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April 3, 1924 - January 31, 2019

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funeral eulogy, obituary, headstone

Letter to the Editor by George Sassower
New York Law Journal, May 13, 1976

May 21, 1976 inscribed book to George Sassower, sent by David Stein,
author of "Judging the Judges: The Cause, Control and Cure of Judicial Jaundice


"To the Gulag:
Courthouse Leper George Sassower Takes On Every Judge in Town
Village Voice, June 6, 1989

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The George Sassower, Esq. Legacy Project --
Was he correct, on the facts & on the law?


Memorable quotes from his legal papers --

"The office should compound the misdeed, not immunize it"
para. 19

petition, NY Co. #3045-1985
p. 41: "There would be little need for Judiciary Law 487,
or the doctrine of extrinsic fraud,
if an attorney could not deceive a judge or a court!"

p.43: "the Court had compromised its soul
and was completely 'out of its jurisdictional orbit'..."


undated fragment:
"...this publication to be independently investigated, and the results of its investigation published.
You should also make copies of this publication, distribute them to your friends and acquaintances, with the request that they in turn communicate with the media of their choice, and make further copies for distribution, since it is their country, their government, their judicial system, and their pocketbook, as well.
The imputation of knowledge concerning judicial corruption and criminal activities...and the citizen's concomitant responsibilities, particularly where the state and federal purses are being defrauded, may not be avoided by the simple expedient of closing one's eyes, covering one's ears, and holding one's breath.
A fundamental and essential principle of American jurisprudence is that no man, no matter how exalted his official position or status in life, is above the criminal and ethical laws of the society.
The criminal and ethical laws bind all men equally the judge, no less than the judged."




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