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see & buy her book
"I Never Thought It Could Happen In This Country"

from the book jacket:
I Never Thought It Could Happen In This County
 is a  personal account of the long and painful exploration of the American legal system and the unscrupulous practices of American big business.  The extensive study of law was not something the author ever planned or intended to do.  She was propelled into it almost against her will by her refusal to be a silent victim of discrimination and harassment or to accept a meaningless and humiliating settlement from CIGNA, her former employer.

The author embarked on the path of litigation because she had no doubt that unlike the lawless former Soviet Union where she grew up, the United States had a legal system that followed the law and provided all the freedoms guaranteed by the American Constitution.

After ten years and $200,000 spent on litigation, she made a shocking discovery: while the legal process in the United States indeed follows the law, the law does not  guarantee anything, least of all, the freedoms granted by the Constitution.  The author came to the conclusion that, in clear violation of the Fourteenth Amendment, the American law is nothing more than institutionalized arbitrariness.

Stella Chertkova graduated from the University of Leningrad, Russia, with an MS in mathematics.  She and her three-year-old son came to the US in 1975 as refugees from the former Soviet Union.  Ms. Chertkova's career in the US includes systems programming, software engineering, system architecture, and independent consulting..."


Second Circuit's (current) rules & procedures
for federal judicial misconduct complaints

Stella Chertkova's July 27, 2000 judicial misconduct complaint against U.S. District Court Judge A. Covello (District of Connecticut)

2nd Circuit's August 3, 2000 letter of acknowledgment

2nd Circuit's November 13, 2000 letter

Stella Chertkova's November 17, 2000 letter

2nd Circuit's November 28, 2000 letter

2nd Circuit's December 6, 200 letter enclosing the November 21, 2000 order of 2nd Circuit Chief Judge John Walker dismissing complaint

Stella Chertkova's petition for review

2nd Circuit's letter of acknowledgment

2nd Circuit's letter enclosing Judicial Council's denial of petition




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