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CJA's October 25, 2023 complaint to Commission on Judicial Conduct,
Attorney Grievance Committees, OCA Inspector General, et   

CJA's oral testimony at the Legislature's January 30, 2017 budget hearing
as to its failureto oversee how the D.A.'s discharge their responsibilities
to enforce the Penal Law -- & the statutory link between D.A. & judicial salaries




Tatiana Neroni -- commentary

richmond signature   onondoga




D.A. Soares' former Public Integrity Unit Chief Eric Galarneau --
NOW a City Court Judge,
sworn in January 1, 2020 to fill a vacancy

Albany County's former County Attorney Peter Lynch,
unanimously confirmed to be Albany County's Deputy County Executive in December 2019,
and, in November 2023 was elected to Albany Supreme Court, for a term beginning January 1, 2024

* * *



December 5, 2024
"Albany County Legislature approves the 2024 budget"
Albany Times Union (Steven Hughes)



Legislative Oversight

Citizens Review Panel for Child Protective Services


CJA v. Commission on Legislative, Judicial & Executive Compensation

March 25, 2024
"Lawmakers, publishers rally in Albany to save local news"


CJA's Lawsuit vs NYS' ethics entities
& the statewide & state legislative electeds they have protected


Judiciary Law 753

Tel Oil Co. v. City of Schnectady, 292 AD2d 725 (2002)

NYS Office of Victim Services v. Robinson, 151 AD3d 1515, 1516 (3d Dep't 2017)

$131,400 -- from January 1, 1999 to April 1, 2012

August 29, 2011 Report of the Commission on Judicial Compensation, at p. 9]
$131,400 -- Albany County Court Judge

to $153,800    (effective April 1, 2012)
to $160,600    (effective April 1, 2013)
to $167,300    (effective April 1, 2014)

December 24, 2015 Report of the (1st) Commission on Legislative, Judicial & Executive Compensation
$167,300 -- Albany County Court Judge

to $185,600 (effective April 7, 2016)
to $187,400 (effective April 6, 2017)
to $200,000 (effective April 5, 2018)
to $202,800 (effective April 4, 2019)

December 4, 2023 Report of the (3rd) Commission on Legislative, Judicial & Executive Compensation

to $223,700 (effective April 1, 2024) OCA bulletin

* * *

SFY 2014-15: $78,514
SFY 2015-16: $78,514
SFY 2015-17: $78,514

SFY 2017-18: $78,514
SFY 2018-19: $78,514
SFY 2019-20
: $78,514

SFY 2021-22: $78,514
SFY 2022-23: $78,514
SFY 2023-24: $78,414

for 2024 -- $223,700   -- OCA bulletin

Albany County Budgets:
2024 Adopted Budget, p. 158: $202,800
2023 Adopted Budget, p. 164: $202,800
2022 Adopted Budget, p. 154: $202,800

2021 Adopted Budget, p. 151: $202,800
2020 Adopted Budget, p. 156: $202,800
2019 (adjusted): $202,800
2018 (expended) $195,850
2019 Adopted Budget, p. 154: $200,000
2018 Adopted Budget   can't open



CJA's 2011 correspondence underlying its October 27, 2011 Opposition Report --
"Bringing Transparency, Evidence & Public Accountability to the One-Sided, Media-Created View
(Swallowed Whole from the Judicial-Legal Establishment) that NYS Judges are Underpaid & Entitled to a Raise"

Judicial Compensation Commission's July 20, 2011 Hearing & Related Info
The Sacrificed Court Employees, Terminated to Save Money

Genesis of CJA's Activism on NY's Judicial Compensation Issue

The Judges' Judicial Compensation Lawsuits






Jennifer Sober  




NY Judiciary Law Section 9 recusal



January 29, 2024 complaint


May - July 2023


Appellants' Brief

Volume I

Volume 2

Volume 3

email    email  email


CJA's September 7, 2022 testimony in opposition to NYC Council confirmation
of Milton Williams, Esq. as chair of the NYC Conflicts of Interest Board
& Anthony Crowell, Esq. as member of the NYC Planning Commission




Daily Beast -- AG



JCOPE -- analysis

Kyra's Champions -- Jacqueline Franchetti

Catherine Kassenoff  here  Wayne Baker federallitigator@gmail.com

Katherine Kassenoff - Yahoo Search Results Video Search Results

We Spoke -- Natalie Blundell

National Parents Organization of NY -- Andre Rainey

Center for Family Representation
  • Jennifer Feinberg, Litigation Supervisor, Policy and Government Affairs
    212-691-0950 info@cfrny.org
Family Justice Law Center

NYS Citizen Review Panel for Child Protective Services

David Lansner  dlansner@lanskub.com
Who We Are | New York State Citizen Review Panels for Child Protective Services (citizenreviewpanelsny.org)

New York State Coalition against Domestic Violence
518-482-5465 nyscadv@nyscadv.org

Sanctuary for Families

Her Justice:  212-695-3800; info@herjustice.org

Family Legal Care

Michael Weinstein, Esq.  Rene A. Kathawala  

Richard C. Lewis -- NYS Bar Association

Joanna Chae Davis -- Legal Aid Society of Northeastern NY

Williams Commission Report --
"Report on New York City Fam
ily Court"


Commission meetings

2023 update


GS -- Alito




salary statutes

assembly website    assembly website 2  senate website

erie signature  erie public integrity unit


Claremont Institute  The American Mind


November 12, 2022 "SUNY honchos get fat pay raises as enrollment in the system shrinks"
NY Post (Melissa Klein)



CJA's November 27, 2019 e-mail to Fair Media Council Exec Director
"THANKSGIVING THANKS for the Fair Media Council, its Dec 3, 2019 Conference -- & for opportunities for evidence-based dialogue, scholarship -- & solutions essential to our democracy


CJA's September 6, 2019 e-mail to Pro Publica 

CJA's August 21, 2019 e-mail to Gotham Gazette

CJA's September 4, 2019 e-mail to Gotham Gazette

September 3, 2019 FOIL/open meetings law request

Aug. 21, 2019 printed NYLJ letter:
"A Call for Scholarship, Civic Engagement & Amicus Curiae Before the NYCOA"

December 3, 2019 handout




Hunter - 

CIty College -

John Jay - 


Kingsborough CC -

Queens - 

Lehman - 

York - 

Baruch - 

Brooklyn College - http://www.brooklyn.cuny.edu/web/academics/schools/mediaarts/departments/trem/majors.php

CSI - 


LaGuardia CC -


August 20, 2018
"NY Attorney General's office won't defend state ethics panel against GOP lawsuit"

Daily News  (Ken Lovett)

July 6, 2006 e-mail from Gary Gilson --
"Re: Evidentiary Significance of CJA's Public Interest Lawsuit vs The New York Times -- including as a Case Study for Establishing News Councils"

Legislative Law 83-N    Assembly   Senate   Indeed posting for executive director

Long Island Power -- Bill A.9035   S.7576A

January 14, 2023:  "State's future of Lipa commission    Denise Civiletti

January 23, 2023:  "State commission hears support for making LIPA a fully public power authority"


New York State Independent Redistricting Commission

2021-22: Legislative/Judiciary S.2501-b/3001-b    amended-March 30, April 3, 2021  & here

Fund for Investigative Journalism   The Trust Project

April 2, 2017 "Introducing the Facebook for Journalists Certificate"
Meta for Media

American Press Institute   Better News.Org

"How API can help you demonstrate credibility and build audience trust"

"How API can help you drive loyalty through accountability journalism"

"Facebook Journalism Project"
January 11, 2017

August 30, 2022
"News Knight: "

News Literacy Project

Media Impact Funders


"Local Journalism in Crisis"

Institute for Independent News



Tucker v. City of NY -- NYC schools


4th Dept

Grzyk v. Constantine, 182 AD2d 942, 943 (1992)

Modica v. Modica, 15 AD3d 635, 636 (2d Dept 2005)

HessCatherine G v. Essex

CPLR 5527

When the questions presented by an appeal can be determined without an examination of all the pleadings and proceedings, the parties may prepare and sign a statement showing how the questions arose and were decided in the court from which the appeal is taken and setting forth only so much of the facts averred and proved or sought to be proved as are necessary to a decision of the questions.  The statement may also include portions of the transcript of the proceedings and other relevant matter.  It shall include a copy of the judgment or order appealed from, the notice of appeal and a statement of the issues to be determined.  Within twenty days after the appellant has taken his appeal, the statement shall be presented to the court from which the appeal is taken for approval as the record on appeal.  The court may make corrections or additions necessary to present fully the questions raised by the appeal.  The approved statement shall be printed as a joint appendix.



Court of Appeals redistricting decision --Harkenrider v. Hochul
"...invalidation of a legislative enactment is required when such act amounts to 'a gross and deliberate violation
of the plain intent of the Constitution and a disregard of its spirit and the purpose for which express limitations
are included therein''
(Cohen [v. Cuomo, 19 NY3d 196 [2012]] at 202, quoting Matter of Sherrill, 188 NY at 207;
see White v. Cuomo, __ NY __, __ 2022 NY Slip Op 01954.* 5 [2022]  Burton v New York State Dept. of Taxation & Fin., 25 NY3d 732, 739 [2015]; Matter of Carey v Morton, 297 NY 361, 366 [1948]). 
Upon careful review of the plain language of the Constituiton and the history pertaining to the adoption of the 2014 reform, it is evident that the legislature and the IRC deviated from the constitutionally mandated procedure." (at p. 12)

“In the construction of constitutional provisions, the language used, if plain and precise, should be given its full effect” and “[i]t must be presumed that its framers understood the force of the language used and, as well, the people who adopted it” (People v Rathbone, 145 NY 434, 438 [1895]). Our Constitution is “an instrument framed deliberately and with care, and adopted by the people as the organic law of the State” and, when interpreting it, we may “not allow for interstitial and interpretative gloss . . . by the other [b]ranches [of the government] that substantially alters the specified law-making regimen” set forth in the Constitution (Matter of King v Cuomo, 81 NY2d 247, 253 [1993])." (at p. 15)



July 28, 2022
"For the First Time Since 1946,
New Yorkers Have Just 2 Choices for Governor"
NYT (Jay Root)



"Mayor Adams Names Milton Williams, Jr. To Chair Conflict of Interest Board"
Harlem World -- August 6, 2022


work in progress

The independence of the legislature and judiciary compels that each must be ‘confined to its own functions and can neither encroach upon nor be made subordinate to’ each other. Matter of Davies, 168 N.Y. 89, 102 (1901); Urban Justice Ctr., 38 A.D.3d at 27. To this end, the branches must ‘be free from interference, in the discharge of its own functions and particular duties, by either of the others.’ Matter of Gottlieb v. Duryea, 38 A.D.2d 634, 635 (3d Dept. 1971), aff’d., 30 N.Y.2d 807 (1972), cert. denied, 409 U.S. 1008 (1972); see People ex rel. Burby v. Howland, 155 N.Y. 270, 282 (1898). Simply put, ‘[it] is not the province of the courts to direct the legislature how to do its work.’ Heimbach, 59 N.Y.2d at 893 (quoting N.Y. Public Interest Research Group v. Steingut, 40 N.Y.2d 250, 257 (1976)). See also People ex rel. Hatch v. Reardon, 184 N.Y. 431 (1906). Any other result would foist this Court into an ’improvident intrusion into the internal workings of a coequal branch of government.’ Smith v. Espada, Index No. 4912-09 (Sup. Ct., Albany Cty, June 16, 2009).”


Davis v. N.Y. State Dep't of Educ., 96 AD3d 1261, 1262 (3rd Dept. 2012) & here

Black Inst. v. De Blasio, 2022 NY Slip Op (U) Sup Ct. New York City 2022

Urban Justice Center v. Silver, 66 A.D.3d 567, 567 (1st Dept. 2009)

Cox v. JCOPE :

“To the extent the Commission is advancing petitioners’ lack of standing here, it is without merit, as ‘[s]tanding has been granted absent personal aggrievement where the matter is one of general public interest.’  Police Conference of N.Y. v. Municipal Police Training Council, 62 AD2d 416, 417 (3d Dept. 1978).  In such case, a ‘citizen may maintain a mandamus proceeding to compel a public officer to do his [or her] duty.’  Matter of Hebel v. West, 25AD3d 172, 176 (3d Dept. 2005)…see Matter of Schenectady County Benevolent Assn. v. McEvoy, 124 AD2d 911,912 (3rd Dept. 1986).  As ‘the overall purpose and spirit of Executive Law 94…is to strengthen the public’s trust and confidence in government,’(Matter of O’Connor v. Ginsberg,106 AD3d 1207, 1211 (3d Dept. 2013) (citations omitted)) the Court finds that the matter here is one of general public interest, and petitioners have standing to bring this proceeding.”   (hyperlinking added).

Sassower v. Comm'n on Judicial Conduct of N.Y., 289 A.D.2d 119 (1st Dept. 2001)
 Matter of Thomas v. N.Y.C. Dep't of Educ.
, 137 A.D.3d 642, 643 (1st Dept. 2016).


Rivera v. Espada, 98 NY2d 422 (2002)

People v Ohrenstein, 77 N.Y.2d 38, 54 [1990]

State Finance Law Article 7-A

A person’s “deep concern” about an issue, without more, does not give such person standing to sue. Board of Ed. of Mamaroneck U.F.S.D. v. Attorney General, 25 A.D.3d 637, 638 (2d Dept. 2006). Rather, standing requires the plaintiff to allege not only that she has an injury in fact that is distinct from any injury of the general public, but also, that she is within the zone of interests protected by the statute or constitutional provision at issue. See Roulan v. County of Onondaga, 21 N.Y.3d 902, 905 (2013); Society of Plastics Indus. v. County of Suffolk, 77 N.Y.2d 761, 773-774 (1991); Lancaster Dev., Inc. v. McDonald, 112 A.D.3d 1260, 1261 (3d Dept. 2013), lv. denied, 22 N.Y.3d 866 (2014). And the injury-in-fact may not be speculative or conjectural. Matter of Clean Water Advocates of N.Y., Inc. v. New York State Dept. of Environmental Conservation, 103 A.D.3d 1006, 1008 (3d Dept. 2013), lv. denied, 21 N.Y.3d 862 (2013).

United States v. Brewster, 408 U.S. 501, 507 (1972); People v. Ohrenstein, 77 N.Y.2d 38, 54 (1991). The fundamental purpose of the clause is to ensure that the legislative function may be performed independently. Matter of Straniere v. Silver, 218 A.D.2d 80, 83 (3d Dept. 1996), aff'd, 89 N.Y.2d 825 (1996). The legislative process is protected not only shielding legislators from the consequences of litigation, but also from the burden of defending themselves in court. Id. Once it is determined that the subject matter of the suit is legislative activity, the privilege of immunity from suit applies, even where the legislative activity is alleged to be unconstitutional. Id. The Clause has also been held to apply to all legislative activity, and to protect members of the State Legislature, and to protect members of the executive branch. Matter of Town of Verona (Oneida Cty.) v. Cuomo, 44 Misc.3d 1225(A) (Sup. Ct. Albany Co. 2014). here  here


Appellate Division, 4th Dept Rules

1250.3 Initial Filings; Active Management of Causes; Settlement or Mediation Program (a) Initial Filings. Unless the court shall direct otherwise, in all civil matters counsel for the appellant or the petitioner shall file with the clerk of the court of original instance and serve on all parties, together with the notice of appeal or transfer order and the order or judgment appealed from, an initial informational statement on a form approved by the court and in such number as the court may direct. The clerk of the court from which the appeal is taken shall promptly transmit to the Appellate Division the informational statement and a copy of the notice of appeal or order granting leave or transferal and the order or judgment appealed from. (b) Active Management. The court may direct that any matter be actively managed and may set forth a scheduling order specifying the time and manner of expedited briefing. (c) Settlement or Mediation Program. (1) The court may issue a notice in any settlement or mediation program directing the attorneys for the parties, the parties themselves (unless the court excuses a party's personal presence), and such additional parties in interest as the court may direct to attend a conference before such person as it may designate to consider settlement, the limitation of issues and any 6 other matter that such person determines may aid in the disposition of the appeal or resolution of the action or proceeding. Attorneys and representatives who appear must be fully familiar with the action or proceeding, and must be authorized to make binding stipulations or commitments on behalf of the party represented. (2) Counsel to any party may apply to the court by letter at any time requesting such a conference. The application shall include a brief statement indicating why a conference would be appropriate. (3) Upon the failure of any party, representative or counsel to appear for or participate in a settlement or mediation conference, or to comply with the terms of a stipulation or order entered following such a conference, the party or counsel may be subject to sanctions.


(1) A cover which shall contain the title of the cause on the upper portion, and, on the lower portion, the names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses of the attorneys, the county clerk's index or file number, the docket or other identifying number or numbers used in the court from which the appeal is taken, and the superior court information or indictment number;





February 28, 2022 e-mail

March 4, 2022 e-mail

March 17, 2022 e-mail

April 13, 2022 e-mail

May 6, 2022 e-mail

May 16, 2022 e-mail

June 9, 2022 e-mail

June 21, 2022 e-mail  


June 28, 2022
at 2:30 mins -- "Mr. Chairman... If I may at this juncture, I want to express to you congratulations and I hope I can speak for every commissioner who has served under your aegis.  Congratulations to you for taking on at the behest of the governor a very daunting task. And I can say authoritatively not only by dint of experience having been on the Commission for most of its existence, but having observed you at close quarters during your tenure there is no question that the public interest was significantly advanced by your leadership.  Thank you for letting me express myself."

at 8:20 mins -- Berland:  ...I thought I would take the opportunity to recap our statistics. Since the Commission began operations over a decade ago... The Commission has received and processed over 1700 complaints.  It has issued 286 15 day letters.  It has opened 165 formal investigations...   So that's an overview, which I believe is an extremely impressive record, which we don't talk about enough..."

Annual report in the stages of final cleanup and commissioners should see final draft for review in a day or two...

July 7, 2022



May 11 - May 12, 2022 e-mail chain with Grandeau 


Independent Review Committee



"Bringing Wrongful Convictions to the Attention of State Legislators"



Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism

Institute for Nonprofit News 

Franklin News Foundation  Center Square


"The Impact of Public Officials Corruption on the Size and Allocation of US State Spending"


Christina Greer


January 6, 2020
"Retired Supreme Court Justice Phillip Rumsey reflects on his tenure"
Cortland Standard  (Colin Spencer)

November 10, 2020
"Appellate Division Justice Devine tapped
as new Schenectady public safety commission, mayor announces
Daily Gazette (Pete DeMola)

November 7, 2018
"State Supreme Court: Democrats win 2 open seats in Third Judicial District"
Daily Freeman (Patricia Doxey)

July 20, 2018
"Appellate justice reeling in campaign dollars in re-election bid"
Albany Times Union (Robert Gavin)

McCarthy ADR Services



Beasts of the Southern Wind -- Once There was a Hush Puppy


March 2016: NYS Comptroller "Standards for Internal Control in NYS Government"

Resource Page: New York's Corruption Fighting Laws

Budget Policy and Reporting Manual" -- effective March 12, 2012

& here

Comptroller legislation --

Public Trust

Ethical Standards for State Agency Contractors





Governor's Presentation of Judiciary & Legislative budgets:  fiscal year 1999-2000

Governor's Presentation of Judiciary & Legislative budgets: fiscal year 2000-2001

Governor's Presentation of Judiciary & Legislative budgets:  fiscal year 2001-2002

Governor's Presentation of Judiciary & Legislative budges:  fiscal year 2002-2003

Governor's Presentation of Judiciary & Legislative budgets:  fiscal year 2003-2004

Governor's Presentation of Judiciary & Legislative budgets:  fiscal year 2004-2005

Governor's Presentation of Judiciary & Legislative budgets: fiscal year 2005-2006

Governor's Presentation of Judiciary & Legislative budgets: fiscal year 2006-2007

Governor's Presentation of Judiciary & Legislative budgets: fiscal year 2007-2008

Governor's Presentation of Judiciary & Legislative budgets: fiscal year 2008-2009

Governor's Presentation of Judiciary & Legislature budgets: fiscal year 2009-2010

Governor's Presentation of Judiciary & Legislature budgets: fiscal year 2011-2012

Governor's Presentation of Judiciary budget: fiscal year 2012-2013


October 5, 2018  "NYC Investigations chief apologizes and admits that he overstepped his bounds in agency power play"
Daily News (Greg Smith)

November 16, 2018  "DeBlasio ousts City's top watchdog, admits hiring Peters was a 'mistake"
Politico  (Gloria Pazmino, Sally Goldenberg)


Oversight of FBI & Dept of Justice

Senate Judiciary Committee's June 3, 2020 hearing on Rosenstein's handling of Russia Probe


find out what happened & to hold people accountable

Jeremiah Frei-Pearson, Esq.


bills going nowhere --
Assembly Judiciary; Assembly Gov't Operations; Senate Judiciary; Senate Investigations & Gov't Ops; Assembly Ways & Means

Non-partisan, legislative budgeting office

  concurrent resolution to establish state government integrity commission


hearing witnessess -- Aug 25


September 18, 2017 press release -- Bragg, Garnett

Janet Sabel:  November 19, 2015 







Peters Brovner LLP

outside counsel



April 28, 2021
"Former Campaign Intern Accuses Scott Stringer Of Sexual Harassment"
Gothamist  (Elizabeth Kim)

April 30, 2021
"Stringer Loses Progressive Flank in Fallout From Sexual Harassment Allegations"
Gothamist  (Gwynne Hogan)

April 30, 2021
"Roiled By Sexual Assault Allegations, Scott Stringer's Mayoral Campaign Now Hangs In The Balance"
Elizabeth Kim

May 4, 2021
"Woman Who Accused Scott Stringer Of Sexual Assault Files Complaint With NY Attorney General"
Elizabeth Kim

April 28, 2021
"NYC's Stringer Faces Groping Claim, Calls to Quit Mayor's Race"
Bloomberg (Henry Goldman)

May 4, 2021
"Woman accusing NYC mayoral candidate of sexual assault files complaint with state AG"
Politico (Erin Durkin)

May 4, 2021
"Claims by Scott Stringer Accuser Unravel As Progressive Flee New York Mayoral Candidate"
The Intercept (Ryan Grim, Rose Adams)

May 4, 2021
"Stringer accuser files 'sexual abuse' complaint against him with AG James"
New York Post (Carl Campanile)

May 4, 2021
"Scott Stringer's sex abuse accuser files lodges formal complaint
with N.Y. Attorney General James
Daily News (Michael Gartland)

April 28, 2021

"Stringer Accuser Files AG Complaint"

New York Post

AG -- Public Officers Law 17    Elections 2021 -- Public Advocate

Debt Service Bill #S.7502/A.9502


March 26, 2019
Assembly debate & Vote on FY 2019-20 Debt Service Bill
transcript: pp. 15-32

Bordeleau v. State of New York, (2011)
18 N.Y.3d 305
CJA's July 9, 2012 proposal for scholarship of Court of Appeals' decisions
on constitutional questions       



"sufficiency of itemization in the state budget"

S.7563 -- (Investigs & Gov Ops)
A.6018 -- (Ways & Means)

A.9550 (Ways & Means)

"creating the non-partisan legislative budget office"

  -- (Ethics & Internal Governance; Finance)
A.1835 -- (Gov Operations)

A.10579 (Gov Ops)
A.1600 (Gov Ops)
S.4583 (Investigs & Gov Ops)

A5717  (Gov Ops)
S2672 (Investigs & Gov Ops)

A79 (Gov Ops)
S.3450  (Investigs & Gov Ops)

A5927 (Gov Ops)
S.445 (Investigs & Gov Ops)

A.653 (Gov Ops)
S.4526 (Investigs & Gov Ops, Finance, Rules)


"enacts the public officers accountability act"

A.3945  (Gov Ops)
A.5864 (Gov Ops)
A.4617 (Gov Ops)
A.7393 (Gov Ops)

"relating to state gov't integrity"

S.594 (Judiciary, AG)
A.1282 (Gov Ops, Judiciary, AG)

A.10651 (Gov Ops, Judiciary, AG)
S.8309  (Judiciary, AG)


"integrity in gov't act"

S.1625  (Investigs & Gov Ops)

S.1941  (Investigs & Gov Ops)
S.7245 (Investigs & Gov Ops)
A.1632 (Gov Ops)

A.5827 (Gov Ops)


"Public Officers Accountability Act"/
creating a new crime for failure to report corruption"

A.3945 (Gov Ops)

A.5864 (Gov Ops)
A.4617 (Gov Ops)
A.7393 (Gov Ops)



2001-02 DOB website     Other public info website

Public Protection and General Government (#S.902/A.1302);  
draft   memo

Transportation and Economic Development (#S.903/A.1303);
draft  memo

Health, Mental Hygiene and Environmental Conservation (#S.904/A.1304);
draft   memo

Education, Labor and Family Assistance (#S.905/A.1305)
draf memo

draft  memo


Severability -- pp.



AAG Lynch's May 22, 2019 corrected reply brief in further support of defendants' motion to dismiss the amended complaint 

p. 7:  "Plaintiffs acknowledge that the Committee was empowered to recommend salary increases, and now argue that the pay increases cannot be severed from the recommendations regarding stipends and outside income.  See Pls.' Mem at 25.  Plaintiffs are correct that the recommendations should not be severed from one another, but the conclusion they draw is incorrect.  The result of correctly viewing the Committee's work in this integrated way is that, as Defendants set forth in their opening memorandum of law, all of the Committee's recommendations are within its mandate.  The test of severability is whether 'the Legislature would have wished the statute to be enforced with the invalid part exscinded, or rejected altogether.' NYS Superfund Coaltion, Inc. v. NY State Dept of Environmental Conservation, 75 NY 2d 88 (1989).  Courts have considered it 'jurisprudentially unsound' to excise particular parts of a statute or regulation where 'the product of such an effort would be a regulatory scheme that neither the Legislature nor the [agency] intended.'  Boreali v. Axelrod, 71 N.Y.2d 1, 14 (1987).   The Legislature's intent here has been made knokwn because it did not 'modify or abrogate' any of the recommendations, thereby allowing them to take effect."



December 26, 2019
"Ghost papers and news deserts: will America ever get its local news back?"
Washington Post (Jonathan O'Connell)


States Newsroom

December 15, 2020  "Growing local news deserts endanger democracy, study finds"

July 14, 2020
"Local News and Democracy"
Brian Lehrer -- interview of Margaret Sullivan

July 26, 2020
"Yes, Fake News Is a Problem.  But There's a Real News Problem, Too"
New York Times (Jennifer Szalai)



October 8, 2020
"VIDEO -- Local Journalism & The Health of Our Democracy"


Poynter -- June 9, 2020
"Google's putting $15 million in 'Supporting Local News' ad campaign"
Kristen Hare

2012 Critical Information Needs of the American Public
submitted to Federal Communications Commission by
University of Southern California Annenberg School & University of Wisconsin/Madison

vi  "8.political information, including information about candidates at all relevant levels of local governance, and about relevant public policy initiatives affecting communities and neighborhoods.
We have identified
two broad sets of critical information needs: (1) those fundamental to individuals in everyday life, and (2) those that affect larger groups and communities. They take different forms across the eight core areas of need that we have identified. Among the most basic are needs for information about the myriad elective offices in even a small American community: without basic information about candidates and their positions Americans do not even have the opportunity for informed participation in democratic life. Similarly, as public policy decisions are made across the range of areas we have discussed, citizens need access to the policy choices that face them, notice about opportunities to participate, and information on decisions that will affect them.

Institute for Nonprofit News


Knight Foundation

MacArthur Foundation

Pew Charitable Trusts

July 10, 2014 -- Pew webpage
"America's Shifting Statehouse Press:
Can New Players Compensate For Lost Legacy Reporters?

Franklin News Foundation

Organization of News Ombudsmen and Standards Editors 

John Daniszewski, Editor at Large for Standards, Associated Press, New York

Elizabeth Jensen, Former Public Editor, NPR, New York 

Kelly McBride, Public Editor, NPR, New York

Tom Kent, Columbia University, New York (Associate Member)

Jack Lessenberry, Toledo Blade, Toledo   

Ric Sandoval-Palos, PBS

Steven Springer, Voice of America

Ed Wasserman, UC Berkeley School of Journalism, Berkeley   (Associate Member)

Jeff Brown, Fourth Estate (Associate Member)



"The Future of Local News in New York City" -- 2018
Columbia Commons

pdf -- May 2018 Report

Tow Center/Tow-Knight Report

As the national crisis for local news has gained more visibility in the past year, some of the more mainstream NYC outlets have renewed their focus on local coverage. The New York Times spotlighted its metro desk in advertising campaigns, and WNYC acquired and relaunched the shuttered Gothamist site. The City, an online nonprofit news outlet, also launched in the spring of 2019 with 10 million dollars in funding from the Leon Levy Foundation, Craig Newmark Philanthropies, and the Charles H. Revson Foundation, among other individual contributors. Addressing what it classified as a “life-or-death moment for local news in New York City,” the organization focused on filling the increasing void in citywide beat coverage.

But none of these efforts have resolved one of the key issues highlighted at the 2018 Tow event—that hyperlocal and community-level local outlets in New York City are still struggling, and that, subsequently, residents are being deprived of critical information.

Taking this complexity into account, this study seeks to understand the New York City media ecosystem—print, digital, broadcast, mainstream, community, and ethnic—by examining how news organizations prioritize beats and where they see gaps in coverage, rather than counting or mapping publications. To do this, we interviewed journalism professionals at a wide range of news organizations in New York City about how they allocate resources when choosing editorial priorities, the challenges they face, where they see the gaps in coverage, and what they wish they could be doing better. These interviews also touched on questions related to the relationships between news outlets and their audiences, as well as with one another.


This study relied upon a series of interviews with 39 participants from 28 news outlets, one journalism academic center, and a philanthropic foundation. National or international news outlets were not included, unless they had dedicated metro sections. The interview subjects at the journalistic organizations were both publishers and journalists. All are identified by name except one, who wished to remain anonymous. Interviews were sought with as wide a range of news outlets as possible and potential subjects were identified from existing local news outlet databases, as well as by recommendation from industry professionals. Of the interviews conducted, 25 were with print and digital publications (11 of which were digital-only). We spoke with organizations from all five boroughs of New York City and five that publish or broadcast in a language other than English. Only two television networks and one radio station agreed to participate.


Studies have shown that local newspapers continue to produce more and better journalistic output than any other medium, and that their reporting is the basis for most local stories on broadcast media.

Analyzing news output and the extent to which it satisfies critical information needs is very helpful in getting us there, but even that misses the nuances of both accountability reporting and community journalism that are at the heart of local news coverage. Are any reporters still regularly attending city council meetings? How many reporters are consistently present during courthouse hearings? Who is informing citizens about changes in government services? Where can residents turn to make sure potholes get fixed and to see photos from Little League games?

These questions are critical to understanding the health of local news ecosystems, be they small rural communities, midsize metro areas, or major media markets like New York City. NYC’s media landscape is hardly analogous to that of less prosperous metro areas or rural communities, but it is in some ways a microcosm of broader local news phenomena. The struggles of the citywide daily papers is similar in nature, if not in scale or severity, to the market failure of newspapers detailed in The Expanding News Desert project. The rapid acquisition of community papers by the family-owned Schneps Media company, which now owns at least 33 newspapers as well as dozens of magazines and websites throughout the five boroughs, mirrors concerns about media consolidation nationwide. After Schneps bought the daily tabloid amNewYork in October and laid off more than half the newsroom, the Gothamist interviewed former Schneps employees who accused the company of “cozying up to advertisers and local powerbrokers, while muzzling critical coverage of friends and public officials close to the owners.”

At the same time, the city has become a laboratory for the same kinds of business model experimentation that are taking place across the country: the move by public radio station WNYC to resurrect the shuttered Gothamist digital publication, the proliferation of nonprofit news websites like The City and niche education site Chalkbeat, and for-profit digital upstarts like BKLYNER, which started as a network of neighborhood news sites. And as interest in some form of government intervention to rescue the journalism industry grows, the city and state have presented a few proposals of their own. In May, City Hall issued an executive order mandating that city agencies spend at least half of their annual print and online advertising budgets on community and ethnic media outlets. In October, two New York State Senators presented a bill that would “require every cable television company and telephone corporation that provides cable television service to carry a local news channel to ensure a source of local information to every community.” New York City may be a unique case study, but the successes and failures of local news here can tell us much about the potential for local news anywhere.

A number of recent articles and reports have assessed the health of local news in NYC by looking at parts of the city’s media ecosystem. Many have focused on declining resources at the leading citywide dailies, in particular the shuttering of the once mighty New York Daily News’s bureaus outside Manhattan, and the impact on accountability reporting. An in-depth CJR piece featured some of the community media and new digital publications that were trying to fill the void left by the dailies, but for the most part concluded that, with small budgets and staffs, “most would be hard-pressed to pull off investigations of pervasive problems . . . and many lack the resources to support in-depth reporting.” A “landscape analysis” by News Revenue Hub counted 90 digital news publications in New York City but found that “local news coverage is unevenly distributed across neighborhoods and boroughs . . . There are fewer digital outlets in Manhattan and Staten Island than in The Bronx, Queens, or (especially) Brooklyn.”

While the common perception across these studies is that reporting on issues of public interest had declined in the city, there is little consensus on what that looks like on a granular or hyperlocal level. Building on this work, our study aims to look more closely at what kinds of coverage these news outlets are able to maintain, and choose to prioritize, with increasingly limited resources. We spoke with a wide range of print, digital, broadcast, mainstream, community, and ethic organizations throughout the city about how they prioritize beats and areas of coverage, and seek to serve their communities. We also discussed how the digital transformation of the media landscape has changed the ways in which information circulates between news outlets and their audiences, and opportunities for collaboration. And finally, we asked these media organizations what topics and communities are going underreported, and what they would like to be covering if they had additional resources. While our study only provides a snapshot of the city’s media landscape and is far from comprehensive, we aim to provide another facet of research to the ongoing efforts to assess the challenges facing the media ecosystem in New York City and the broader crisis for local news.

The issue that perhaps most frequently tests the delineation and definition of local coverage along geographic lines is politics. In a moment in which many of the country’s most prominent political figures—President Trump, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, etc.—are all New Yorkers, the lines between national and local are often blurred. “New Yorkers in general are used to thinking of ourselves as the center of the universe anyway, so we probably would get in trouble if we didn’t [reflect that in our coverage],” joked NY1’s Errol Louis. For Jim Schachter, the former vice president for news at WNYC, “So much of what happens in New York City is a big story for the country,” he said, that distinguishing between local and national news is often a “false distinction.” (Schachter left WNYC in July shortly after this interview was conducted after seven years in the role.)

At the news organizations that maintain citywide coverage, the majority of newsrooms have none or significantly reduced geographic beats in favor of thematic ones. Despite the likely financial imperative behind these decisions, some editors presented the move as an opportunity to tap more deeply into reporters’ expertise and draw connections between “intersectional” beats in a way that benefited the audience.


One notable exception is The City, a nonprofit local news website launched in April 2019 with a staff of nearly 20, thanks to 10 million dollars in funding from several leading philanthropic foundations and individual contributors. The news outlet was created with the mission of filling the void in consistent, citywide beat coverage left by the retreat of the daily newspapers and the 2017 closure of the neighborhood news online newspaper, DNAinfo. The website follows both geographic and thematic beats, according to Editor-in-Chief Jere Hester, a Daily News veteran. The newsroom has a reporter in each borough, along with a handful of thematic beats like transportation and City Hall. An additional reporter covers juvenile justice issues in the Bronx as part of a Report for America fellowship. The South Bronx, according to the Report for America website, is “the poorest congressional district in the country, [and] is home to Horizon Juvenile Center, which . . . made headlines recently amid outbreaks of violence.”

Of the topic-based beats that news outlets said they cover, the clear winner was politics, which not only gets reported on to varying degrees by the citywide, borough-level, community and hyperlocal press, but is also the sole focus of a number of both commercial and nonprofit news outlets like City & State, POLITICO NY, Gotham Gazette, Kings County Politics/Queens County Politics, and others. Following politics in prevalence were education, transportation, criminal justice, and public housing/city planning and development. A handful of news outlets mentioned immigration as an important beat in the Trump era.

Within these broadly defined beats exist a plethora of topics, each of which is being covered in different ways. Political reporting for the Gotham Gazette, a digital news outlet published by the government watchdog group Citizens Union Foundation, is mostly in-depth coverage of City Hall and down the ballot local elections, according to Executive Editor Ben Max. For the small for-profit websites Kings County Politics and Queens County Politics, the mission is “to cover hyperlocal news from a political lens, and cover it from the ground up, rather than the marble halls down,” and starting at the granular level of local political clubs, said Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Stephen Witt.

The community and hyperlocal organizations mostly said they cover criminal justice in the mold of the traditional crime or police beat. But at the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, according to Berke, they are now looking to cover criminal justice “by looking at the systems at play.” Berke, who was hired as editorial director in April by the more than century-old paper as part of a “deepening investment in digital local news product,” said that part of the daily’s new strategy was: “We don’t cover individual crimes for the most part. We cover things that are revealing something broader about the system.”

WNYC has taken the opposite tack, choosing to marshal its efforts toward narrowly focused investigative beats like immigrations courts, as well as surveillance, privacy, and community relations issues within the NYPD, according to Jim Schachter, the former vice president for news. Editorial priorities are determined by a “process of engaging as many people in the newsroom as we can to discuss topics and issues that we should be covering,” he said, and then deploying resources to where there is “consensus of what’s important and how we can make an impact.” Schachter acknowledged that, “You can begin to imagine the vast swath of policing and criminal justice and civil justice systems that we’re not covering at all.” However, he said, “We kind of have a strategy of picking our spots and going deep on the things that we do realize.”

Neighborhood watchdog or community champion? ersation.”

Michael Hinman, editor of The Riverdale Press, agreed that finding a balance between local journalism’s watchdog role and that of community champion, was key:

You’re going to have the stuff that people want you to know and then there’s going to be this stuff no one wants you to know—and you have to have both . . . It’s less glamorous to be the reporter that covers the community board, or goes to the elementary school and covers pajama day. But our role is to tell stories, not pick and choose what kind of community we want to depict. The dream newsroom is to be able to cover all of those things—have people to do investigative work . . . to attend every [community board] meeting, and to just walk the streets.

Hinman’s vision of the dream community newsroom resonated with some of the other interviewed news outlets, but in reality, choices have to be made. Liena Zagare, the editor and publisher of the BKLYNER, said, “We don’t have that many of the bigger enterprise stories at the moment . . . because they take time and we have people that we have. ...

Zagare has been particularly frank about the kinds of sacrifices local news outlets have to make. In the September 16 edition of BKLYNER’s daily newsletter, in-between a selection of the day’s top stories, she wrote, “I hoped to have the John Dewey High School story ready this morning but had to make an unexpected stop by the pediatrician, and so it will be up tomorrow, along with our next installment on stories about homelessness.” In November, as part of a plea for subscriptions, Zagare wrote a long article that explained her perspective on the state of local news in Brooklyn:

Brooklyn has the population to be the 4th largest city in America, and yet we only have a dozen or two reporters across all the outlets combined . . . We may all purport to cover all of Brooklyn, but in reality, all of us combined don’t do it justice . . . THE CITY does great stories that have an impact—but have limited reach—something new outlets struggle with, but it seems a particular challenge for non-profit news, with the focus on just the biggest impact. It’s also the mission of these nonprofits to focus pretty exclusively on tough accountability stories, which is a good thing—but there is more to local news and living in our communities that is worth writing about, rooting for and celebrating. If you write just about the crime, and not about the good things taking place in the community it is easy to distort reality. I want a bit of candy with my kale. I want balance.

David Cruz, editor-in-chief of the bi-weekly nonprofit community newspaper in the northwest Bronx, the Norwood News, echoed some of Zagare’s comments when speaking about coverage of the Bronx in the city’s legacy news outlets. He praised many of the big investigations written by The New York Times, for example, but mentioned they sometimes amounted to isolated “parachute reporting” that only focused on crime-related or other kinds of “serious stories, hard news.” ..

When it comes to “enterprise” reporting, the only news outlets that said they regularly conducted or prioritized investigative pieces were either the specialized nonprofit outlets or the best-resourced newsrooms. Both Levy of The Times and Schachter, formerly of WNYC, said their news outlets had moved to focus on investigations in lieu of daily reporting. Levy said that the Metro desk was unique in comparison to other local news outlets in that its main challenge was finding “where does metro fit in a global news organization like The New York Times?” “There is limited space on our home screen,” he said, “and so we have to be even more nimble and even better, because we’re competing against the latest Trump news or the latest news out of Paris or London or Beijing.” The Metro desk’s hard-hitting series on the taxi medallion industry, for example, had spun off from the paper’s reporting on President Trump’s now incarcerated former lawyer, Michael Cohen.

While The Times’s competition may be mostly internal, most of the news organizations were frank that their editorial priorities are occasionally decided with other outlets in mind. Unsurprisingly, many of the interviewees said they look to differentiate themselves by finding stories their competitors aren’t covering. “Is someone else doing it?,” said Berke of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, when asked how he prioritizes beats. “Can we own it? That’s really it.” Jarrett Murphy, executive editor of the city’s oldest investigative journalism nonprofit, City Limits, explained how the city’s changing media ecosystem has impacted his organization: “Recently, we have sort of narrowed our editorial focus,” he said, “because, frankly, we have some more competition in the nonprofit sphere . . . We’re not changing our brand, so much as trying to sharpen it, so we have an easier story to tell. So, we’ve basically kicked a couple of beloved editorial buckets to the side.”

Murphy said that rather than compete with well-funded nonprofits like The Marshall Project or ProPublica or The City on criminal justice, or Chalkbeat on education, City Limits has chosen to focus on other areas. ... And lastly, election coverage of local races, which he said, despite the number of outlets covering politics, still goes underreported. York, from the Daily News, also mentioned increased competition from the nonprofit sector in the context of difficulties with “staff retention,” and the loss of well-sourced veteran reporters with deep institutional knowledge. Three former Daily News reporters left to work for The City.

Initially, Murphy said, City Limits’ pitch to funders was “no one’s doing investigative work. You’ve got to fund this.” While enterprise reporting is still rare in the wider NYC media ecosystem, within the ever-growing field of nonprofit journalism “that has changed to a great degree,” he said. Speaking of the daily beat reporting that used to be central to newspaper coverage, he said, “It’s the sort of day-to-day stuff that is falling by the wayside.” Explaining the importance of this kind of coverage, a report by Tony Proscio for the Revson Foundation described it as the “routine explanatory reporting that makes it possible to portray the day-to-day reality of local life, and also makes it far easier to identify an opportunity for investigative or enterprise reporting when it arises.”

Chasing Daily Beats versus Looking for Impact 

The City, while itself a nonprofit news outlet, would like to fill that void of day-to-day reporting. Describing the organization’s mission, Editor-in-Chief Jere Hester said:

We have no grand illusions that we are going to get granularity of coverage with one person covering all of Queens. And certainly not what DNAinfo was able to do in terms of volume of stories and the Daily News and others back in the day. But the way we’re deploying those reporters is really with a kind of mission. We set a high bar, to find borough stories that transcend the neighborhood. So that it is not just a story about a broken traffic signal on one block in Brooklyn. It is a bigger story about Vision Zero [a City Hall program seeking to end traffic-related deaths and injuries in the city] and other issues that folks may be having elsewhere. Something that’s going to resonate, we hope, with a good number of folks and say something about what it means to be a New Yorker today. I think another really big important function of the reporters in the boroughs is that we can use them to connect the dots, right? So if we’re seeing something that’s happening in the Bronx that’s similar to something that’s happening in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, etc., this really gives us a chance to get out ahead on bigger stories.

This mission to find stories that “transcend” a specific community came up repeatedly in interviews with news outlets of varying sizes, and gets at a tension that is at the heart of editorial decision making for local newsroom in an era of limited resources. When is a local story too local, and to what audience exactly is a news organization trying to speak? This challenge was highlighted to comical effect in a statement outlining the editorial strategy for amNewYork after its sale to Schneps Media: the “approach is to make it a local paper, but not too micro-local.”

Speaking of the changes that have occurred at the Daily News in recent years, Editor-in-Chief Robert York said, “This newspaper was trying desperately to be all things to all people. Which is just, regardless of how big your newsroom is, or how small it is, that’s a very difficult thing.” The mission of the Daily News now, he said, was defined by “scope control.” And, he added, “We expect our reporters to be very entrepreneurial,” which he explained as being “willing to do a variety of different things, as opposed to ‘I just cover the Queen’s DA. That’s all I do.’” If reporters want to get away from the daily work to focus on a longer story, he said, “as entrepreneurs, sometimes you’ve got to sell that idea [to your editor]. But, if it’s a good idea, it’s going to sell . . . a lot of this falls on the reporters to be able to pitch ideas.”

For York, who has to answer to bosses in the executive suites at Tribune Publishing (and now the much-reviled hedge fund Alden Global Capital, which bought a 32 percent stake in Tribune in November), the guiding principle for allocating editorial resources may be “scope control.” But for editors at Chalkbeat, who have to answer to philanthropic funders, the answer is “impact.” Journalists have always been proud when their reporting has led to demonstrable consequences, be it for individuals or in the policy realm. In the era of nonprofit journalism, that is an imperative, from both a mission and a funding perspective.

Carrie Melago, Chalkbeat’s managing editor for local news, said the organization considers it “really important to pick stories where a policy might get changed.” The outlet uses a framework called MORI—Measures of Our Reporting’s Influence—which, Melago said, tracks things like “how many people picked up this story? Did we appear on the radio to talk about it? Did a council person include it in their city council testimony? Is it mentioned in a lawsuit?” In late 2019, Chalkbeat also issued a five-year “strategic plan” that outlined the organization’s plans to grow from seven to 18 local bureaus by 2025. The outlet said it would simultaneously be looking to: “Deepen our impact. Across our seven bureaus, we are learning what type of work has the biggest impact. It’s a mix of the mundane (showing up where no one else does) and the lofty (identifying important lessons learned, bringing transgressions and challenges to light, and offering sharp analysis that fosters understanding).”

Chalkbeat may be unique in its applied measurement framework, but most of the journalism organizations interviewed, in both the for- and nonprofit sectors, highlighted community impact as a guiding principle when prioritizing coverage. Trying to determine that impact is essential, they nearly all said, when deciding whether to field reporters to attend community board meetings or observe courthouse proceedings. For Zagare of BKLYNER, like many of the other interviewees, channeling resources toward impact means identifying the community board meeting, for example, that “no one’s going to be covering, where something’s going to be happening. Or if there’s a story [we’ve been covering], where there’s likely to be a big development.”

Coverage of community board meetings varies widely across the media ecosystem. At the hyperlocal level, a handful of outlets like the Norwood News and The Tribeca Trib make the effort to attend regularly, despite limited resources. Carl Glassman, editor and sole editorial employee of The Tribeca Trib, said that on average he attends around six community board meetings per month. In the many years he’s been attending these meetings, he’s seen the presence of reporters ebb and flow. After watching the number of journalists in attendance decline in the 21st century, he said, there was a brief uptick at the peak of DNAinfo and the hyperlocal news platform Patch’s influence. “At a certain point a few years ago, there could be up to five reporters,” he said. “Now it’s gone back to the way it was before, which is . . . a lot of times it’s just me again.”

The medium-sized community news outlets said they might attend meetings on a monthly basis, prioritized certain more dynamic community boards over others, or chose to attend based on the importance of items on the agenda. Many of the news outlets said they would never have time to attend most meetings, but at the same time saw them as important places for story generation and to cultivate sources. “It takes a lot of determination to really keep going to community board meetings,” said Traven Rice, co-founder and publisher of The Lo-Down. “But that’s where you get everything. All the info that you can possibly need to lead you down the road to do different stories.”

Hester said some of the The City’s scoops have come from “just being there” at meetings. He highlighted a series the outlet published about dubious use of public funds by community boards on things like an SUV and branded swag, which led to the city council placing limits on how community boards can spend funds. At the same time, he said, he couldn’t expect his one Brooklyn reporter to cover the borough’s 18 community boards and have time to report bigger stories. “I want those daily beat stories,” he said. “But I want the good ones that can lead to the great ones three weeks away, and then the one shaking the city to its very core that’s three months away. As long as we’ve got people working on these tracks all the time, I think that’s where we’re gonna find our balance.”

While several of the outlets interviewed shared stories in which a reporter’s presence at a random meeting led to a scoop, it’s the meetings that don’t get covered that haunted them most. In her subscription-appeal article, Zagare of BKLYNER gave a specific example:

Just this week, we did not have the resources to cover an important traffic safety meeting about Coney Island Avenue—something we and I in particular care and have written a lot about over the almost 12 years of covering the area. But—I was exhausted, and some of our advertisers were taking their sweet time to pay, and I had no extra money to hire someone to cover a meeting that would take hours to attend and report on. So we did not. And as far as I know—no news outlet did, though it was an important meeting.

In fact—we only had someone at 1/4 of the community meetings we wanted to cover this week. Community boards, police precincts, community education councils—places where decisions get made about land use, policing and school rezoning efforts. Community groups and grassroots organizations, charity work by neighbors. You probably don’t know they ever took place. And if we failed to cover your event—this is why.

Finding the Gaps in Coverage

A central “part of the problem of the decline of local news,” according to Jim Schachter, formerly of WNYC, is that “we don’t know what we don’t know.” Nonetheless, there was a rough consensus between the interviewed news outlets about the topics that are going underreported in the New York City’s current media landscape. Reports by former Newsday journalist Paul Moses and former Daily News editor Arthur Browne have both noted the disappearance of consistent beat coverage from “outer-borough” courthouses in the wake of the closure of the dailies’ borough bureaus. This was confirmed by our interviewees, all of whom said that outside of a handful of the city’s most prominent federal courthouses—such as the one that hosted the trial of Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, where dozens of reporters camped outside overnight to earn a spot inside—none of the courts are now routinely covered by assigned beat reporters.

“The courts in New York City have been woefully under covered,” said Hester of The City. He mentioned not just the criminal courts, but also “civil court, which really speaks to people’s challenges.” David Cruz, editor-in-chief of the Norwood News, also singled out the dearth of courthouse reporting, as well as wider criminal justice issues like “bail reform and alternative methods to incarceration.”

“Certain agencies get perfectly fine coverage,” according to NY1’s Errol Louis. Coverage of the Department of Education and the NYPD, for example, may be imperfect, he said. “But people are diligent, and important stories tend to not get missed. And more importantly, the agency knows that they are being watched by a group of reporters who can’t be swatted away or bullshitted.” But generally speaking, Louis said, echoing many of the other interviewees:

We’re not covering the agencies the way we should . . . We’re not covering the courts. ...

Fellowship programs like Report for America have attempted to fill some of these gaps, placing reporters on narrowly targeted beats at a handful of news outlets, such as juvenile justice in the Bronx at The City...

 Imagining a Newsroom with More Resources 

...Stephen Witt, publisher and editor-in-chief of Kings County Politics and Queens County Politics, gestured to the surroundings of the coffee shop where his interview took place and called it his “away office.” His primary office, he said, is his home’s basement.

For these smaller outlets, many of whom are scraping by while hoping to find a path to financial sustainability, any additional resources would be first put to cover essential costs, like office space. They also mentioned difficulties in hiring and retaining reporters and how they would use higher salaries to attract better talent and flesh out administrative support and infrastructure. Traven Rice of The Lo-Down mentioned the need for a dedicated marketing team. Ben Max of the Gotham Gazette said he could use a deputy editor to help him manage his team of reporters and interns, and a dedicated staff member to work on audience and revenue growth. Carl Glassman of The Tribeca Trib said it would be a relief to have just one other reporter to relieve him of some of his duties as the sole editorial staff member.


According to City Limits Executive Editor Jarrett Murphy, “There’s a two million-dollar plan, and there’s a 20 million-dollar plan . . . If I had one extra reporter, I would put them on the climate [beat]. If I had a bunch of reporters,” he said, he would expand City Limits’ investigative work into hyperlocal borough coverage. (In early December 2019, Report for America announced it would place a fellow at City Limits to cover climate change and its implications for New York City as part of its 2020–2021 cohort.) Ben Max of the Gotham Gazette also dreamed of expanding into borough-based accountability and public policy reporting, particularly in the Bronx, as well as hiring a City Council reporter.

Murphy and Max’s wishes indirectly alluded to a distinction that emerged between newsrooms of different means: Many of the community and hyperlocal outlets dreamed of having the ability to pursue more in-depth investigative and accountability reporting, while many of the citywide organizations spoke of wanting to deliver more consistent coverage across the boroughs. Max of the Gotham Gazette spoke of the need to have more opportunities for collaboration between outlets that served different audiences, particularly with the ethnic and foreign-language media. “How do we get a better sense of what that ecosystem looks like?” he said. “Are there ways to work together better?”


Engaging with the Community

Stephen Witt of Kings County Politics and Queens County Politics also dreamed of expanding his political websites into the other boroughs, but he said he feared the tight-knit world of grantmaking was closed off to people who weren’t in the right circles. He wasn’t the only person with this concern. A fair number of the other interviewed news outlets grumbled and were incredulous about the decision to pour so much money into the launch of The City, rather than disperse it to existing organizations.

Beyond the founding of The City by major philanthropic foundations, Witt watched as publications such as City Limits, the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, the New York Daily News, and NY1 have received grants from places like the Facebook Journalism Project Community Network, WordPress’s Newspack project, the Poynter-Koch Media & Journalism Fellowship, and Report for America. Despite feeling excluded, he wasn’t giving up, however. “My pitch [to funders] would be I’m fiercely independent.” he said, “I’m an outlier.” “I believe in training reporters from the community,” he added. “I’m not that interested in their degrees . . . I like people that work side jobs. I like people that live life . . .I think the best way to cover the community, ideally, is to get someone living in the community and train them.” He said he saw his mission as inspiring more civic engagement in local communities. “You can blame the politicians and you can blame the Board of Elections, but the media’s not doing something right when only 10 percent of Queens’ voters turn out,” he said. “The media should take some responsibility for NYC’s low voter turnout.”

While the better-resourced nonprofit news organizations like The City and WNYC have carefully designed “community engagement” plans and strategies, and well-resourced for-profit outlets like The New York Times and NY1 are in constant digital communication with their audiences, the popular journalism industry term did not resonate with many of the smaller community-based news organizations. “It’s a luxury of time and resources again, I think, to a degree,” said Zagare of BKLYNER. “Do we hold coffee hour? No, because nobody has the time for that,” she said. “I think often times people don’t quite appreciate how hard small outlets work, and how little time people have . . . [ But] we live in the communities we cover. We’re not, foreigners. We’re not strangers.”


In response to The City’s initiative to hold a series of open meetings with communities in public libraries throughout Brooklyn, Witt said:

I’m a little skeptical of it but it’s interesting . . . they always talk about community policing where cops are actually walking the beats. You know, don’t go to the library, fan out. Tell them, “These next two weeks we’re going to be in Bed-Stuy.” All the reporters are going to be there, walking around. They’re going to go in the stores, into the barber shops . . . You walk in, you eat the food, you get a haircut, it’s the only way. The library idea just seems too, kind of, white and academic. I mean, maybe it’ll work . . . It’s a nice try. I’m not dissing it.

Hester said that before launching The City, the borough-based reporters did significant outreach in their communities and that reporters “are going out during the day and weekends in the parks and just talking to people.”

Enriching the Media Ecosystem 

While some media outlets may see The City as competition, the news organization and its funders view its role as “first and foremost, hopefully, a catalyst for local news in New York City overall,” said publisher John Wotowicz. “We can achieve success if others grow their news gathering and reporting capabilities, either directly or indirectly, as a result of the fact that the broader local news arena has been energized.” Besides injecting some constructive competitive spirit into the media market, one element of that plan has been encouraging media outlets to republish The City’s work. Hester said that, as of late October 2019, outlets ranging from community newspaper the Queens Courier to WNYC had republished their stories 768 times since The City’s launch in April. The publication has also collaborated on reporting with others nonprofit news outlets like Chalkbeat and The Trace, as well as New York Magazine, which provided The City’s content management system and initial design and tech support.

For the Revson Foundation, a key funder of The City, as well as WNYC and other local media organizations, this is a critical part of the foundation’s long-term move to fortify the NYC media ecosystem. The foundation’s president, Julie Sandorf, wrote of their investment strategy:

Investigative journalism is essential but content must be amplified by distributors who can reach as wide an audience as possible. Nothing can replace experienced and expert journalists—investment in expanding the number of high quality journalists is essential. And, without the distribution “megaphones” that are not only authoritative, but also wide-reaching, great content will not achieve its intended impact.

Schachter and Louis said that featuring journalists from other outlets on WNYC and NY1 programming to discuss their reporting, was a crucial part of the “megaphone” role. The daily and community newspapers, Louis said, are “basically our assignment pages on some level. We do a fair amount of enterprise [reporting], but we’re always looking at their stuff.” Bob Hardt, the political director of NY1, said Louis makes an effort to include members of the community and ethnic media as part of the “reporters’ round table” on his TV program “Inside City Hall” whenever possible. “They are trying to get my attention,” Louis said. “I know that they know that I’m one of their primary audiences . . . and I’m relying on them . . . I feel like I have a whole team behind me that doesn’t work here, but that are going to do what we’re supposed to do collectively as an industry, which is hold these folks accountable.”

 ...Accountability reporting doesn’t have any impact until it appears in English, she wrote in a critical article for Poynter about The New York Times’s investigation into the New York nail salon industry, which she said lacked nuance. ...

Is New York City a News Desert? 

... Julie Sandorf of the Revson Foundation said it was unreasonable to use the same frame of reference to compare New York City with a “town in North Carolina.” She said there were clear content gaps in the media ecosystem, one of them being authoritative, borough-wide beat accountability reporting, which The City had been founded to address.

NY1’s Joel Siegel took the middle ground: “I don’t think you can make a blanket statement that nobody is covering local news, or even that it’s just a shell of what it was. I don’t know how to quantify it,” he said. “I think it’s robust. I don’t think it’s as robust as it was, or as ideally as it should be, in a city of eight-and-a-half million people.”


There was some consensus in our interviews that while even if the city’s media ecosystem as a whole defies easy classification, there are certain, specific topical news deserts (courts, healthcare, and the municipal hospital system) and geographic ones (Staten Island). That said, even in its heyday, there were always gaps in NYC local coverage that reflected wider societal, economic, and racial inequities. Discussing the history of City Limits, which originally founded to do in-depth reporting on housing, and later expanded to cover other civic and policy issues, Executive Editor Jarrett Murphy said:

This idea that New York City has this very rich media environment, and yet there are still things that go uncovered is kind of the rationale behind our founding, which was back in the mid-70s when, frankly, there was a lot more healthy metro coverage and everybody had, you know, five reporters, or more, at City Hall . . . Even back then the feeling was that outer borough neighborhoods were not getting covered. Even though you had this level of local coverage doing good work on City Hall, and keeping the mayor accountable, and covering local politics, and courts, and cops, really important stories were falling by the wayside. Either because of the geography, or the demographics, or the nature of the story . . . So, City Limits was set up really to kind of fill that gap.

As the media ecosystem has changed, the quantity of information available may not directly correspond to its reach. While acknowledging that there’s “probably generally less” of it, “there’s a lot of accountability reporting [still] happening,” said Schachter, formerly of WNYC. “It’s just more specialized.” To some, the media-centric news desert question was the wrong one to be asking. The problem, according to Zagare of BKLYNER, was not on the supply side, but on that of the consumer:

...Everyone seems to be so focused on what the outlets are doing, as opposed to how people are getting the news. Ultimately, I think the big problem that we have as a society is a lack of a common conversation about what’s going on . . . When there are big issues, it’s not that those issues haven’t been written about by somebody. It’s that nobody knows that they were written . . .

Errol Louis agreed that “what is missing is a feedback loop from the public.” “We should probably be a little bit less backward-facing about, ‘Gee, why can’t we reproduce the old metro section of The New York Times?’” he said, “and more forward-looking in saying, ‘What do people care about and what have they proved that they care about?’” From his perspective, the indicator of that preference would come from whatever kind of news delivery or content people were willing to pay for. “Let’s figure out what they are paying for and see if we can offer them more, and maybe they will help explain to us what we are not doing right.”

Clifford Levy believes the salvation for local news lies with service journalism. “At the end of the day, we have to find a profit-driven business model,” he said. Elsewhere, the successful model for news has proven to be, he said, that “if you can very intensely cover a particular sector and make yourself an indispensable read, you can get people to pay for it. But no one yet has shown, ‘Oh, we’re going to become an indispensable read for people who live in a particular place.’” The general bundle of local accountability news that The City represents, he said, while vitally important, “is much harder to get people to pay for. You need a publication that really addresses all needs, and that means [in addition to accountability news]—weather, traffic, [subway delays], where to go out, what to eat—something that brings that all under one place and says, ‘Hey, for 5, 7, 10 dollars a month, we’re going to give you the news that you need, but we’re also going to give you all these things to ensure that you live a better life.’ That’s what people will pay for.”

Whether a successful financial model for their work exists or not, many of the community and ethnic outlets already view their roles as performing a form of service journalism. ..


While its size and diversity make it challenging to classify the New York City media ecosystem as a whole, a rough consensus emerged between the dozens of media outlets interviewed for this study on two points: First, that there are specific areas where there are clear gaps in coverage (healthcare and hospitals, and courthouses). And second, that the city’s media ecosystem is not what it once was, or what most of the interview subjects would like it to be. But the severity and exact nature of that change is still up for debate. While the daily newspapers provide significantly less borough-wide, political beat reporting than before, for example, there are a number of new, niche and community political publications providing in-depth coverage. Some question, however, whether that reporting can have the desired impact if a fractured media ecosystem means it’s not reaching the intended audience, or being picked up on by citywide outlets. News deserts, to some degree, are in the eye of the beholder.

Future quantitative and qualitative methodologies of both producers and consumers of news will likely be necessary to help determine the exact nature of what has occurred in the New York City media ecosystem. While it will never be possible to fully reveal the extent of “we don’t know what we don’t know,” these studies will be critical to inform the debate as policy and philanthropy sectors become increasingly interested in “correcting the market failure” for local news. As with most issues related to local news, potential solutions are likely to be heavily context-specific and resistant to scale. The economic or editorial model that works for a Queens newspaper dependent on revenue from printed legal notices, for example, is unlikely to be helpful for a digital ethnic media outlet trying to build an audience in New York and among a wider diaspora movement.

Better and more far-reaching collaboration is likely to play an important role in fortifying the media ecosystem. There is an opportunity to develop partnerships between the sectors that are already actively collaborating, and the community and ethnic media, which are often excluded from these initiatives. While these smaller organizations are eager for more collaboration that results in reaching wider audiences and having more impact, they also recognize the pitfalls of asymmetric power relations, and insist that any partnerships would have to be truly equitable. Institutions like the CUNY Center for Community and Ethnic Media and Montclair State’s Center for Cooperative Media might be particularly well poised to play a key role in convening, capacity building, and resource gathering.

It remains to be seen what the future holds for new publications like The City, upon whose editorial and financial nonprofit model so much hope rests. As ambitious as its newsroom and funders may be, no one outlet—particularly one with 20 reporters—can fill the void left by the cessation of both DNAinfo’s community-based coverage and the Daily News’s aggressive, borough-wide accountability reporting. But if its vision of consistent beat reporting that reaches a diverse audience is realized along with a path to long-term financial sustainability, it will be an important accomplishment. Any ecosystem’s health relies on that of all its organisms, and so every media organization—and residents in the city—should have a vested interest in its survival. If the world’s media capital cannot succeed in doing so, the implications will be grave for the future of local news far beyond the five boroughs.



A more serious problem than "news deserts"

Baldwin Herald
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The River-Hudson Valley Newsroom





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Mid-Hudson News








December 6, 2019
"Republicans leaving the state senate"
City & State (Zach Williams)

December 17, 2019  (Announced in Politico's Dec 20, 2019 "New YorkPlaybook")
"New York's State of Play -- 2020
Marathon Strategies

December 19, 2019
"WFP backs Gianaris, Salazar, Kim And Niou"
State of Politics (Nick Reisman)

December 19, 2019
"CWA Announces Early Endorsements of 7 Senate Dems"
State of Politics (Nick Reisman)

December 20, 2019
"WFP asks candidates to stop defending taxpayers"
Politico  (Bill Mahoney)

January 23, 2020
"Assemblywoman Bichotte: The New Queen of Kings Democrats"
Bklyner (Ben Brachfeld)

January 28, 2020
"GOP picks Palumbo to run for LaValle Senate district"
Newsday (Yancy Roy)

January 28, 2020
"State Senator Alessandra Biaggi picks Mimi Rochah over Anthony Scarpino in race for DA"
Gannett (Mark Lungariello)

March 3, 2020
"New York cancels Republican presidentia

December 2, 2019
"Early starts for local 2020 elections...Robin Schimminger"
Buffalo Rising (Ken Kruly)

December 6, 2019
"Razenhofer announces retirement plans, angling begins to replace him in the state senate"

l primary"
Politico (Bill Mahoney)

March 25, 2020
"Flanagan won't run for reelection"
Politico (Bill Mahoney)

March 25, 2020
"State Senate Minority Leader John Flanagan won't seek re-election"
Albany Times Union (Cayla Harris, Amanda Fries)

March 25, 2020
"Sen. John Flanagan, once NY's top Republican, won't seek reelection"
Newsday (Michael Gormley, Yancey Roy)

Among the Republicans immediately mentioned as potential successors as minority leader were Sens. Patrick Gallivan (R-Elma), Robert Ortt (R-North Tonawanda) and Fred Akshar (R-Binghamton).
Among the names immediately mentioned as potential candidates to run for Flanagan's Senate seat were Assemblyman Michael Fitzpatrick (R-St. James) and Suffolk County Legislator Robert Trotta.
"I'm certainly considering it," Fitzpatrick said Wednesday, adding that he's been more focused on helping constituents impacted by the coronavirus pandemic than electoral politics."

April 10, 2020
"Cuomo Announces Absentee Ballots for All in June; What to Know"
Gotham Gazette (Samar Khurshid)

April 19, 2020
"New York assemblywoman may be barred from re-election due to paperwork error"
New York Post (Carl Campanile, Lee Brown)

April 21, 2020
"Filing Error May Cost Democrats long-held state Assembly seat"
New York Post (Carl Campanile)

January 22, 2020
"Just the facts -- campaign filings of state legislators"
Buffalo Rising (Ken Kruly)

January 15, 2020
"Geoff Kelly talks politics on 'Press Pass'"
Investigative Post

December 18, 2020
"Mychajliw's mudied campaign finances"
Investigative Post


here  Pro PUblica

December 23, 2019 press release --
"Attorney General James Releases Annual Report Highlighting Key Actions Undertaken In 2019"

Attorney General James' 2019 Annual Report

AG Public Integrity Bureau





* * *

April 24, 2020
Gov Cuomo's press release "Amid Ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic, Governor Cuomo Issues Executive Order To Make Sure That Every New Yorker Automatically Receives A Postage-Paid Absentee Ballot Application"

Governor Cuomo's June 30, 2020 Executive Order #202.46


New York State Board of Elections


*  *  *

Banyan Project

October 2, 2018 -- "No News is Bad News"
Manhattan Institute (Judith Miller)






2013 Senate Journal

December 23, 2019
"Do an honest diagnosis"

Albany Times Union (editorial) 

Jan 3, 2020

Susan Arbetter -- Capitol Pressroom --Dan Clark -- August 9, 2019 -- legal issues

  S.1013   A.5488

Legislative Bill Drafting Commission

Senate Elections Committee -- Annual Reports:   2018   Dec. 27, 2018   2017  Jan. 29, 2018

Ethics & Internal Governance -- 2017   (Feb 16, 2018)

Investigation & Government Committee 2017   (Jan. 29, 2018)

Finance Committee  2017  (Jan. 29, 2018)

Rules Committee  2017  (Jan. 29, 2018)

Local Government 2017   (Jan. 29, 2018)

Judiciary  2017  (Jan. 29, 2018)

Corporations   (Jan. 29, 2018)

Crime Victims, Crime & Corrections  2017 (Jan. 29, 2018)    2018  Jan. 8, 2019



Table of Contents  Expenditure Report  Oct 1, 2018 - March 31, 2019   August 2019 Paulino coverletter

payroll report -- September 4, 2019   Payroll Report -- end date September 4, 2019

Assembly Expenditure Report -- October 1, 2018- March 31, 2019



links:   Staten Island Advance

Pro Publica

National Review Institute

November 15, 2013:
"Is IKEA the new model for the Conservative movement?
New Yorker (Jane Mayer)


Bank of Chenango v. Brown,

Matter of Callahan

Solow v. Grace

Division of Appeals and Opinions -- recruitment

click here for webpages for:

CJA's May 16, 2018 NOTICE/complaint
to then-Acting Attorney General Underwood --

"NOTICE:  Corruption and Litigation Fraud by Former Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and his Office – and Your Duty to Take Investigative and Remedial Action, most immediately, in the Citizen-Taxpayer Action: Center for Judicial Accountability, et al. v. Cuomo,…Schneiderman, et al. (Albany Co. #5122-16; RJI #01-16-122174) and pursuant to 'The Public Trust Act' (Penal Law §496: 'Corrupting the government')"

CJA's May 30, 2018 letter to Attorney General Underwood
"What is the Status? – CJA’s May 16, 2018 letter:...
 (1) Disclosure of facts giving rise to your duty to secure appointment of independent/outsidel counsel to investigate and report on your ethical and law enforcement obligations with respect to the May 16, 2018 NOTICE, or a special prosecutor;

(2) FOIL/records request – conflicts of interest; Executive Law §63.11; legislative oversight.



The right to representation by counsel of one's own choosing is not absolute and may be overridden, but courts must "carefully scrutinize []" any restriction of that valuable right ( S S Hotel Ventures Ltd. Partnership v 777 S. H. Corp., 69 NY2d 437, 443; see Matter of Advent Assoc, LLC v Vogt Family Inv. Partners, L.P., 56 AD3d 1023, 1024).

Mancheski v. Gabelli

Cerqueira v. Clivilles

Manufacturers Hanover

Citing --

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43 AD2d 439, 443 (1974)






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3rd Dept.


March 7, 2017
"For Years, City Spent $300 an Hour Looking for $5,000"
New York Times (Jim Dwyer)

disqualification-rule of necessity

XX    ZZ      XX   OO 

Investigative Post


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Matter of 381 Search Warrants

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Dashnaw v Town of Peru, 111 AD3d at 1225

Matter of Tilcon v Town of Poughkeepsie, 87 AD3d 1148, 1150 (2nd Dept 2011)


[ Report in Support of 2019-2020 Judiciary Budget Request

April 8, 2019 -- Budget Recap

Supreme Court Ethics -- City Bar on recusal]

January 29, 2019 conflict of interest policy ]




Brennan Center for Justice

CJA's August 23, 2012 e-mail to Larry Norden:  "Subject: Predicating Electoral Endorsements on the Brennan Center's Recommended Legislative Rule Changes"

Larry Norden's August 28, 2012 e-mail to CJA -- "Subject: Re: Predicating Electoral Endorsements on the Brennan Center's Recommended Legislative Rule Changes"

CJA's September 6, 2012 e-mail -- "Subject:  The Unconstitutionality of NYS' Legislative Rules, as Written & as Applied"

Carson Whitelemons September 7, 2012 e-mail to CJA -- "Subject: Your recent inquiries to the Brennan Center"

CJA's September 7, 2012 e-mail to Lee Rowland -- "Subject: Reforming NYS Government NOW:  The Unconstitutionality of NYS' Legislative Rules, as Written & as Applied"

Lee Rowland's September 7, 2012 e-mail to CJA -- "RE: Subject: Reforming NYS Government NOW:  The Unconstitutionality of NYS' Legislative Rules, as Written & as Applied"

CJA's January 5, 2013 e-mail to Larry Norden, etc. -- "Subject: Expert Opinion Needed: The Most Important Votes of the Upcoming 236th Legislative Session"


*     *     *      


CJA's September 6, 2012 e-mail -- "Subject:  The Unconstitutionality of NYS' Legislative Rules, as Written & as Applied"

         CJA's August 21, 2012 e-mail -- "Subject: Countdown to the 2012 Primary & General Elections -- Safeguarding our Democracy by DOING WHAT YOU DO BEST!"

         CJA's August 21, 2012 e-mail -- "Subject: Countdown to the 2012 Primary & General Elections -- and to the 2017 Ballot Question Whether There Should Be a NYS Constitutional Convention"

         CJA's August 23, 2012 e-mail:  "Subject: Predicating Electoral Endorsements on the Brennan Center's Recommended Legislative Rule Changes"

CJA's September 7, 2012 e-mail -- "Subject: Reforming NYS Government NOW:  The Unconstitutionality of NYS' Legislative Rules, as Written & as Applied"

CJA's January 5, 2013 e-mail to Dean Eric Lane, etc. -- "Subject: Expert Opinion Needed: The Most Important Votes of the Upcoming 236th Legislative Session"







Shattenkirk v. FInnerty -- (3rd Dept)

Martinez v. Commission

  PRESS 2019

April 10, 2019
"H. Carl McCall to retire as SUNY board of trustees chairman"
Syracuse.com (AP)

Assemblyman Mark Walczyk

Senator Patti Ritchie --
member of Finance Committee/ ranking member-local gov't

January 21, 2019
"Don't give this corrupt politician a chance at a comeback"
New York Post

January 22, 2019
"DiNapoli typifies weakness of state government"
The Island Now (ltr to the editor)


"Griffo named to Senate Rules Committee" -- January 13, 2019

"Switching Sides"
Columbia Journalism Review (Ross Barkan) (Winter 2019 -- March 7, 2019)


February 28, 2019
"Is this the year Albany rids itself of corruption and scandals?"
Gannett-LoHud  (Chad Arnold)



November 15, 2016 "Commission Failed in Not Increasing State Lawmaker Compensation", Citizen Union (Dick Dadey)

"Dedicated Legislature"

April 15, 2019
"Lobbying Spending In NY Hits A Record"
WAMC  (Blair Horner)


January 10, 2019
"'Investigations battle' talk shows need for independent probes"
Adirondack Daily Enterprise (editorial)

January 17, 2019
"Skoufis, Abinanti squabble with Cuomo over new roles in probing government misdeeds"
Gannett/Journal News (Nancy Cutler)

Reinvent Albany Press Release & Testimony


Assembly Speaker Heastie's referred-to 2016 letter



VIDEO of November 30, 2018 hearing
(at 45:45 mins)


click here for:  EVIDENCE that was handed up





*  *  *

September 17, 2012 article: 
 "State Judges Lose Bid for Retroactive Pay", Joel Stashenko

Assemblywoman Pat Fahy – 109th Assembly District;


Assemblywoman Mary Beth Walsh – 112th Assembly District, who is a lawyer and sits on such relevant committees as the Assembly Committee on Local Governments


Senator George Amedore – 46th Senate District, who sits on such relevant committee as the Senate Judiciary Committee



As discussed, there are lawyers among them – as, for instance,   


investigative steps were taken by the Senate and Assembly committees – all of whom are being sued the press had NO did not believe that the press





Sheelah Kolhatar

March 7, 2018
"Public corruption cases drive push"

February 12, 2018
"Cuomo's poll drop means nothing"
NY Observer (Bradley Tusk)

February 10, 2018
"Brian Kolb tackling misconduct accusations over race for governor"

January 23, 2018
"Political Corruption Trial Has New Yorkers Grumbling"
Courthouse News (Alan Klasfeld)

January 22, 2018
here  & here
CBS (Marcia Kramer)

January 22, 2018
"County GOPs begin backing Kolb as governor"
Wayne Post (Julie Sherwood)

"Governor pulls in real estate contributions through egregious loophole"
Crain's Business (Will Bredderman)

January 16, 2018
"Cuomo enters re-election year with highest favorability rating in years"

January 16, 2018
"55 percent of voters likely to re-elect Cuomo"
Spectrum News

January 16, 2018
"Siena poll shows Cuomo with wind at his back"
Albany Times Union (Matt Hamilton)

January 14, 2018
"The Next GOP panic: Governors races"
Politico (Gabriel DeBenedetti, Daniel Strauss)

January 8, 2018
Cox: GOP candidates for governor pledge not to have a primary"
Albany Times Union (Matt Hamilton)

"GOP has shortlist of potential candidates for governor"
NPR (Karen DeWitt)

January 8, 2018
"Cox: GOP candidates for governor pledge to not have a primary"
Albany Times Union (Matt Hamilton)

December 28, 2018
"In a Career Year, Which Gov. Cuomo Stands Up?"
The Chief (Richard Steier)

December 25, 2017
"Question marks surround Cuomo scandals, ambitions as he heads into 2018"
Daily News (Ken Lovett)

November 20, 2017
"Possible GOP Candidates Weigh Chances to Unseat Cuomo"
Gotham Gazette (Rachel Silberstein)

November 9, 2017
"John DeFrancisco: No change in plans
after GOP rival drops plans for governor"
Syracuse.com  (Mark Weiner)

October 27, 2017
"9 Democratic primaries to watch in 2018"
CNN (Gregory Krieg)

October 19, 2017
"Molinaro for New York: Republican creates campaign committee
to run for governor"
Auburnpub.com  (Robert Harding)

October 17, 2017
"Kolb, Molinaro in talks to form GOP ticket against Cuomo in 2018"
Auburn.pub  (Robert Harding)

October 9, 2017
"State business leaders worry Democratic primary challenger
could push Gov. Cuomo too far to the left
Daily News (Ken Lovett)

October 2, 2017
"Dutchess County exec outlines potential gubernatorial campaign in Essex County"
The Sun (Pete Demola)

August 18, 2017
Cuomo 2020 is a pipe dream wasting NY tax dollars"
The Hill (Joseph Borelli)

July 27, 2017
This Democrat might be Cuomo's biggest challenger next year"
NY Post (Carl Campanile)

June 14, 2017
"6/14: Cuomo Approval Rating Hightest in Two Years,
Cuomo on Track for Re-Election, Lacks Support for Presidential Bid
", Marist Poll Release

January 18, 2017
"Cuomo reports $22M in campaign coffers as potential candidates lag behind"
Daily News (Ken Lovett)


Cynthia Nixon -- Bill Hyers  Rebecca Katz





October 4, 2014 "The Insiders"  (Sandra Peddie, Will Van Sant)

"How Long Island Judges Win Races Before They Start": Peddie, July 26, 2016


Center for Cost Effective Government

November 27, 2018
"Con con is dead, but we still need these New York state reforms", City and State Steve Levy


Skelos out, Flanagan in as Senate Leader", Gannett May 11, 2015


"FAKE NEWS" reporting by Shane Goldmacher --

"Cuomo Uses Billionaire's Plane for Sundance Trip"
January 25, 2018

August 22, 2017
"Corruption in state government? Researchers turn to reporters for answers"
James Drew/Houston Chronicle

*   *   *

January 18, 2014

"Governor To Release Budget Tuesday", WAMC radio, Karen DeWitt

January 19, 2014

"Eye on NY: Progressive groups urge Cuomo to include public campaign financing in budget", Auburn Citizen, Robert Harding

January 20, 2014

"Cuomo set to release the budget January 21", North Public Radio, Karen DeWitt

"Cuomo's Budget Is Said to Include Ethics and Campaign Finance Reform", New York Times, Thomas Kaplan

"Cuomo to Include Public Campaign Finance in Budget Proposal", WXII, Karen DeWitt

"Majority of New Yorkers Say They Would Re-Elect Cuomo, Poll Finds", New York Times, Jesse McKinley

"Reformers Happy with Cuomo Budget Proposal", North Public Radio, Karen DeWitt 

"Cuomo rises (and Christie) falls in new poll", Capital New York, Laurie Nahmias

"Cuomo met with Moreland leaders just before they sent first subpoenas", Capital New York, Jimmy Vielkind

"Lovett: Cuomo to propose sex harassment complaints hotline for NY employees", Daily News, Ken Lovett

"What would Cuomo do to get public campaign financing?", Capital New York, Liz Benjamin

"Blair Horner: The Budget Battle Begins", WAMC Radio

"Kolb's budget priorities include mandate relief, tax cuts, and reforming school aid formula", Auburn Citizen, Robert Harding

"Siena: Cuomo still riding high with 2-1 favorability", Capitol Confidential, Casey Seiler

"How the state budget can impact you and your family?", News Channel 10/Rochester, Berkeley Brean

"Top WNY Republicans meet with Trump, ask key questions", Buffalo News, Robert McCarthy

"GOP blasts Cuomo's comments on Conservatives", New York Post, Fred Dicker

January 21, 2014

"Five things to watch for in Cuomo's budget", Capital New York, Jimmy Vielkind

"Juggling Act: state budget style", Capitol Confidential, Casey Seiler, James Odato

"GOP: Cuomo Should Be All Apologies", State of Politics, Nick Reisman

"Paladino Says He'll Likely Run for Governor if Trump Doesn't", WGRZ.com/Rochester Channel 2

January 22, 2014

"Comment by Cuomo Outrages Republicans", New York Times, Jesse McKinley

"Astorino: We'll Raise What We Need to Raise", State of Politics, Nick Reisman

January 23, 2014

"New York State Exposed: Following your Money into the General Fund", News 10/Rochester, Berkley Brean

"Elizabeth Warren and Eric Schneiderman Join Forces in New York", New York Magazine, Chris Smith

"'This is about our values'", Capital New York, Laura Nahmias

"Coming soon: The most conservative Holiday Inn in New York", Capitol Confidential, Casey Seiler

"Paladino Calls On Cox To Let the Convention Decide It", State of Politics, Casey Bortnick

January 24, 2014

"Bill DiBlasio joins 'the tin cup brigade' on Monday", Capitol Confidential, Rick Karlin

"This week on 'NYN': Bob Megna and More", Capitol Confidential, Casey Seiler

"Carl Paladino: I'll bet you Donald Trump runs for Governor", Gannett/Albany Watch, Jon Campbell

"Gov. Cuomo and Senate Independent Dems Met To Talk About This Year's Agenda", Daily News, Ken Lovett

January 25, 2014

"Rank of NY millionaires on rise", Gannett, Joseph Spector(includes quotes from E.J. McMahon-Empire Center for Public Policy)

"Sorry state: NY last in nation migration", NY Post, Carl Capanile  (quotes & based on E.J. McMahon-Empire Center for Public Policy)

"Editorial: Long Short Story", Albany Times Union

January 26, 2014

"Paladino on Trump: 'I see good things coming", Buffalo News, Robert McCarthy

"Stanford Experts Urge Major Reforms in State, Local Government Budgeting", PaloAltoPatch, Bea Karnes/Clifton B. Parker

"Paladino: Who is New York's Richard the Lionhearted?", Capitol Confidential, Bryan Fitzgerald

"Paladino sees 'good things' on prospect of Trump candidacy", Buffalo News, Tom Precious

January 27, 2014

"Albany Pro: DeBlasio's big day in Albany; Astorino meets the Conservatives", Capital New York, Jimmy Vielkind

"Potential Cuomo opponent Astorino address Conservatives", Albany Times Union,

"For Conservatives, a choice", Albany Times Union, Casey Seiler

"Paladino threatens mayhem if GOP picks Astorino", Capital New York, Jimmy Vielkind

"Paladino steals the how at the conference", Albany Times Union, Bryan Fitzgerald

"Rob Astorino says GOP, Conservatives will unite", Gannett, Jon Campbell

"Appearing before NYS Conservatives, Rob Astorino Sounds Like Gubernatorial Candidate", Daily News, Ken Lovett

"Cuomo's $2B budget surplus has ifs", Capital New York, Jimmy Vielkind

January 28, 2014

"Gov. Cuomo, the wily divider", Daily News, Opinion-Bill Hammond

March 2, 2013

"Sunshine for Albany", New York Post, editorial

March 13, 2014

"Behold: the Senate's one-house budget", Capitol Confidential, Casey Seiler

March 22, 2014

"A budget Cuomo can keep", Albany Times Union, Jonathan Soros, Frederick A.O. Schwarz

March 24, 2014
"Budget cuts caused Manhattan courts to work without officers", New York Post, Julia Marsh

"Budget Talks Remain Fluid Lawmakers Say", State of Politics, Nick Reisman

"Beyond Pre-K: What Else is at Stake for NYC in the State Budget", Gotham Gazette/Citizens Union, David Howard King

March 25, 2014

"Editorial: State is running out of time on budget", Poughkeepsie Journal

"NYS Legislative Leaders Find Their Happy Place, But a Budget Remains Elusive", Daily News, Glenn Blain

"Campaign finance reformers list top NY donors",Wall Street, Journal, Associated Press

"Everything's Being Discussed", State of Politics, Nick Reisman

"Video: Lots of topics for discussion at leaders meeting", Capitol Confidential, Casey Seiler

"Updated: No agreement yet on New York state budget", Associated Press, Auburnpub.com

"Our view: Look out, here comes the state budget",editorial, Auburnpub.com 

March 26, 2014

"FBI raids NYC politican, he blames 'tabloid hit job'", NY Post, Pat Bailey

March 27, 2014

"Silver says NY budget deal hours away", Newsday, Mike Gormley

March 28, 2014

"Editorial: New York's $137B Big Ugly'", editorial, Newsday

"Work on NY budget continues Friday night", auburn.pub

"Legislature will have a hard time silencing Moreland", Gotham Gazette/Citizens Union, David Howard Union

"What Would Mark Twain Say About Today's New York Political Corruption", Huffington Post, Stephen Bowman

March 29, 2014

"Maziarz calls for more funding", Tonawanda News

"Talks stall on state budget deal as Monday deadline nears", Chalkbeat, Geoff Decker

"Much of the budget introduced before midnight, but not education bill", Democrat & Chronicle/Gannett, Jon Campbell

"Some budget bills missed Friday-night deadline", Capitol Confidential, Casey Seiler

"State budget react-o-mat", Capitol Confidential, Casey Seiler

"Public campaign finance limited to Comptroller", Capital NY, Jessica Alaimo

"Klein: It ain't over on public financing", Captiol Confidential, Casey Seiler

"No news for M/Cs in budget", Capitol Confidential, Casey Seiler

"Cuomo offers 'highlights' of budget deal" Capitol Confidential, Casey Seiler

"New York budget deal reached", Poughkeepsie Journal/Gannett, Jon Campbell, Joseph Spector

"Cuomo: Moreland panel will shut down", Capitol Confidential, Casey Seiler

"Cuomo: Pass Ethics, No More Moreland", State of Politics, Nick Reisman

March 30, 2014

"New York's unfinished budget", editorial, New York Times

"Brennan Center Disappointed at Decision to Shut Down Moreland Commission"

"State budget plan offers incentive to end Moreland Commission", Poughkeepsie Journal, Jon Campbell

"Budget Vote Monday Could End Cuomo's Moreland Commission", WGRZ-TV, Jon Campbell

"NY State Budget Finalized, Voting on Monday", WAMC, Karen DeWitt

"Cuomo: Passing budget would dissolve Moreland Commission", Legislative Gazette, Matthew Dondiego

"Reformers rip state's new campaign finance program for 'significant flaws'", Daily News, Ken Lovett

March 31, 2014

"Compromise yields minimal reform in on-time budget", Gotham Gazette/Citizens Union, David Howard King

"New York Lawmakers shut down Cuomo's Moreland Commission to investigate Albany corruption", Syracuse Post Standard, Michelle Breidenbach

"DeFran: Public Financing Changes Being Discussed", State of Politics, Nick Reisman

"Comptroller Says Campaign Finance Plan Has Serious Flaws", WXII, Karen DeWitt

"State budget will be passed on time even if it's late", Newsday, Mike Gormley

"Soros' son pushed Cuomo, legislature into campaign funding", NY Post, Fred Dicker

"Moreland Commission to go down in a blaze of referrals", Capital, Jimmy Vielkind

"Budget vote could end Moreland Commission", Democrat & Chronicle/Gannett, Jon Campbell

"Capital Corruption Panel's Demise Angers Watchdogs", Jesse McKinley, Thomas Kaplan, NYT 

"Cuomo's swing and mess", Albany Times Union, editorial

April 1, 2014

"Proposals to kill the Moreland commission, enact weak campaign finance reforms are insufficient", Buffalo News, editorial

April 2, 2014

"Shame on Gov. Cuomo For Killing the Moreland Commission", The Jewish Voice, editorial

April 3, 2014

"State budget passes on time", Rockland County Times, Kathy Kahn

"Budget again falls short", The Daily Gazette, editorial

"Reform is almost a reality", Albany Times Union, guest commentary, Albany D.A. Soares

"This week on 'NYN': DiNapoli wonders why no one picked up the phone", Capitol Confidential, Casey Seiler

April 6, 2014

"Better planning tools could improve state's budgeting process", Illinois State-Gazette

April 8, 2014

"Ethics, campaign finance oversight just got weaker in Albany, says observers", Newsday, Mike Gormley

"DiNapoli: I won't be 'sacrificial lamb' on campaign finance reform", North Country Radio, Karen DeWitt

"Sen Smith's fraud and bribery trial set for June", New York Post, Rich Calder

April 9, 2014

"New York corruption commission quietly closing down", Newsday/AP

"Our view: Corrupt state lawmakers get a reprieve", auburnpub.com, Citizen Editorial Board

"U.S. Attorney Criticizes Cuomo's Closing of Panel", William Rashbaum, Suzanne Craig, New York Times

April 10, 2014

"Killing Fee: The Price of Silencing Morland", Gotham Gazette/Citizens Union, David King

"'Rome Wasn't Built in a Day' Preet Bharara Continues Cuomo Criticism on Anti-Corruption Commission", New York Observer, Ross Barkan

"Exclusive: Timothy Cardinal Dolan is outraged that Albany did not approve promised tax credits", Daily News, Glenn Blain 

"Senate Republicans offer most budget pork", Capital New York, Will Brunelle, Jimmy Vielkind

"Corruption commission winds down in NY", News Channel 13/WNYT.com

"Bharara won't rule out investigating Cuomo over Moreland Commission", Gannett, Joseph Spector

"U.S. Attorney won't rule out investigating Cuomo", Gannett, Joseph Spector

"Cuomo says Moreland came to a natural end", Capitol Confidential, James Odato

"Bharara on the premature end of Cuomo's ethics commission", Capital New York, Laura Nahmias

"Cuomo responds to Moreland rebuke", Capital New York, Laura Nahmias

"Federal prosecutor vows to complete all Moreland Commission probes", Buffalo News, Tom Precious

"United States Attorney's Office Looking Into the Closing of Gov Cuomo's Anti-Corruption Panel", New York Magzine, Caroline Bankoff

"U.S. Attorney Seizes Documents from Moreland Commission", City & State, Morgan Pehme

"Federal prosecutor won't rule out prosecuting Cuomo", Crains New York Business, Chris Bragg

"Grand Slam governor rounds the bases", Democrat & Chronicle/Gannett, editorial

"Federal prosecutors take over last of New York's anti-corruption cases as state commission closes", AP/syracuse.com

"Cuomo Caught Up in Rare Conflict with Prosecutors", New York Times, Thomas Kaplan, William Rashbaum

"Feds Won't Rule Out Cuomo-Moreland Probe" Brian Lehrer show, WNYC

"U.S. Attorney takes control of Cuomo commission probes", Times Union, James Odato

"More Moreland: 'Former Co-chairs 'pleased' with Bharara's moves", Capitol Confidential, James Odato

"Mr. Cuomo's gift to the cynics", New York Times, editorial

"Sitting Preet-y", New York Post, editorial

"Gov. Cuomo's anti-corruption commission agrees to turn over files to U.S. Attorney", New York Daily News, Ken Lovett

"NY Corruption Commission Passes Baton to Bharara", Wall Street Journal, Jacob Gershman

April 11, 2014

"Go, Preet, Go", Daily News, editorial

"Gov. Cuomo trims down pork-barrel spending from state budget, issuing 483 vetoes", Daily News, Glenn Blain, Ken Lovett

"Prosecutors -- and karma -- sting Chris Christie, Andrew Cuomo", Politico, Alexander Burns, Maggie Haberman

"4th C.D.:Rivals slam Rice on state probe; DA decries 'mud' slilng", Newsday, Robert Brodsky

"Not my choice", Capital New York, Laura Nahmias

"GOP chairman: what did the president, er, governor know and when did he know it?", Buffalo News, Tom Precious

"Morning Risk Report: Death of NY Anti-Graft Body Fits Statewide Trend", Wall Street Journal, Samuel Rubenfeld

April 12, 2014

"Albany's spring cleaning: fix legal loopholes", Journal News/Gannett, editorial

"Preet Bahrara now takes on Governor Andrew Cuomo", India news reporting

"Casey Seiler: The boy who cried Moreland", Albany Times Union

"Members of Cuomo's anti-corruption commission detail frustrating environment curbed by administration", Daily News, Ken Lovett

April 13, 2014

"The men behind the masks", Daily News, Mark Green

"Subpoena suit ending with NY corruption commission", Wall Street Journal/AP

April 14, 2014

"Cuomo get a critic his own size", Capital New York, Blake Zeff

"Cuomo, amid Moreland struggles, realizes he might lose", New York Post, Fred Dicker

"Cuomo's handling of ethics commission points to his control freak style: insiders", Daily News, Ken Lovett

"When Preet met the Moreland panel", Capitol Confidential, Casey Seiler

"Fitzpatrick defends Moreland's demise in op-ed", Capitol Confidential, Casey Seiler

"My Moreland Mission", Huffington Post, William Fitzpatrick

April 15, 2014

"Co-chairs Picks to Write Moreland Report were Nixed by Second-Floor Insiders: Updated", City & State, Morgan Pehme, Jon Lentz, Matthew Hamilton

April 17, 2014

"With Panel Gone, A Move to Monitor New York Lawmakers' Income Is Thwarted", New York Times, Thomas Kaplan

April 18, 2014

"Steve Israel: Cuomo held accountable, let's hope others are, too", Times Herald-Record

"At NYU, Astorino complains about Cuomo's playbook, reads from his own", Capital New York, Conor Skelding

"Post-Budget 'Big Ugly'?", Gotham Gazette, David Howard King

April 22, 2014

"Corruption commission dissolves without public notice", Epoch Times, Petr Svab

"Voters Disapprove of Cuomo's Shutdown of Anticorruption Panel, Poll Shows", New York Times, Thomas Kaplan, Suzanne Craig

April 23, 2014

"Bill Samuels calls on US Attorney to probe Gov. Cuomo's fundraising", Daily News, Ken Lovett

April 24, 2014 

"AG 'surprised' Gov. Cuomo shut down anti-corruption commission so fast", Daily News, Ken Lovett

"Cuomo on Moreland tampering: It's my commission", Crain's Business, Chris Bragg

April 25, 2014

"Gov. Cuomo: I didn't interfere with anti-corruption panel...but if I did, it's my prerogative", Daily News, Ken Lovett

"Gov. Cuomo stands by his decision to shut down anti-corruption commission", Daily News, Ken Lovett

"Was Moreland extortive?  Depends on when you ask...", Capitol Confidential, Casey Seiler

"Andrew Cuomo's tantrum", New York Times, Eleanor Randolph

"Andrew's commission", New York Post, editorial

April 26, 2014

"Libertarians unite around Suffolk County real estate broker", Capitol Confidential, James Odato

April 27, 2014

"GOP superpac to launch anti-Schneiderman campaign", New York Post, Carl Campanile

April 28, 2014

"Moreland advisors criticizes Cuomo", Newsday, Mike Gormley

"Cuomo's curious reform logic", Daily News, William Hammond

April 29, 2014

"1st accusations of the season fly in the Governor's race", Gannett, Joseph Spector

April 30, 2014

"Feds widen crackdown on New York political corruption", New York Post, Carl Campanile, Pat Bailey

"Preet Bharara asks for all complaints filed with NYS ethics commission", Daily News, Ken Lovett

"Reports: U.S. Attorney goes after state's troubled ethics watchdog", Gannett, Joseph Spector

"U.S. Attorney Subpoenas Records of Ethics Panel", New York Times, Suzanne Craig, William Rashbaum

"GOP on JCOPE subpoena", Capitol Confidential, Rick Karlin

"Federal Prosecutor Subpoenas New York Ethics Enforcement Agency", Wall Street Journal

"US Attorney Subpoenas Documents from State Ethics Panel", WAMC Radio, Karen DeWitt

May 2, 2014

"Ex commission members says there are cases of potential government corruption that need review", Daily News, Ken Lovett

May 6, 2014

"Cuomo: campaign finance 'last meaningful reform left undone'", Capitol Confidential, Casey Seiler

"Schneiderman mum on Moreland-investigation questions", Capital New York, Jimmy Vielkind

"Schneiderman distances himself from Moreland commission", Gannett, Jon Campbell

"U.S. Said to Seek Records from Anticorruption Panel's Members", NY Times, William Rashbaum, Suzanne Craig

"Schneiderman can't talk about Moreland subpoena", Capitol Confidential, Casey Seiler

"NY Senate & Assembly leaders express little concern about U.S. Attorney's Moreland Commission probe", Daily News, Glenn Blain

"NYT: Preet Bharara just starting with Moreland Commission", Gannett, Joseph Spector

May 7, 2014

"Feds still needed to bring ethics to state government", Schnectady Gazette, editorial

May 8, 2014

"Queens residents fed up with constant corrupt lawmakers", Daily News, Reuven Fenton, Pat Bailey

May 9, 2014

"Cuomo huddles with W.F.P, reformers on campaign finance", Capital New York, Jimmy Vielkind

"US Attorney Bharara Serves Subpoenas To NYS Ethics Committee for Corruption Claims", Jewish Voice, Ira Katz

"A first in nation, DeFrancisco to support new commission on prosecutorial misconduct", Syracuse.com, Ken Sturtz  S6286

May 11, 2014

"Inside Moreland: Documents Reveal Details of Lawmakers' Campaign Spending", City & State, Jon Lentz, Matthew Hamilton, Morgan Pehme

"Cuomo works to mend fences with liberals", New York Times, Thomas Kaplan, Suzanne Craig

May 12, 2014

"Ethics complaint filed against John Cahill a day after he announces run for attorney general", Daily News, Ken Lovett

"An unfinished clean-up", Times Union, editorial

"DA Fitzpatrick: NY Legislature's prosecutor conduct proposal retaliation for Moreland Commission", Teri Weaver, Syracuse.com

"Moreland referrals spur call for itemized expenses", Capital New York, Jimmy Vielkind  *

"Smith kept pols 'on the payroll' before ballot bribes: feds", NY Post, Pat Baily, Bruce Golding

May 13, 2014

"A Common Sense Budget", City & State/John DiFrancisco

"Just say no, Gov", Daily News, editorial

May 14, 2014

"Rob Astorino: Gov. Cuomo a dirty down-in-the-mud politician", Daily News, Ken Lovett

"Pataki On Comptroller Only Public Financing: 'Let's try it out", Nick Reisman

May 15, 2014

"The new New York republicans", New York Post, editorial

"Democrats mock Rob Astorino as cry baby in seat controversy", Daily News, Glenn Blain & Ken Lovett

"Senate GOP leader Dean Skelos says 'discussions' taking place on campaign financing", Daily News, Ken Lovett

May 16, 2014

"Little Time Left for Campaign Reforms", New York Times, editorial board

"Malcolm Smith has a surprise witness he says will clear his name", New York Post, Rich Calder, Carl Campanile 

May 18, 2014

"Tale of two no-show defenses", Albany Times Union, James Odato

May 19, 2014

"Ex-comptroller John Liu will run for state senate against Dem incumbent Tony Avela: source", Daily News, Ken Lovett

"Insiders blast former Morland co-chair as 'hypocrite'", Daily News, Ken Lovett

"Bruno wants state to reimburse legal expenses", New York Post, Fred Dicker


May 20, 2014

"G.O.P. Sees Chance as Schneiderman Seeks 2nd Term as AG", New York Times, Thomas Kaplan, Jesse McKinley

May 21, 2014

"Stand tall, Gov", Daily News, editorial

"Lawbreakers write state laws", editorial, Poststar.com

"Former Bronx Assemblyman Sentenced for Corruption", New York Times, Benjamin Weiser

May 22, 2014

"Cuomo Picks Ex-Congresswoman as Running Mate", New York Times, Thomas Kaplan

"Cuomo's boss rule", Daily News, editorial

"Poll shows legislators still distrust state government", Legislative Gazette, Matthew Dondiego

"Cuomo, Astorino can fight corruption", Newsday, editorial

May 27, 2014

"Cuomo defends Moreland Commission's hiring of criminal defense attorney", Wall Street Journal, Erica Orden

"Feds tell NY Legislature to retain records in probe: gov's office says it will cooperate" , Newsday, Mike Gormley

"Senate, Assembly told to preserve Moreland records", Newsday, Mike Gormley

"NY Assembly and Senate receive Moreland Commission related records preservation request from the US Attorney", Daily News, Ken Lovett

May 28, 2014

"Manhattan US Attorney Preet Bharara Keeps the Heat on Albany", Wall Street Journal, Jacob Gershman

"Astorino challenges Cuomo on Moreland Commission", Legislative Gazette, Kelly Fay


June 12, 2014

"Soares holds secret meeting of disbanded anti-corruption panel", Albany Times Union, Robert Gavin

June 18, 2014

"Blame Game After Push to Revamp Campaign Financing Fails", Wall Street Journal, Erica Orden

June 23, 2014

"Cuomo Has Raised Millions Through Loophole He Pledged to Close", Moyers & Company/Pro Publica, Theodoric Meyer


June 27, 2014

"Lawmaker in Manhattan Pleads Guilty to 2 Felonies", New York Times, Benjamin Weiser, Thomas Kaplan

June 30, 2014

"Three months after Gov. Cuomo pulled plug on Moreland Commission, executive director still being paid", Daily News, Ken Lovett

July 1, 2014

"NY state senator accused of lying to the FBI is indicted", AP/Crain's Business

July 2, 2014

"Corruption with a capitol C", Daily News, William Hammond 

July 18, 2014

"U.S. Issues Subpoena in Inquiry on Cuomo's Closing of Moreland Commission", New York Times, William Rashbaum, Suzanne Craig

"Teachout on Moreland news: Cuomo's Albany is structurally corrupt", Capitol Confidential, Casey Seiler

"Former Corruption Prosecutor is Tapped as Bharara's Chief Counsel", Wall Street Journal, Jacob Gershman

"Fallout from Moreland Commission Continues", Gannett, Joseph Specter 

July 20, 2014

"Minor Parties Tailor-Made for New York State", Buffalo News, Denise Jewell Gee

"Crackdown on corruption", Times Union, editorial

July 21, 2014

"State lawmakers spent $300,000 in last six months in legal fees over scandals", Daily News, Ken Lovett

"Is Cuomo's lead insurmountable?", Crains Business Week

July 21, 2014

"A state assembly candidate's 'ragged' efforts for 'hope and change'", NY  Post, Michael Benjamin

"Two-thirds of voters think Albany lawmakers are corrupt: poll", Daily News, Celeste Katz

"The shifting state Senate landscape", City & State

"Voters Are Not Surprised When Albany Pols Get Indicted: Siena Poll Says", NY Observer

July 23, 2014

"Cuomo's Office Hobbled State Ethics Inquiries", New York Times, Suzanne Craig, William Rashbaum, Thomas Kaplan

"Wising up to Cuomo's political 'con' game", New York Post, Michael Goodwin

"Top Brooklyn Democrat Backs Indicted Senator's Reelection Bid", City & State, Jon Lentz

July 24, 2014

"US Attorney Preet Bharara: My Office Will Investigate Public Corruption", CBS NY

July 30, 2014

"Preet Bharara, Eric Schneiderman meet for lunch amid Cuomo's scandal", New York Post, Carl Campanile

July 31, 2014

"Wife of chief Cuomo anti-corruption defender up for judgeship", New York Post, Geoff Earle, Carl Campanile

August 2, 2014

"Cuomo to pay Moreland lawyer out of his campaign war chest", New York Post, Carl Campanile

August 11, 2014

"Search warrant targets Frances Libous, wife of GOP senator", Capital NY, Jimmy Vielkind

August 15, 2014

"Bharara: When will the public say enough is enough?", Gannett, Joseph Spector

"Ed Cox: nine senate districts in play", State of Politics, Nick Reisman

"Campaign Finance Board retains attorney in probe", Crains NY, Chris Bragg

"The Andrew Cuomo scandal explained", Vox, Andrew Prokop

August 16, 2014

"Cuomo's commissions scored wins and criticism", Gannett, Joseph Spector, Jon Campbell

"No easy answers in prosecutor's probe into allegations that Cuomo meddled with corruption commission", Associated Press, Michael Virtanen

August 18, 2014

"Why Cleaning Up Albany Keeps Being Left to Bharara", Gotham Gazette, David Howard King

"The real Moreland takeaway", Daily News, Gerald Benjamin, Fritz Schwartz

August 20, 2014

"Most voters see Gov. Cuomo as part of New York's corruption problem, not solution: Quinnipiac Poll", Daily News, Celeste Katz

August 25, 2014

"Lost in the Controversy -- Moreland's critical recommendations", Legislative Gazette, James Gormley


August 26,2014

"Moreland Commission haunts Klein-Koppell Debate", Riverdale Press, Shant Sharigian


August 17, 2014

"Eric Schneiderman defends work on public corruption cases", Newsday, Michael Gormley



August 19, 2014

"The Outsider: Zephyr Teachout Will Never Be Governor, So Why is Andrew Cuomo Worried?" Village Voice, Anna Merlan

August 29, 2014

"Greater Utica Chamber calls for 'complete investigation' of Moreland Commission", Business Journal News Network

September 2, 2014

"Attorney fees top $100K for Sen. Tom Libous Campaign", Gannett, Jon Campbell

September 3, 2014

"Teachout Would Revive Moreland, Limit Big Donor Money ", North Country Gazette, Teachout 

September 8, 2014

"How I 'Endorsed" Andrew Cuomo", The New Yorker, John Cassidy

"Queens Race is Shaping Up as a Nail Biter", Wall Street Journal, Mike Vilensky

September 11, 2014

"Prosecutor Preet Bharara prepares for the spotlight", Crain's Business (Andrew Hawkins)"

September 12, 2014

"Rob Astorino calls on Preet Bharara to detail Moreland Commission probe findings before Election Day", Daily News, Ken Lovett

October 1, 2014

"With a Smirk, Bharara Diagnoses New York's Corruption Problem", Ben Max, Citizen Union

October 2, 2014

"Preet wants paystubs", NY Post editorial

"New York needs Preet Bharara to stay on as US Attorney and keep fighting corruption", NY Post, Michael Benjamin

December 17, 2014

"NY, trial lawyers' playground", Daily News (Bill Hammond)

December 22, 2014

"The year's biggest winners and losers in state politics", NY Post, Fred Dicker

December 29, 2014

"Legislators eye boycott of Cuomo inauguration and State address", NY Post, Fred Dicker

"Assembly Speaker Silver was scrutinized by Moreland Commission", Wall Street Journal

"Assembly Speaker Silver was scrutinized by Moreland Commission", Wall Street Journal




*   *   *

MENU of NYS Budget Reform Webpages






substantiating the Open Letter

A four-year evidentiary trail of Senator Latimer's knowing & deliberate betrayal of the duties of his office & complicity in systemic gov't corruption & grand larceny of the public fisc -- necessitating CJA's TWO citizen-taxpayer actions, whose verified pleadings detail the corruption that Senator Latimer perpetuated:


  CJA's FIRST citizen-taxpayer action
CJA v. Cuomo,...Senate, et al.  (Albany Co. #1788-2014)

March 28, 2014 verified complaint
(fiscal year 2014-2015) 

March 31, 2015 verified supplemental complaint
(fiscal year 2015-2016)

March 23, 2016 verified second supplemental complaint
(fiscal year 2016-2017)

CJA's SECOND citizen-taxpayer action

CJA v. Cuomo,...Senate, et al.  (Albany Co. #5122-2016)

September 2, 2016 verified complaint
(fiscal year 2016-2017)

March 29, 2017 verified supplemental complaint
(fiscal year 2017-2018)

*    *    *

where it begins --

March 8, 2013 in-person meeting
with Senator Latimer at his district office
& viewing together:

** CJA's TESTIMONY #1 **
at Legislature's February 6, 2013 budget hearing
on "public protection"

Assembly VIDEO   Senate VIDEO
(last speaker: at 7 hours-21 minutes)

click here for:
CJA's February 6, 2013 budget testimony webpage
with substantiating documentary EVIDENCE:
CJA's Oct 27, 2011 Opposition Report &
March 30, 2012 verified complaint in declaratory judgment action

*    *    * 

legislative rules reforms materials brought to March 8, 2013 meeting
with Senator Latimer

*    *    * 


subsequent correspondence
[additionally see webpage: "Securing Legislative Oversight & Override..."]

CJA's February 15, 2013 handwritten note to Assemblyman Buchwald

CJA's March 8, 2013 e-mail --
"Immediate Attention Required --
Judiciary Budget & its Judicial Salary Increase Request"

CJA's March 11, 2013 e-mail --
"Superseding Letter to Senate Budget Subcommittee on 'Public Protection'...Verifying the Dispositive Nature of the Opposition to the Judiciary Budget & its Judicial Salary Increase Request" --

transmitted letter

CJA's March 12, 2013 e-mail --
"Judiciary Budget -- A Slush Fund as the Dollar Figures Would Show"
CJA's March 11, 2013 memo to Subcommittee on "Public Protection"
"Rectifying your Absence at the February 6, 2013 Budget Hearing on 'Public Protection' by Verifying the Dispositive Nature of the Opposition Testimony to the Judiciary Budget & its Judicial Salary Increase Request"

CJA's March 13, 2013 e-mail to Assemblyman Buchwald --
"What is the cumulative dollar amount of the appropriations bill for the Judiciary -- A3001?  And of the Judiciary's budget request?"

CJA's March 22, 2013 e-mail to Assemblyman Buchwald --
"Your Power & Duty to Reject the Budget: S2601/A3001 ---Judiciary Appropriations Bill"
& referred-to March 19, 2013 letter to Governor Cuomo-- "Assisting the Legislature in Discharging its Constitutional Duty: the People's Right to Know the Dollar Cost of the Judiciary Budget & of the Appropriations Bill for the Judiciary & to be Protected from 'Grand Larceny of the Public Fisc' by Unidentified, Unitemized Judicial Pay Raises, whose Fraudulence, Statutory-Violations, and Unconstitutionality are Proven by Documentary Evidence in Your Possession & the Legislature's"

CJA's March 23, 2013 e-mail to Assemblyman Buchwald (6:38 am) --
"Info to Assist You in Your Presentations Today on the Assembly...Floor"

CJA's March 23, 2013 e-mail to Assemblyman Buchwald (8:59 am) --
"Part 2: Info to Assist You in Your History-Making Presentations on the...Assembly Floor.  But Will They be Today or Tomorrow?"

CJA's March 23, 2013 e-mail to Assemblyman Buchwald (10:19 am) --
"Part 3: Info to Assist You in Your History Making Presentations on the...Assembly Floor. But Will They Be Today or Tomorrow?"

CJA's March 23, 2013 e-mail to Assemblyman Buchwald, responding to his
--"Thank you..."

CJA's March 23, 2013 e-mail to Assemblyman Buchwald (6:22 pm) --
"Part 4: Info to Assist You on Your History-Making Presentations on the...Assembly Floor"

cc to Buchwald: CJA's March 26, 2013 e-mail --
"Request that CJA's Opposition Report & verified complaint be brought to the Senate floor for inspection by the Senators"


CJA's March 28, 2013 e-mail -- "In further support of SUCCESSFUL procedural, due-process objections on the Assembly floor -- Opposition to A.3001, etc."

CJA's April 26, 2013 e-mail to Assemblyman Buchwald --
"Analysis & Hearing Request: A.246-establishing special commission on managerial & confidential state employees" --link to video of February 6, 2013 testimony


click here for: 
CJA's May 7, 2013 & May 22, 2013 letters to ALL Senators & Assembly Members --
"Doing Your Part to End Public Corruption" -- Parts I & II
CJA’s April 15, 2013 corruption complaint to U.S. Attorney Bharara
       [click here for: CJA's webpage for April 15, 2013 corruption complaint]

cc to Buchwald:
   CJA's May 29, 2013 letter to Assemblyman Michael Kearns --
Making Good on Your Pledge to Your Constituents “To Do The Right Thing” and “Stand Up To Albany Politicians”:


--referred to/linked webpage of
CJA's July 9, 2013 letter to ALL Senators...

and CJA's June 4, 2013 letter to the Senate Committee on Investigations & Governmental Operations...

CJA's July 22, 2013 e-mail to Assemblyman Buchwald --
"Securing Government Integrity -- Starting with the 'Public Trust Act'"

         with link to: 
CJA's July 19, 2013 corruption complaint
to Albany County D.A. Soares

CJA's August 13, 2013 letter to Assemblyman Buchwald --
"RE:  Constituent Request
that You Introduce the Public Trust Act (Governor’s Program Bill #3), Consistent with the Senate and Assembly Informational Guides:
How a Bill Becomes a Law” and “The Legislative Process and YOU

-- & related August 21, 2013 letter to Gov. Cuomo,
to which Assemblyman Buchwald was an indicated recipient
"Achieving BOTH a Properly Functioning Legislature & Your Public Trust Act
(Program Bill #3) -- the Sine Qua Non for 'Government Working' & 'Working for the People"

CJA's August 16, 2013 e-mail to Assemblyman Buchwald
"Championing Good Government by the Public Trust Act (Governor's Program Bill #3)..." 

CJA's August 20, 2013 e-mail to Assemblyman Buchwald -- "latest draft of letter to Governor -- plus new webpage!"

CJA's December 19, 2013 e-mail to Senator Latimer --
"Subject: Request for a Meeting: The Judiciary's proposed budget
for fiscal year 2014-2015"

-- webpage for attached CJA's December 11, 2013 letter to Gov. Cuomo & Legislature
"SAFEGUARDING THE PUBLIC PURSE FROM JUDICIAL FRAUD & LARENCY: Your Constitutional & Statutory Duty to Reject the Entirety of the Judiciary's Proposed Budget for Fiscal Year 2014-2015, Over & Beyond its Concealed, Unitemized Third Phase of the Judicial Salary Increase that Wil Otherwise Take Efffect, Automatically, on April 1, 2014" 

CJA's February 5, 2014 e-mail to Assemblyman Buchwald --

"Subject: Drafted Questions for Chief Administrative Judge Prudenti at Today's Feb 5, 2014 Budget Hearing on 'Public Protection'"

CJA's February 6, 2014 e-mail to Assemblyman Buchwald --
"Subject: Request for Meeting with... Assemblyman Buchwald NEXT WEEK & for Info on the Legislative 'Reappropriations' in Budget Bill #S.6351/A.8551"
-- referred-to, linked webpage for January 29, 2014 letter so Senate Finance Committee..

CJA's March 5, 2014 letter to...Assemblyman Buchwald
"RE:  Your Constitutional Duty:
(1) to address the fraud and unconstitutionality in the proposed Judiciary and Legislative budgets...
CJA's March 4, 2014 letter  

 cc: CJA's March 25, 2016 e-mail --
"Subject: Restoring constitutionality and lawfulness to NY's budgeting process --
& overriding the 'force of law' judicial pay raises"

CJA's March 31, 2016 e-mail to Assemblyman David Buchwald 
Have you read what the NYS Constitution has to say about the NYS budget?"

NYS Constitution, Article VII, §§1-7

referred-to, linked webpage for

CJA's March 23, 2016 Verified 2nd Supplemental Complaint

CJA's May 26, 2016 e-mail to Senator Buchwald --
"Subject: Elections 2016: What is Assemblyman Buchwald's expert opinion of CJA's March 23, 2016 second supplemental complaint challenging the NYS budget & the Commission on Legislative, Judicial & Executive Compensation, etc?"

cc to Buchwald: CJA's January 26, 2017 e-mail
"Subject: Oversight by Assembly Committee on Local Governments, beginning with the striking
of the $4,212,000 D.A. salary grants in Aid to Localities Budget Bill A.3003 (at p. 61)"


cc to Buchwald: 
    CJA's February 6, 2017 letter...Legislative Leadership
   "RE: (1)  Where are your appointments to the Commission on Government Administration
and to the Commission on State-Local relations, required by Legislative Law Article 5-A?
           (2) When will you be responding to my requests for a meeting for purposes of preventing a repeat of the constitutional, statutory and legislative rule violations chronicled by the September 2, 2016 verified complaint in CJA's citizen-taxpayer action?  
transmitting e-mail

CJA's February 8, 2017 e-mail to lawyer-Assemblyman Buchwald --
"Subject: Letter to Leadership: (1) Legislative Law Article 5-A Commissions on Gov't Administration & State-Local Relations; (2) requested meetings to prevent repeat of constitutional, statutory, & Legislative rule violations:  re: fiscal year 2017-18 budget"




CJA's March 12, 2013 e-mail to Senator Latimer --
"Judiciary Budget -- A Slush Fund as the Dollars Would Show"
CJA's March 11, 2013 memo to Subcommittee on "Public Protection"
"Rectifying your Absence at the February 6, 2013 Budget Hearing on 'Public Protection' by Verifying the Dispositive Nature of the Opposition Testimony to the Judiciary Budget & its Judicial Salary Increase Request"


CJA's March 18, 2013 e-mail to Senator Latimer --
"What is the Dollar Cost of the Judiciary Budget & of the Judiciary Appropriations Bill?"


CJA's March 22, 2013 e-mail to Senator Latimer --
"Your Power & Duty to Reject the Budget: S2601/A3001 ---Judiciary Appropriations Bill"
& referred-to March 19, 2013 letter to Governor Cuomo-- "Assisting the Legislature in Discharging its Constitutional Duty: the People's Right to Know the Dollar Cost of the Judiciary Budget & of the Appropriations Bill for the Judiciary & to be Protected from 'Grand Larceny of the Public Fisc' by Unidentified, Unitemized Judicial Pay Raises, whose Fraudulence, Statutory-Violations, and Unconstitutionality are Proven by Documentary Evidence in Your Possession & the Legislature's"


CJA's March 23, 2013 e-mail to Senator Latimer (6:38 am) --
"Info to Assist You in Your Presentations Today on the Senate...Floor"

CJA's March 23, 2013 e-mail to Senator Latimer (8:59 am) --
"Part 2: Info to Assist You in Your History-Making Presentations on the Senate...Floor.  But Will They be Today or Tomorrow?"

CJA's March 23, 2013 e-mail to Senator Latimer (10:19 am) --
"Part 3: Info to Assist You in Your History Making Presentations on the Senate...Floor. But Will They Be Today or Tomorrow?"

CJA's March 23, 2013 e-mail to Senator Latimer (6:22 pm) --
"Part 4: Info to Assist You on Your History-Making Presentations on the Senate...Floor"



CJA's July 10, 2013 e-mail to Senator Latimer --
"What Steps will Senator Latimer take to secure oversight, analysis & investigation
of Chapter 567 of the Laws of 2010?"

--referred to/linked webpage of
CJA's July 9, 2013 letter to ALL Senators...

and CJA's June 4, 2013 letter to the Senate Committee on Investigations & Governmental Operations...


CJA's July 24, 2013 e-mail to Senator Latimer --
"Subject: Securing Government Integrity --
Beginning with the 'Public Trust Act'"
with link to: 
CJA's July 19, 2013 corruption complaint
to Albany County D.A. Soares
CJA’s previously-furnished April 15, 2013 corruption complaint to U.S. Attorney Bharara
       [click here for: CJA's webpage for April 15, 2013 corruption complaint]


CJA's August 13, 2013 letter to Assemblyman Buchwald --
"RE:  Constituent Request
that You Introduce the Public Trust Act (Governor’s Program Bill #3), Consistent with the Senate and Assembly Informational Guides:
How a Bill Becomes a Law” and “The Legislative Process and YOU

-- & related August 21, 2013 letter to Gov. Cuomo,
to which Assemblyman Buchwald was an indicated recipient
"Achieving BOTH a Properly Functioning Legislature & Your Public Trust Act
(Program Bill #3) -- the Sine Qua Non for 'Government Working' & 'Working for the People"


CJA's December 19, 2013 e-mail to Senator Latimer --
"Subject: Request for a Meeting: The Judiciary's proposed budget
for fiscal year 2014-2015"

-- webpage for attached CJA's December 11, 2013 letter to Gov. Cuomo & Legislature
"SAFEGUARDING THE PUBLIC PURSE FROM JUDICIAL FRAUD & LARENCY: Your Constitutional & Statutory Duty to Reject the Entirety of the Judiciary's Proposed Budget for Fiscal Year 2014-2015, Over & Beyond its Concealed, Unitemized Third Phase of the Judicial Salary Increase that Wil Otherwise Take Efffect, Automatically, on April 1, 2014" 


CJA's February 5, 2014 e-mail to Senator Latimer --

"Subject: Drafted Questions for Chief Administrative Judge Prudenti at Today's Feb 5, 2014 Budget Hearing on 'Public Protection'"


CJA's February 6, 2014 e-mail to Senator Latimer --
"Subject: Request for Meeting with Senator Latimer... NEXT WEEK & for Info on the Legislative 'Reappropriations' in Budget Bill #S.6351/A.8551"
-- referred-to, linked webpage for January 29, 2014 letter so Senate Finance Committee..


CJA's March 31, 2016 e-mail to Senator Latimer --
"Subject: FOR SENATOR LATIMER: Have you read what the NYS Constitution has to say about the NYS budget?"

NYS Constitution, Article VII, §§1-7

referred-to, linked webpage for

CJA's March 23, 2016 Verified 2nd Supplemental Complaint


CJA's May 26, 2016 e-mail to Senator Latimer --
"Subject: Elections 2016: What is Senator Latimer's expert opinion of CJA's March 23, 2016 second supplemental complaint challenging the NYS budget & the Commission on Legislative, Judicial & Executive Compensation, etc?"


*  *   *


** CJA's testimony #2 **
at the Legislature's January 30, 2017 budget hearing
on "Local Government Officials/General Government"

(last speaker: at 8 hours-47 mins.)  
transcript:  pp. 518-535

CJA's webpage of Jan. 30, 2017 budget hearing








DeFrancisco  -- Kolb

February 7, 2018:
"Times Square billboard attacking Hillary Clinton donors attacking 'Fake News' media lasts one day"
Daily News (Stephen Rex Brown)

February 7, 2018:
"Sexual harassment in Albany: 6 years, a thousand complaints and more than $6.4M"
Politico (Jimmy Vielkind, Marie French)


91st Assembly District
member: Assembly Committee on Local Governments;
Assembly Committee on Corporations, Authorities & Commissions
member -- Assembly Speaker Heastie's "Workgroup on Legislative Process, Operations, & Public Participation"

Notice of Public Budget Forum

93rd Assembly District
Member: Assembly Committee on Governmental Operations;
Assembly Judiciary Committee;
Assembly Committee on Local Governments
Assembly Committee on Corporations, Authorities & Commissions

David Buchwald's announcement --
Westchester Assembly Delegation to Hold Public Forum
on Governor’s Proposed Executive Budget

92nd Assembly District 
Chair/Commission on Governmental Administration;
Member: Assembly Judiciary Committee,
Assembly Committee on
Corporations, Authorities & Commissions;
Assembly Codes Committee

Assemblyman Abinanti's announcement --
Westchester Assembly Members to Hold Budget Forum in Greenburgh


Next Week: Assemblywoman Galef Invites the Public to Attend Town Meetings throughout 95th State Assembly District

Byrne Urges Accountability, Fiscal Responsibility Following Governor’s Budget Presentation


budget forum -- Feb 2

December 1, 2017


Where are the Legislature's
"itemized estimates" of its "financial needs",
"certified by the presiding officer of each house?"

CJA's December 4, 2017 FOIL/records request to Senate & Assembly --
"RE:  The Legislature's Certified Itemized Estimates of its Financial Needs for Fiscal Year 2018-2019, as Required by Article VII, §1 of the New York State Constitution"

Assembly's December 11, 2017 response with ENCLOSED BUDGET

Senate's December 11, 2017 response

*  *  *

December 1, 2017

The Judiciary's two-part budget: 
Operating Budget   &  General State Charges


December 4, 2017, New York Law Journal
NY Judiciary Seeks $44.4M Budget Increase but Stays Within 2% Cap"

*  *  *

January 16, 2018

VIDEO -- Governor Cuomo's budget address --
at 25 mins/45 secs: 

The Judiciary is asking for a 2-1/2 % increase.  They would be the only entity above 2%. The Senate, the Assembly, the Executive, all came in at 2%.  The Attorney General came in at 2%, Comptroller DiNapoli wins the prize on the budget limbo contest: 1.5%.  Congratulations to the Comptroller. So the Judiciary comes in at 2.5.  My position is the backlog of cases is tremendous, especially in downstate New York.  We have a chronic problem of people in Rikers Island who have been there for years, haven’t had a day in court.  The Judiciary wants a budget increase.  The People of the state have a right to know that the courts are open and functioning from 9 to 5.  You have many courthouses where, literally, 1 o’clock the place shuts down.  So, I would support the increase at 2.5, but the judges have to certify that the courtrooms are actually operating from 9 to 5."

“...The Judiciary is asking for a 2-1/2 % increase.  They would be the only entity above 2%. The Senate, the Assembly, the Executive, all came in at 2%.  The Attorney General came in at 2%, Comptroller DiNapoli wins the prize on the budget limbo contest: 1.5%.  Congratulations to the Comptroller...."


Alcantara   Robert Jackson


Legislature's webpage on Division of Budget website

Judiciary's webpage on Division of Budget website


Legislative/Judiciary Budget Bill #S.7501/A.9501

Aid to Localities BIll #S.7503/A.9503

*  *  *

CJA's January 16, 2018 FOIL request to the Governor --
"Subject:  The Governor's 'recommendations' pertaining to the Legislative & Judiciary budgets
for fiscal year 2018-2019"

CJA's January 22, 2018 FOIL request to Legislature/Governor/Comptroller/Division of the Budget --
"Subject: The Legislature's budget for fiscal year 2018-2019, its 'General State Charges', and its reappopriations popped into the back of the Governor's Legislative/Judiciary Budget Bill #S.7501/A.9501"

*  *  *

Hearing Schedule

Senate Majority White Book  -- January 22, 2018

Senate Minority Blue Book

Assembly Yellow Book --


Niagara County

Rensselear County

Suffolk County 

            Dec 2017 Gov Cuomo addressing Oyster Bay -- LI   Saladino


118th Assembly District -- St Lawrence Co.




“[A] plaintiff's cause of action is valuable property within the generally accepted sense
of that word, and, as such, it is entitled to the protections of the Constitution.”,

Link v. Wabash Railroad Co, 370 U.S. 626, 646 (1962),
U.S. Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black writing in dissent,
with Chief Justice Earl Warren concurring.   

Auburnpub.com -- Aggregator -- January 6, 2018


Saul weprin

Truth DIG


6 most dysfunctional states, then and now




2018 legislative session preview

"Honestly, its time for a change"  Newsday, January 6, 2018

Putting NY's "full-time" and "part-time" legislators
to work in the six months the Legislature is "out of session"


"Reform Groups Launch Restore Public Trust Campaign", Gotham Gazette, January 5, 2018  (Rachel Silberstein)

January 10, 2018:
"DA Fitzpatrick double dips to get six-figure pension while working $182 K D.A. job" Syracuse.com (Douglass Dowty)


Grory:  January 10, 2018:  "Hard Arithmetic in New York's Gubernatorial Election"

January 18, 2018: DiNapoli rips prison oversight", Albany Times Union (Rick Karlin)

Cuomo -- agenda of progressive gov't


New York City-Transportation Issues

Project Veritas


“That which we persist in doing becomes easier to do, not that the nature of the thing has changed but that our power to do has increased.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Correspondence-paper trail -- on which the March 28, 2014 citizen-taxpayer action sits

cja experience

October 18, 2017  "Molinaro forms gubernatorial campaign committee"  Albany Times Union (Matt Hamilton)


"Holding Prosecutors Accountable is Hard.  It Could Get Harder"
October 8, 2017 (Alan Feuer)



"Despite Exposes and Embarssments, Hundreds of Judges Preside in New York Without Law Degrees", ProPublica (Joe Sexton) June 26, 2017

Quarts letter

December 2014 "Cyrus Vance's moneyball approach to crime"
"They Had the Goods on Him", Slate

https://actionnetwork.org/events/we-persist-get-out-the-vote  -- Oct 2, 2017 get out the vote

NYT public editor

LWV seeks to energize voters over constitutional convention, Oct 9, 2017  East End Beacon  (Beth Young)

October 6, 2017: "You Can Help Boost Voter Turnout on Election Day, but you Have to Register Soon", Citizens Union  (Ben Brachfeld)

Brooklyn District Attorney
Eric Gonzalez, Democrat, incumbent (named acting District Attorney in 2016)
Patricia Gatling, Democrat
Vincent Gentile, Democrat
Stephanie Ama-Dwimoh, Democrat
Marc Fliedner, Democrat
Anne Swern, Democrat

Manhattan District Attorney
Cy Vance, Democrat, incumbent

Reform Party

September 16, 2017
"Latimer Picks Up Nod From Reform Party Started by Astorino"
Daily Voice (Sam Barron)


CJA's subsequent correspondence with US Attorney Bharara

May 13, 2013 corruption complaint
to U.S. Attorney Lynch (EDNY)

June 13, 2013 corruption complaint
to U.S. Attorney Hartunian (NDNY)

CJA's April 2, 2013 FOIL request to the Governor's Records Access Officer & FOIL Counsel -- RE:  FOIL REQUEST:
         (1) the Legislature’s “General State Charges” for Fiscal Year 2013-2014, with Certifications of Temporary Senate President Skelos & Assembly Speaker Silver;
         (2) Records Pertaining to the Governor’s Signing of S.2601-A/A.3001-A, if Signed by Him;
         (3) Video of the Commission on Judicial Compensation’s July 20, 2011 Public Hearing in Albany;
         (4) Video, Audio, or Transcript of Commission on Judicial Compensation’s July 11, 2011 Public Meeting.

       April 9, 2013 acknowledgment from Gov's FOIL counsel/records access officer

        May 7, 2013 letter from Gov's FOIL counsel/records access officer 
                   enclosed 46 pages

      CD-video of Commission on Judicial Compensation's 1st meeting

      CD-video of Commission on Judicial Compensation's 1st & only hearing       
[CJA testimony at
at 03:12:58 - 03:24:23]
                           Transcription of CJA testimony
          click here for: 
(1) referred-to CJA handout "NO PAY RAISES FOR NYS JUDGES WHO CORRUPT JUSTICE -- THE MONEY BELONGS TO THE VICTIMS!"  (2) referred-to judicial compensation webpage -- with its posting of CJA's letters to the Commission, most importantly those of May 23, 2011 and June 23, 2011


wheeler complaint  August 1, 2017 Seaman blog

"Brill-Crovitz Start-Up Will Take Aim at Fake News
The Street (Ken Doctor)



constitutional convention

October 11, 2017: "Unions Continue To Fund Anti-Con-Con Push", State of Politics (Nick Reisman)




September 12, 2017 "Polls open"  -- Democrat & Chronicle

Karle ends campaign for Ontario County D.A.  -- Ontario County

September 6, 2017 "Ontario County D.A. candidates spar at debate"

July 29, 2016  "How Long Island judges win races before they start" Newsday (Sandra Peddie)

2011: "Independence Party v. Board of Elections"

March 29, 2004: "Scramble for state supreme court", Daily Freeman (Franco)

August 2016: "No cross-endorsements this year" Artvoice

2nd circuit affirmance -- re: Malcolm Smith


Tioga da -- now judge

September 28, 2017  "Make absentee voting easy"  Times Union

"If the Left wants to win elections", September 27, 2017
In These Times (Sam Lewis, Luke Elliott-Negri)

Newsday  dem candidates leading in primaries

September 28, 2017
"Ethics Groups Worry that Reform Efforts in Albany May Be Fizzling",
Wall Street Journal  (Mike Vilesky)

September 29, 2017
"What's next after Skelos and Silver overturned convictions"
New York 1 (Zack Fink)

"How Party Bosses, Not Voters, Pick Candidates in New York"
New York Times, September 19, 2017
(Shane Goldmacher)


A.0522  -- Rosenthal
Ortiz, Malliotakis

S.1797 -- Squadron


-- Kavanagh,
co- Colton, Lancman, Magnarelli, Hooper
multi- Errigo, Finch, Thiele, Wiesenberg

S.155 -- Squadron,

Lanza, Savino


A.5290 -- sponsored by Rosenthal;
co-sponsored by Ortiz

S.161 -- sponsored by Squadron


A.1369 -- sponsored by Jeffries, Kavanagh, Camara

S.26 -- sponsored by Squadron


A.645 -- sponsored by Jeffries, Kavanagh, Camara, Espaillat

S.5294 -- sponsored by Squadron



Genesis of CJA's Activism on NY's Judicial Compensation Issue

"McLaughlin scores another blow against GOP candidates", Politico, September 14, 2017 (Jimmy Vielkind)

Ending Road-Buchwald

"Conservation voters score legislators", August 31, 2017 Legislative Gazette (James Gormley)

"Cox re-elected chairman of Republican state committee", September 20, 2017, Legislative Gazette (James Gormley)

"State lawmakers eyeing an exit see mixed results on Primary Day", September 13, 2017 Legislative Gazette  (Thomas Gierney Pudney)

September 7, 2017:
"Lawmakers fill extra seats, earn extra", Times-Union (Rick Karlin)

"Justice Center loses another case over constitutional question", Times-Union (Rick Karlin)

"State legislators need to get back and act", June 24, 2017

"Will NY legislators get a 47% raise", August 7, 2016

"#LoHut Reacts: Full-Time Legislature vs Albany's Ills", February 19, 2015 (Nancy Cutler)

"Poll: NY lawmakers should be full-time without a raise", February 1, 2016 (Joseph Spector)

"Report: Paulin, Corwin top list of richest legislators", September 3, 2013, Jon Campbell -- Albany Watch

Elaine Phillips -- "Yes, New York has  more corrupt officials than any  other state", Politifact, September 19, 2016 (Dan Clark)


Syracuse New Times  "Empire State Needs a Full-Time Legislature", August 16, 2017 (Luke Parsnow)

Syracuse.com -- syracuse mayoral candidates

campbell debates -- WRVO



Merrell v. Sliwa -- #5829-16

October 27, 2016 decision of Albany Supreme Court Justice Christina Ryba

October 31, 2016
"Upstart group wins legal battle over control of the Reform Party", Politco (Bill Mahoney)

"New York Reform Party Case Decided; Curtis Sliwa Faction Wins", Ballot Access News (Richard Winger)

Matthew Mari show -- WVOX radio

Third Party wins by becoming second  Chris Ladd

August 31, 2017
"Facebook fakery the lowest kind of politics (editorial)",
Staten Island Advance


August 31, 2017
"Our Views: if not fake, misleading news"
The Island Now (editorial)


August 16, 2017
"NY powerhouse Herman (Denny) Farrell set to retire after 42 years", Daily News (Lovett)

4. Disciplinary Actions, Malpractice, and other Misconduct
a.  Have you ever been disciplined by, or do you have any charges currently pending before any disciplinary committee, commission, or government agency arising out of your official or professional responsibilities? If yes, describe the circumstances.

p. 16

A.  Identify any experience in or association with any local, state or federal governmental entity (including advisory, consultative, honorary or other part-time service or positions). Specify the dates of such service.

p. 26
H. Please describe any business relationship, dealing or financial transaction which you have had during the past five (5) years, whether for yourself, or on behalf of a client, or acting as an agent, which you believe may constitute an appearance of impropriety or may result in a potential conflict of interest in the position for which you seek appointment. If none, please so state.

p. 28
N.  Please describe any other matter in which you have been involved which may be incompatible or in conflict with the discharge of the duties of the position that you seek, or any matter which may impair or tend to impair your independence of judgment or action in the performance of your duties. If there is none, please so state.


XV General Matters

B. Investigatory Actions
Have you ever been the subject of any inquiry or investigation by a federal, state or local agency (other than for routine background investigations for employment purposes)?
Are you or have you ever been a party in interest in any administrative agency proceeding or lawsuit that is related in any way to the position that you seek?
If yes, please explain and provide the title of any litigation, its index number or civil action number and the disposition or status of the case

 monroe, ontario, wayne

S.4787 -- introduced February 21, 2017,
referred to Senate Committee on Investigations & Gov't Operations
Senate website 
Assembly website

S.2670 -- introduced January 27, 2015,
referred to Senate Committee on Investigations & Gov't Operations
Senate website
Assembly website

S.3447 -- introduced February 1, 2013,
referred to Senate Committee on Investigations & Gov't Operations
Senate website
Assembly website

S.2780 -- introduced February 1, 2011,
referred to Senate Judiciary Committee
Senate website
Assembly website



Relevant Legislative Oversight Committees


statutory provisions relating to D.A. compensation

May 27, 2015
"AG Schneiderman Proposes Sweeping Legislation to Reform New York State Government"

March 23, 2016
"AG Schneiderman and Comptroller DiNapoli Announce Guilty Plea..."

June 29, 2016
public corruption

March 20, 2013 Senate session


Daily Signal

January 6, 2016 Opening Senate Session
transcript (at pp.  )

January 8, 2014 Opening Senate Session
transcript (at pp.  )

March 6, 2017: "Andrew Cuomo's Accomplishments Defy Cynicism About Government"  (The Slant/City & State/opinion by Lawrence Schwartz)

March 7, 2017: "Cuomo Official: Pay Raise 'Untenable' Without On-Time Budget", State of Politics (Nick Reisman)


March 7, 2017: "How Gov. Cuomo can lead the nation by leading a more progressive New York"  (Daily News/opinion by Bill Lipton, Morris Pearl)


Section 15 of the bill adds a new section 54-a to the Legislative Law
providing that, within ten days after the submission of the Executive
Budget, the Senate and Assembly must adopt a joint rule that requires
the Senate and Assembly to establish a schedule for joint conference
committees, and to establish other processes to assist in timely passage
of the budget.
Section 16 of the bill adds a new subdivision 2 to Legislative Law § 54
to require the Legislature to enact a balanced General Fund budget. Each
house would also be required, prior to a vote on the budget bills, to
place on the desks of its members a summary report that itemizes impacts
of proposed budget changes and, where practicable, impacts on local
governments, the State workforce and All Funds spending.

Section 17 of the bill adds a new section 53-d to the State Finance Law
to require that every budget appropriation bill passed by the Legisla-
ture include estimates of the fiscal impacts of the items added by the

March 7, 2017: "State Senator calls for investigation"


July 22, 2016: "Super Pac begins flying Bronx Senate Race"


Citizens Budget Commission


Citizens Union  -- Budget Reform

"Spending in the Shadows" -- February 2016

"Spending in the Shadows" -- September 2016

"Spending in the Shadows"  March 2015 -- update FY 2014-2016
March 2015 position paper

"Spending in the Shadows" -- September 24, 2013

March 2012 position paper -- "State Budget Language Allowing the Transfer of Funds"

December 2008 -- "New York State Budget Reform"


Citizens Union -- Examining Turnover


March 16, 2016 conference committee on local general officials/general government

March 23, 2016 conference committee on local government officials/general government

March 16, 2016 conference committee on public protection --

March 23, 2016 conference committee on public protection --
table target, requires review of a number of issues -- $13 million
                               commission on judicial conduct; division of criminal justice services --"the staff has the challenge to help us forge in earnest..." 



March 16, 2015 conference committee on local government officials/general government

March 19, 2015 conference committee on local government/general government



March 17, 2014 conference committee on local government officials/general government
        -- 16 agencies within their jurisdiction, including JCOPE,

changes comptroller; division of budget, local gov't assistance; 




Assembly Bill #1749 -- Concurrent Resolution -- Pension Forfeiture -- Buchwald
vote: 122-1

Resolution 25 -- advisory opinions -- outside employment


February 9, 2017:
"State approves anti-corruption bill", Rye City Review (Franco Fino)



January 30, 2017 press release -- Heastie/Flanagan:  "Legislature to Reinforce Commitment to Ethics Reform by Stripping Corrupt Public Officials of Pension Benefits & Regulating Outside Income for Legislators"    [Senate site]

*   *   *





AG Schneiderman Proposes Comprehensive Reforms
to Combat Pervasive Corruption In Albany
March 16, 2015 -- Citizens Union
written remarks


"AG Schneiderman Proposes Sweeping Legislation
To Reform New York State Government"
May 27, 2015

Senate Rules 2017-2018 

PER DIEMS -- November 11, 2001 "Albany Lawmakers Raise Their Allowance", NYT  (Richard Perez-Pena)

January 30, 2017  Senate Floor Proceedings --

Senate Bill #418 -- Concurrent Resolution -- Pension Forfeiture -- Croci

Senate Resolution: B-404 -- outside employment   (video: 9 - 33 minutes)
transcript: pp.  395-417     vote: 57-4



February 3, 2017: Assembly Minority Leader Kobl:
"The Case for a Constitutional Convention"

February 8, 2017: "Flanagan and Heastie Announce Joint Legislative Schedule For Adopting SFY 2017-2018 Budget"

*   *   *


Wyoming Free Press -- Gallivan



November 2006: "The Albany Triopoly", Governing Magazine (Alan Ehrenhalt)

April 3, 2014:  "Budget again falls short", Daily Gazette

February 23, 2015 "Cuomo's plan to tilt Albany's balance of power", Capital New York (Liz Benjamin)

February 26, 2015: "Can Albany Open the Door on Three Men in a Room?",  WNYC Radio (Karen Rouse)

March 11, 2015: "Budget process keeps same corrupt system", Times Herald-Record (Ken Hall)

March 11, 2015: "Three Men in a Room and Albany.  Where did the Phrase come from?"  (Albany Gov't Law Center- Bennett Liebman)

April 9, 2015: "A state budget grown in the dark", Lake Placid News

May 8, 2015: "Critics: What's wrong with Albany? The 'three-men-in-a-room'", Gannett (Joseph Spector)

January 29, 2016:  "Who needs a NY state legislature when 'Three Men in a Room' decide laws? (Commentary)", Syracuse.com (Joseph Fahey)


New York median household income per county -- 2009-2013
chart    map

New York's per capita income

NY household income

"Housing Affordability in New York State",
March 2014, Comptroller DiNapoli Report

Ballotopedia -- gubernatorial salaries    Book of States 2016
Salaries -- Governors

Salaries -- attorney general

National Association of Attorneys General

National Association of Comptrollers

"Cuomo could face next guilty verdict", (Micha

"New York state legislators' salaries: Who Makes the Most Money; Who Double Dips", December 31, 2014 Syracuse.com (Michell Breidenbach)

"How State legislators pump up pensions in ways you can't",  April 16, 2012, USA Today, Thomas Frank


Furman Center -- "Trends in NYC Housing Price Appreciation"


January 19, 2016: "Who's Taking On Ethics in Albany?  Not the Ethics Panels", NYT (Vivian Yee)

The Myth of Outside Income --


 October 31, 2016: "Cuomo: Ethics Reform Will Be A National Issue", State of Politics



Assembly Workgroup


Robert Mujica named to head division of budget, Washington Times

"Young named chair of State Finance Committee", Buffalo News (Tom Precious)

"Budget watchdog critiques Cuomo's budget"

"Who needs a New York State Legislature?






Menu of CJA's webpages on NYS Judicial Compensation:


Keeping the Commission to Investigate Public Corruption True
to its Name & Announced Purpose

CJA's July 19, 2013 corruption complaint
to Albany County District Attorney Soares

CJA's April 15, 2013 corruption complaint to U.S. Attorney Bharara

CJA's June 27, 2013 ethics complaint
to NYS Joint Commission on Public Ethics

CJA's July 11, 2013 corruption complaint
to NYS Inspector General 

Correspondence with the Legislature
pertaining to CJA's corruption & ethics complaints

Going After Black & Hispanic "Little Fish",
while the "Big White Whales" Go Free

Fighting Off Progeny of the Judicial Compensation Statute (S-2953: A-246) & Securing a Functioning Legislative Process

Securing Legislative Oversight & Override of the 2nd & 3rd phases of the judicial pay raises...

Championing of appropriate rules and leadership for the New York State Legislature 

CJA's People's lawsuit to void the judicial pay raises & secure judicial accountability -- CJA, et al. v. Cuomo, et al.

CJA's October 27, 2011 Opposition Report to the "Final Report of the Commission on Judicial Compensation" 

The Judges' Judicial Compensation Lawsuits










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