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Assemblyman Rory Lancman

Assembly Bill:  A-3866-A to amend Judiciary Law Section 63.2

Assemblyman Lancman's February 4, 2009 press release: 
"State Lawmakers Unveil Legislation Reforming Court of Appeals Nominating System"

Video of February 4, 2009 Press Conference: Assemblyman Lancman,
Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Sampson,
Assemblyman Peter Rivera


CJA's October 2, 2009 memo to Assemblyman Lancman

CJA's September 21, 2009 Comment to Proposed Revised Rules

Exhibit A-1:      Merit System For Choosing Judges Isn’t A Cure-all”, NYT,

        Exhibit A-2:      “
Cuomo Clashes With Committee Over Judgeships: Asks
                                      Panel toDisregard Law on Nominations
”, NYT, 12/20/82

 Exhibit A-3:      “The Dispute Over Selections for Court of Appeals”, NYT,


 Exhibit A-4(a):   “The Campaign for Governor is Over: What’s on Trial Is
                               How Best to Pick Judges
”,   NYT, 12/29/82, editorial  

            Exhibit A-4(b):Judges Are Better Elected Than Selected”, NYT, 1/11/83, 
                                              letter to the editor by Assembly Speaker Stanley Fink

Exhibit A-5:      “Cuomo Requests Greater Leeway To Select Judges: 
                            Seeks Revised Procedure for Top Court in State
                            NYT, 12/30/82


Exhibit A-6:      “Picking of Judges Assailed by Cuomo: Wants More
                          Options in Filling Appeals Court Vacancies
”, NYT, 8/15/83


Exhibit A-7:      “Judge Selection for New York’s High Court: The System
”, NYT, 8/30/83, letter to the editor by Senate
                          Minority Leader Manfred Orenstein


Exhibit A-8:      “Cuomo Gets Names For Top Court Job: He Criticizes
                          Lack of Diversity in List of 7 for Chief Judge
”, NYT, 12/2/84

Exhibit A-9:      “Challenge for Cuomo: Picking Judges”, NYT, 12/7/84 


Exhibit A-10:    “How Manhattan Stole the Judiciary”, NYLJ, 12/9/93,
                       by Appellate Division Justice William C. Thompson


 Exhibit B-1:      “Court of Appeals Candidates Are Named”, NYLJ, 12/3/02


Exhibit B-2:      “Few Appellate Judges Apply for Wesley’s Seat”, NYLJ,


Exhibit B-3:      “Model for Selecting Top Court Judges Reveals Its Flaws”,
                           NYLJ, 11/13/03


 Exhibit C:      “Semi-Secret Court of Appeals Nominations Draws
NYLJ, 11/2/00


Exhibit D-1:      May 10, 1978 letter from Assemblyman Charles Henderson
                          to Governor Hugh Carey, from legislative bill jacket,
                          Chapter 156, Laws of 1978


 Exhibit D-2:      Election Flyer: “On Tuesday, November 8, 1977 For Better
                            Courts Vote YES on Court Reform Amendments”


 Exhibit E-1:      “Wider Selection Urged for Governor”, NYLJ, 12/23/82,
                           letter to the editor by Supreme Court Justice James J. Leff


 Exhibit E-2:      “Changes Needed In Judicial Selection”, NYLJ, 11/30/82,
                           letter to the editor by Acting Supreme Court Justice Walter
                           M. Schackman


CJA's September 24, 2009 memo to bar association/good-gov't proponents of 1977 constitutional amendment --
"Building Dialogue & Scholarship: 'Merit Selection' to the New York Court of Appeals"




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