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Floyd Abrams, Esq.

CJA's July 24, 1997 letter -- "RE: Vindicating the Public Interest in the First Amendment"
Ex. A-1: "Where Do You Go When Judges Break the Law?", CJA's $16,770 ad, NYT, October 26, 1994
   Ex. A-2: "A Call for Concerted Action", CJA's $1,648 ad, NYLJ, November 20, 1996
   Ex. B:  CJA's submitted NYLJ ad ($2,356): "Restraining 'Liars in the Courtroom and on the Public Payroll",
              scheduled for July 17, 1997 publication, but rejected by NYLJ
   Ex. C: CJA's testimony at City Bar's May 14, 1997 hearing on the NYS Commission on Judicial Conduct
   Ex. D: CJA's May 5, 1997 memorandum-challenge to Gov Pataki, A.G. Vacco, et al.
           Ex. A-1: "Commission Abandons Investigative Mandate", CJA's letter to editor, NYLJ, August 14, 1995
           Ex. A-2: "A Call for Concerted Action", CJA's $1,648 ad, NYLJ, November 20, 1996
           Ex. B: CJA's 3-page analysis of the fraudulent judicial decision in Doris L. Sassower v.
, with annexed law: 22 NYCRR 7000.1 et seq., Judiciary Law 44.1,
                NYS Constitution, Article VI, Sec. 22
   Ex. E: CJA's September 19, 1995 letter to A.G. Vacco
   Ex. F:  CJA's January 14, 1997 fax & letter to A.G. Vacco

Mr. Abrams' July 27, 1997 letter

CJA's July 28, 1997 letter

CJA's June 6, 2005 letter -- "RE: Upholding the Public's First Amendment Rights by Challenging the Constitutionality of the 'Disruption of Congress' Statute by an amicus curiae brief to the D.C. Court of Appeals in Elena Ruth Sassower v. United States of America"
     SEE "Disruption of Congress" Case
  (6/28/05 appellant's brief & supplemental fact statement)
CJA's June 6, 2005 e-mail

CJA's June 6, 2005 e-mail

Mr. Abrams' June 12, 2005 e-mail response

CJA's December 27, 2006 memo to Floyd Abrams, as member of the Advisory Board of the Program in Law & Journalism at NY Law School: -- "RE: PROGRAM IN LAW & JOURNALISM: Building Scholarship, Commentary, & Pedagogy based on Primary Source Documentary Evidence, Beginning with the Evidence Presented by CJA’s Groundbreaking Public Interest Lawsuit against The New York Times in Vindication of the First Amendment – for which additionally, we seek amicus curiae and other legal assistance, either pro bono or paid"





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