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CJA's November 27, 2019 e-mail --
"THANKSGIVING THANKS for the Fair Media Council, its Dec 3, 2019 Conference -- & for opportunities for evidence-based dialogue, scholarship -- & solutions essential to our democracy


CJA's August 21, 2019 e-mail to Gotham Gazette

CJA's September 4, 2019 e-mail to Gotham Gazette

CJA's September 6, 2019 e-mail to Pro Publica 

Sept 3, 2019 FOIL/open meetings law request

Aug. 21, 2019 printed NYLJ letter:
"A Call for Scholarship, Civic Engagement & Amicus Curiae Before the NYCOA"


Gotham Gazette/Ben Max

Nov 1, 2018



Warren St. John (at the NY Observer -- 1994)

CJA's April 5, 1994 letter to Warren St. John -- "RE: Sassower v. Mangano, et al."
   SEE:  Test Cases - State (Mangano)

CJA's May 2, 1994 fax to Warren St. John

CJA's September 22, 1994 letter to Warren St. John -- "RE: The Attorney General's indefensible defense of respondents in the Article 78 proceeding, Sassower v. Hon. Guy Mangano, et al.

CJA's October 4, 1994 fax to Warren St. John

CJA's October 19, 1994 fax to Warren St. John

CJA's October 20, 1994 fax to Carleen Hawn

CJA's October 21, 1994 fax to Peter Stevenson, editor

CJA's October 24, 1994 fax to Carleen Hawn

cc:  CJA's December 16, 1994 letter to A.G. Koppell  --
"Accountability for statements made to the press for publication"

Michael Calderone at the NY Observer - 2006

CJA's August 25, 2006 fax to Michael Calderone, among others  --
Your Upcoming Editorial Endorsements & Ongoing Election Coverage:
The Races for NY Governor, U.S. Senator from NY, & NY Attorney General



Daily News  *  Daily Beast  *  NYU  *  New School  *  Brooklyn College

CJA's March 29, 2018 e-mail to Daily News Editorial Board --
"Your today's editorial 'Capitol offenses...' --
Securing justice & accountability for Daily News readers & '19 million New Yorkers'"
posted: here

CJA's April 14, 2018 e-mail --
"'The challenge Cuomo deserves' is NOT coming from Cynthia Nixon's 'smart and well staged campaign' --
& here's the PROOF --" 
posted: here

CJA's September 8, 2018 e-mail --
"The unreported backstory to the AG race --
& its explosive consequences to the races for governor, lieutenant governor,
comptroller & all NY Assembly & Senate seats"  posted: here

CJA's October 28, 2018 e-mail --
“'What role, the AG?' – public corruption & the Oct. 30th AG debate"
posted: here

CJA's November 1, 2018 e-mail -- 
"Behind-the-scenes at tonight's gubernatorial debate --
Why shouldn't 'long-shot' candidates
become the front-runners?"   posted: here

CJA's December 6, 2018 e-mail --
"Behind-the-Scenes: NYS Compensation Committee -- today's 2:30 pm meeting"
posted: here

Riverhead Local   *  Lion Publishers

September 11, 2017
"How the Suffolk county D.A. came to be the highest elected official in the county --
and what you can do about it
Greg Blass -- Riverhead Local

September 1, 2017 e-mail to Greg Blass
"...The Reform Party's Endorsement of Larry Zacarese for Suffolk County Sheriff --
& a Test of that Endorsement, ETC."

September 7, 2017 e-mail to Blass --
"this is what I had written before your call -- yes! yes! yes! -- RE: Sept. 6th e-mail
from Suffolk County Legislator William Lindsay -- Resolution #1576-2017 --
Freezing Salaries of Suffolk Co. Elected Officials"

September 9, 2018 to Blass --
"Elections 2017: building watchdog journalism on Long Island & beyond --
do you know journalist/now professor Karl Grossman?"


Nov. 18, 2019 --
"Southampton councilman is latest entry into State Senate race"

October 9, 2019
"Riverhead attorney seeks to become first African-American woman elected
to State Supreme Court in Suffolk County

October 1, 2019
"Crime victims advocate Laura Ahearn to challenge State Senator Ken LaValle in 2020"

September 30, 2019
"State Comptroller: Suffolk is the most fiscally stressed county government in New York"



CJA's October 2, 2017 message to Long Island Press

October 2, 2017 e-mail from Editor-in-Chief Timothy Bolger  "RE: Per your email"

CJA's October 2, 2017 e-mail -- "Thank you for your prompt response"

October 2, 2017 e-mail -- "Phil Boyle's jump from Suffolk Co. Sheriff Candidate to Candidate for NYS Supreme Court






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