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Searching for Champions: Academia
(Building Honest Scholarship)

Outreach to New York's Public High Schools --
Starting with New Rochelle High School

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1.   CJA's Public Interest Lawsuit vs The New York Times for Journalistic Fraud in Vindication of the First Amendment --  click here: Outreach-Academia

2.    CJA's March 6, 2008 Critique of the Breyer Committee Report on the Implementation of the Judicial Conduct & Disability Act of 1980 & Federal  Judicial Pay Raises --  
click here: Outreach-Academia

 Academic Contributors to the April 15, 2004 Jurist Online Symposium, "The Judicial Confirmation Process: Selecting Federal Judges in the Twenty-First Century" -- jurist.law.pitt.edu/"  

4.    CJA's Declaratory Judgment Action vs NYS' Highest Constitutional Officers to Void the Judicial Pay Raises & Secure Judicial Accountability  click here:  Building Scholarship

*    *     *


1.   New York's Law Schools

2.    Academic Institutes & Policy Centers Pertaining to the Press

3.   Academic Institutes & Policy Centers Pertaining to State Governance & Budgets

4.    2007 Yale Conference on Rebellious Lawyering

5.   November 3, 2023 Case Western Reserve Law Review Symposium on Judicial    Conduct, Ethics & Reform

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Professor Jack Balkin

Assistant Professor Christopher P. Banks

Professor Gerald Benjamin

Sarah A. Binder -- Senior Fellow/Governance Studies: Brookings Institution

Christopher Bopst

Professor Vincent M. Bonventre

Professor Richard Briffault -- Columbia University Law School/Legislative Research Drafting Fund

Professor Richard Brodsky

Professor Stephen B. Burbank

Professor Sarah Burns

Professor Jay C. Carlisle

Professor Stephen L. Carter

Professor Anthony D'Amato

Professor Alan M. Dershowitz

Professor Christopher L. Eisgruber

Professor Lee Epstein

Professor Dan Feldman

Professor Monroe Freedman

Professor Amanda Frost

Professor Thomas Gais/Rockefeller Institute

Professor Peter Galie/Professor Emeritus - Canisius College

Professor James Gardner -- SUNY-Buffalo Law School

Professor Bennett Gershman/Pace Law School

Professor Charles Gardner Geyh

Professor Stephen Gillers

Professor Ari Goldman

Professor Sheldon Goldman

Bruce Gyory

Professor Bruce Green

Professor Arthur D. Hellman

Associate Professor Andrew Horwitz

Professor Michael Hutter  Albany law school entry member-NYS Law Revision Commisison;       law firm entry

Professor Seymour Lachman

Professor Eric Lane

Professor John M. Levy

Professor Steven Lubet

Thomas E. Mann -- Senior Fellow/Governance Studies: Brookings Institution

E.J. McMahon -- Empire Center for State Policy

Professor Jeffrey Milyo

Professor Frank Mauro -- Fiscal Policy Institute

Professor Doug Muzzio

Professor David M. O'Brien

Professor David Primo

Professor Grant Reeher

Professor Jeffrey Rosen

Professor Ronald D. Rotunda

Professor Patricia E. Salkin

Professor Nancy Scherer

Professor Edward Schneier

Professor Martin Schwartz

Professor Ron Seyb

Professor David D. Siegel

Professor Christopher Smith

Professor Alan Tarr

Professor Zephyr Teachout
Professor Jonathan Turley

Professor Paul R. Verkuil

Professor Robert Ward

Russell Wheeler -- Visiting Fellow/Governance Studies: Brookings Institution

Benjamin Wittes -- Senior Fellow/Governance Studies: Brookings Institution

Professor Ellen C. Yaroshefsky

Professor Jeanne Zaino

Professor Steven Zeidman

Professor Joseph Zimmerman

Professor Christopher Zorn


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