex. A-4: B'nai Jeshurun's December 15, 1996 letter to Elena Sassower
    Ex. B: CJA's January 16, 1996 letter to Borough President Messenger
    Ex. C: Borough President Messenger's January 31, 1996 letter
    Ex. D: CJA's February 27, 1996 letter
    Ex. E: CJA's March 6, 1996 note
    Ex. F: B'nai Jeshurun auction items of breakfast or lunch with Congressman Jerry Nadler &
              Assemblyman Scott Stringer







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