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Going Where the Commission to Investigate Public Corruption & Preet Did NOT:

New York's prosecutorial authorities --

New York's 62 District Attorneys,
starting with the 10 district attorney members of the Commission to Investigate Public Corruption -- and the most important among them, Albany County D.A. David Soares

CJA's July 19, 2013 corruption complaint to Albany County District Attorney Soares -- that he's been "sitting on", since that date, aided & abetted by his fellow district attorneys, past and present

(1)  How Many D.A.s Does It Take to Confront Evidence & Ethical Rules?

(2)  CJA's October 14, 2016 conflict-of-interest/misconduct complaint to New York's Attorney Grievance Committees vs Albany D.A. Soares & NY's Other D.A.s

CJA's testimony
at the Legislature's January 30, 2017 budget hearing
on "Local Government Officials/General Government"

(last speaker: at 8 hours-47 mins.)  
    ASSEMBLY VIDEO  (easiest access)       SENATE VIDEO 
transcript:  pp. 518-535

"...there has not been any oversight in all these years [by the Legislature].   Not by the Judiciary Committees, not by the Codes Committees, not by the Committees on Local Government/Governments of the Senate and Assembly, as to how, if, the district attorneys are discharging their function of enforcing the Penal Law..." (at pp. 521-522).

"...What committee of the Legislature has ever held a hearing as to whether in fact the DAs are discharging their duty?  They are not.  And they are not discharging it specifically with respect to the information that was furnished to them, that the commission reports raising judicial compensation, on which their DA salaries rest, are false instruments, false filings, violative of a succession of Penal Law provisisions.  They were all presented with the information, with the evidence, with the documentation, and they have been sitting on them."  (at pp. 533-534).

CJA's EVIDENTIARY webpage for January 30, 2017 budget hearing


New York State's 62 District Attorneys 







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