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see his website: willgalison.com

& http://judgejonathanlippman.blogspot.com/


Also, his youtube video on former Senate Judiciary Commitee member Eric Schneiderman

"Rewind: Disgraced Senator Sampson's Legacy at Judiciary Committee must be Investigated", Black Star News, May 14, 2013, Will Galison


Transcript of June 8, 2009 hearing: Will Galison
                        Video of Senate Judiciary Committee's June 8, 2009 hearing  (Mr. Galison's testimony at 02:11:59 - 02:26:20)

       SEE also: Corruption of "Merit Selection" to the NY Court of Appeals - Jonathan Lippman    
                        Video of Senate Judiciary Committee's February 11, 2009 hearing to confirm Chief Judge Lippman    (Mr. Galison's testimony at 00:52:34 - 01:01:56)

                        Video of Senate Judiciary Committee's June 5, 2009 hearing on "merit selection'  (Mr. Galison's testimony at 00:29:25 - 00:42:20)

Commission's October 10, 2007 acknowledgment letter

Commission's March 12, 2008 dismissal letter

Commission's March 27, 2008 letter on confidentiality pursuant to Judiciary Law 45

Galison's November 20, 2008 letter to the Members of the Commission on Judicial Nomination -- "Notice of Improprieties and Negligence by Judge Jonathan Lippman and Apparent Corrupt Influence on a Member of The Judicial Nomination Commission"

Galison's August 12, 2008 letter to Appellate Division, Presiding Justice Lippman -- "Registration Fraud by Leon Friedman"  (cc: Inspector General Glen Fine, Attorney General Cuomo, Assistant US Attorney Boyd Johnson)

Galison's December 8, 2008 letter to Basil Paterson

Galison's January 15, 2009 e-mail to Tim Spotts, Counsel to Senator Sampson, Chairman, Senate Judiciary Committee -- "Subject: URGENT! Corruption at the Judicial Nomination Commission"

Galison's January 15, 2009 e-mail to NPR.COM & WNYC.ORG -- "Subject: Fwd: URGENT: Corruption at the Judicial Nomination Commission"

Galison's January 24, 2009 complaint to the Commission on Judicial Conduct -- "Complaint against Judge Jonathan Lippman"

Commission on Judicial Conduct's January 28, 2009 acknowledgment letter

Galison's January 26, 2009 e-mail to Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee -- "Subject: URGENT: Documented Crimes and Improprieties by Jonathan Lippman"

Galison's February 10, 2009 e-mail alert  -- Tomorrow's Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation of Jonathan Lippman


Commission's May 19, 2009 dismissal letter

*     *      *

April 28, 2008 letter to Friedberg

May 1, 2008 letter from Friedberg

August 20, 2008 letter to Friedberg

September 24, 2008 letter to Friedberg

December 23, 2008 letter to Friedberg





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